Ref NoDM58/Account Books
Alt Ref NoDM58/Account Books
TitlePinney Account Books
DescriptionOver the years a large number of different account and ledger books have been added to the Pinney Papers. These cover activities in the West Indies and in Great Britain. The Account Books contain a wealth of information relating to the business activities of the family; the management of their estates in Great Britain and the plantations that they owned in the Caribbean and their private activities as well. Some of the account books also relate to the activities of the Bristol business firms they set up including Tobin, Pinney & Tobin, Pinney & Ames and others. These businesses assisted and financed plantation owners, dealing with goods. This list relies on the work of earlier library staff, and has been compiled to make access to the Account Books easier.

Seven separate account books of John Pretor Pinney, John Frederick Pinney II, and Azariah Pinney III covering the period 1799-1824 have been included in this list. They are actually part of DM1173 which belongs to the University of Bristol, and have been described as DM1173a-g in this list to ease access.

An account book John Stanley, Formerly Account Book 1780, 2 March 1780-14 January 1800, was found to be missing in August 1999. This has been included in the list, and may be found in the future.

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Date1650-31 December 1884
FormatManuscript volume
Extent93 volumes
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