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TitleScrapbook of Symonds family photographs
DescriptionScrapbook of photographs, with some pen and ink drawings, watercolours, cuttings, and notes. Compiled by Madge Vaughan, daughter of John Addington Symonds (1869-1925), with a few additional notes by her daughter, Janet Vaughan.

The album contains photographs of four generations of the Symonds family: John Addington Symonds, his father and sister, his wife and four daughters, and their husbands and children. Catalogue entries use the married names of the women in the Symonds family: Catherine Symonds (nee Catherine North) Madge Vaughan (Margaret Symonds); Charlotte Leaf (Charlotte Symonds, daughter of John Addington Symonds); Katharine Furse (Katharine Symonds); Charlotte Green (Charlotte Symonds, sister of John Addington Symonds).

Places featured in the album include the Symonds family home in Clifton Hill House, Bristol, home of Dr John Addington Symonds and, from 1851-1880, his son's family; Am Hof, Davos Platz, the Symonds house in Switzerland, where they lived from 1882; and their friends' villas in Italy: Vescovana, near Venice, home of the Countess Pisani; and Poggio Gherardo, near Florence, owned by Janet Ross. Many of the pen and ink drawings of Italian scenes by Madge Vaughan were used as illustrations in her book about Vescovana, 'Days Spent on a Doge's Farm', (Fisher and Unwin, 1893).

One of the earliest photographs in the album, of John Addington Symonds as an undergraduate, dates from 1858-1862; and the latest dated documents in the album come from 1921, so it is likely that it was compiled in the early 1920s (Madge Vaughan died in 1925). Photographs are mostly undated, and dates have been given only if the original is dated. Many of the photographs in the album could of course be dated much more precisely.

Pages of the album have been numbered according to a sequence of page numbers added in pencil. Several pages have been cut out, and not all the pages have been used, so the sequence of page numbers is not consecutive.

There is no page number 13 or 24; and pages 14, 16, and 18 recto are blank.

See also Katharine Furse, 'Hearts and Pomegranates' (London: Peter Davies, 1940).
FormatPhotograph album
Manuscript volume
Extent1 volume
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