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TitlePinney Family Papers
DescriptionThe collection consists of several categories of material relating to the business of the Pinney family, covering their management both of estates and properties in Britain (in Bristol, Dorset and Somerset) and their involvement in the West Indies plantation economy with financial interests in planations in Nevis, St Kitts, St Croix, St Vincent, Antigua and Demerara and Esequibo [now British Guiana]. The family were also founder partners in the financial firms of Pinney & Tobin, Pinney and Case and Pinney and Ames, all located in Bristol, financial firms whose business was intertwined with the West Indian plantation economy.

Several major series in the collection are as follows:
Account Books: 93 account books, covering business expenditures, faming revenue details, the accounts of Pinney family members' financial ventures and details of personal wealth. 1650-1884 (listed in more detail)

Letter Books: 69 volumes of family and business letter books detailing outgoing correspondence of the Pinney family regarding both their business and personal lives in the West Indies and England, as well as business ventures with the Tobin Family. 1688-1850 (listed in more detail)

Miscellaneous Volumes: 50 volumes, cover a diverse array of subjects, from the notebooks of Anna Maria Pinney (1812-1861) and correspondence with William Wordsworth to findings of Select Committees of the House of Commons, and legal and business paper, notes and lists of deeds held by the Pinneys, as well as family diaries and inventories of books owned by family members. Much of the subject matter is closely related to the family; either their property, possessions or their thoughts. 1688-1902 (listed in more detail)

Anna Maria Pinney Boxes: 12 archive boxes containing Anna Maria Pinney's notes on Pinney family history, language, theology, philosophy, and music. 1789-1861. There is also material in the Miscellaneous Volumes. (listed in more detail)

Red boxes: 15 archive boxes containing receipts, correspondence and notes belonging to Pinney family members, organised by family member. 1638-1877. (listed in more detail)

Numbered Folders: 5 archive boxes containing varied Pinney Family papers. 1651-1956 (listed in more detail)

Domestic Deeds: 9 archive boxes containing deeds to properties held at Racedown, Bettiscombe, and Broadwinsor by the Pinney Family in England. 1577-1948

Domestic Boxes A-T, 1662-1902, includes correspondence between Charles Pinney and William Wilberforce and related letters in Box S4/21

Access Points (Library of Congress Subject Headings): Gill, Joseph, (fl. 1790s) Plantation Manager; Wordsworth, Dorothy (1771-1855) Diarist and Sister of William Wordsworth; Wordsworth, William (1770-1850) Poet; Hardy, Thomas (1849-1928) Poet and Novelist; Pinney family (1656-present); Nevis, Bristol, Devon

Detailed, bound paper lists are available in Special Collections and Volumes IV and V of the catalogue (The West Indies papers) have PDF lists available from Special Collections and can also be accessed below (please scroll down the page to below the image).

Please note this collection is currently undergoing recataloguing and this page will change in the near future (November 2023).
Related MaterialSee also additional Pinney materials; and the West Indies Collection
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