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Alt Ref NoDM372/1/23, DM1008, DM2008
TitleMinutes and papers relating to Bristol Medical School, Bristol Day Training College, Bristol Educational Society, University College Bristol and the University of Bristol
DescriptionMinutes and papers relating to the foundation and administration of the University College Bristol in 1876, and the transfer to the University of Bristol in 1909. Also includes records relating to the Bristol Medical School which had been established since at least the 1830s; and the Bristol Day Training College which was active from the late nineteenth century training teachers. There is also material present relating to links between University College Bristol and the Merchant Venturer's Technical College, including discussions with the Society of Merchant Venturers. This includes controversy relating to the teaching of engineering. A short-lived Bristol Educational Society is represented in DM506/64.

The minutes cover activities by many founding fathers of the University College and the University of Bristol, but due to time constraints it has not been possible to list all individuals present. It is also worth looking at the original paper lists as at times they go into more details. Individuals include Lewis Fry and other members of the Fry family, members of the Wills family, Conwy Lloyd Morgan, early academic staff and administrative staff, Alfred Marshall, James Rafter, Silvanus P Thompson, Adolph Leipner, Isambard Owen, FN Budd, W Proctor Baker, Gilbert Elliot, Ernest Sibree, Francis Francis, RM Ferrier, J Rowley, Frank Barrell, H Napier Abbot, EG Francis, James Rafter, Hiatt C Baker, W Ramsay, and Professor Fanshawe.

DM506/44-51 relates to the housing of students through Greenall's hostels in Clifton which were later purchased by the University and turned into Halls of Residence. DM506/43 relates to the establishment of a University Union, and there is evidence of student activity throughout the papers, such as sports clubs (DM506/28), and the Literary society (DM506/33). Women are mentioned throughout

There is lots of material relating to financial affairs such as fund raising, scholarships. The Library is also mentioned, as are many academic departments. There is also much discussion of University College buildings including employment of the architect Charles Hansom.
Related MaterialSee also DM372 where there is an overlap of materials
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