Person NameWilliams; William Emrys (1896-1977)
ForenamesWilliam Emrys
ActivityA pioneer in adult education associated with Penguin Books almost from its inception, initially as an advisory editor for Pelicans. He edited A99 'A Book of English Essays' (1942) and five poetry titles. As Director of the Army Bureau of Current Affairs from 1941 he powerfully assisted Penguin's publishing programme for the forces. Later he became a formidable Secretary-General of the Arts Council and was knighted in 1955. He became Allen Lane's close friend and confidant, serving Penguin as Editor-in-Chief until 1965. With Hans Schmoller he produced the celebratory Q21 'The Penguin Story' in 1956, and edited Pelican A500 'The Reader's Guide' (1960). His contribution of the text for 'The Tale of Noah and the Flood' (PP54, 1946) is further evidence of his versatility. His 'Allen Lane, a Personal Portrait' (1973) is a frank and revealing memoir of a complex man.
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