Ref NoDM2818
TitleColin Andrew Collection
DescriptionColin and Janet Andrew lived in China for two years, 1964-1966. Colin Anderson Andrew (1933-2013) taught English at the Szechuan Foreign Language Institute, Sichuan, from 15 January 1965 to February 1966; then at the Nankai University of Tientsin, Tianjin, from February 1966 until 30 December 1966, before moving to Beijing.

2 photograph albums, 35 mm colour transparencies (slides), taken between 1964 and 1966, mostly by Colin Andrew, papers. The photographs in the albums and the slides in this collection have been digitised. Historical Photographs of China ref: Aw.

DM2818/1: Photograph album (Historical Photographs of China ref: Aw01).

DM2818/2: Photograph album (Historical Photographs of China ref: Aw02).

DM2818/3: Loose photographs and post cards (Historical Photographs of China ref: Aw-s).

DM2818/4: 35mm slides (transparencies) (Historical Photographs of China ref: Aw-t).
DM2818/4/1: 532 35mm colour slides (transparencies), taken in China, 1965-66.
DM2818/4/2: A box of 35mm colour slides (transparencies) – ‘20 Colour Slides of Macau Scenery’, c.1970s.
DM2818/4/3: A box of 35mm black and white slides (transparencies) relating to the Vietnam War (PRC propaganda about US imperialism) – ‘Severely Punishing the US Aggressors / LS11’.
DM2818/4/4: Ten sleeves of 35mm slides (transparencies), taken in USSR, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, UK, etc. 1960s.

DM2818/5: Papers and documents, including a 'Work Certificate', dated 22 November 1971; ephemera relating to 'Peking Opera' at the London Coliseum, July 1979; typescript mss 'Don't Mention Mao with the Word "Wolf"' by Jacob Ecclestone (The Observer, 15 January 1967).

DM2818/6: A book 'Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung' ('The Little Red Book'), first edition, Beijing, 1966. English text. Typed mss insert, entitled 'Get the Answers from Chairman Mao's Quotations', with page references.
Photographic slide
Extent2 photograph albums, 553 35 mm colour transparencies (slides) (2 boxes)
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