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Alt Ref NoDM58/Letter Book
TitlePinney Letter Books
DescriptionOver the years a large number of different letter books have been added to the Pinney Papers. These cover activities both in the West Indies and in Britain. The Letter Books contain a wealth of information relating to the private activities of the family and their business activities as well. Due to increased recent use of the letter books and fear over their overuse we have decided to go through all of the letter books, and to give them a running number, in chronological order. This has also given us the opportunity to check out the state of each volume. We have had to rely on the work of previous Library staff, and used their date ranges, as time constraints have meant that it has been impossible to go through each item thoroughly. Some attempt has been made at dividing private and business account books, but this may not be completely thorough. However it is hoped that this list will make access to the Pinney Letter Books easier.

Letter Books 1-36: Private Letter Books, 1740-1865
Letter Books 37-69: Business Letter Books, 1784-1850

Also included are 4 books of letters written by Charles Pinney, during the period 1828-30. These are included with West Indies Box O, Bundle 3.

Please also see Pinney Miscellaneous Volume 49, Letters of Azariah Pinney from Nevis, 1688-1720
Please order as follows: DM58/Pinney Letter Book 1 etc.
FormatManuscript volume
Extent69 volumes
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