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Title'Lady Chatterley's Lover': 1960 trial of Penguin Books, materials
DescriptionEnvelope labelled 'Lady C'

'Lady Chatterley's Lover', by D.H. Lawrence, 1960 Penguin edition, book in blue plastic 'Lady Chatterley's Cover' cover, with annotation by Hans Schmoller, 'This is the copy which I had with me at the Old Bailey during the trial which lasted from 20 Oct. to 2 Nov. 1960 and which resulted in the acquittal of Penguin Books. H.P.S.'

Small notebook, presumably used by Hans Schmoller at the Trial (with additional later note in the hand of Tanya Schmoller). Shows lists of witnesses, time taken (presumably by Gardiner, Griffith-Jones, and Byrne), and a comment on whether certain phrases go into the court transcript.

Typescript notes written by Hans Schmoller, dated 13-14 August 1960, recording events at Penguin Books, Sunday 7 August 1960 to Sunday 14 August 1960. 6 pages
With photocopy of a handwritten letter from Hans Schmoller to Allen Lane, dated 14 August 1960, making sure that Allen Lane is well briefed, pointing out who away from the office, and noting that 'all the papers will be in full cry'.

Letters and telegrams of support/congratulation to Hans Schmoller/Penguin Books following the trial, 2-8 November 1960
Correspondents include Anthony W Bell (of Lund Humphries), Abram Games, Gerald Gardiner, Marchen Hawpner, Jeremy Hutchinson, Isabel and Hermann Leinz, Ledig-Rowohlt, Ernest Lunn, anonymous poem

Article (in German) in the 'Express', Vienna, Austria, dated 25 October 1960
'Lady Chatterley samt Liebhaber sind angelklagt'; with annotations and photograph of a lady, possibly Lettice Lane.

Letter from Olive Maidelsosohn (spelling), a witness at the trial, concerning a burglary, 9 November 1960

Letter from Lawrence Livingston, Livingston & Borregard, Attorneys, San Francisco, USA, to Hans Schmoller, 30 July 1962
He has read 'The Trial of Lady Chatterley', and discusses legal aspects of the trial.

Copy of the summons of Penguin Books Limited, 25 August 1960.

'Gamekeeper', review of Lady Chatterley' in 'Field and Stream', by Ed Zern, n.d., pencil annotation 'HPS'. (The review takes the point of view of gamekeeping and pheasant raising).

Invitation addressed to Allen Lane, and postmarked 27 September 1961. 'Lady Constance Chatterley requests the pleasure of of the company of Sir Allen Lane to meet Mr Mellor on 1st October 1961, at 6pm, at the Woodshed, Streatham Common'.

USA stamp, 15c, with postmark, 'Report obscene to your postmaster', on a piece of notepaper with a Reading address, dated 17 August 1960.
With notes on the reverse, and enlarged photograph of the stamp and postmark.

Envelope addressed to Mr D.H. Lawrence, author 'Lady Chatterley's Lover', London England, Philippines stamps, and November 1960 postmark

Envelope addressed to 'Pequin' Publishing Co., Laurence, UK, annotated 'Try West Drayton', Cyprus stamp, postmark of 3 Mr 61.

Two black and white photographs of a lady setting fire to a copy of 'Lady Chatterley', press photograph, with notes in the hand of Tanya or Hans Schmoller 'Edinburgh resident setting fire to Lady Chatterley's Lover'

Later materials collected by Tanya Schmoller and Monica Tweddell relating to the Lady Chatterley Trial.

Greetings card (unused): 'Well who do you expect for 1/3? Lady Chatterley?'

G.F. Sims (Rare Books) catalogue, no. 65, Oct. 1966, including a proof copy of 'Lady Chatterley'

'Everybody's read Chatterley', talk by Frank Kermode, 8 January 1976

Copy of a letter by Hans Schmoller, to 'The Times', responding to a letter by Mrs F.R. Leavis, 19 January 1978

Correspondence between Ian Marshill (?), Sheffield University, and Tanya Schmoller, concerning Lawrence, 1991, 1994

Correspondence between Margaret ?, Valerie and Bryan Answer, and Tanya Schmolller, concerning meeting a niece of D.H. Lawrence, c.1994

'The Times', 9 September 2003, reporting back to Lady Chatterley Trial, 9 September 1960

Obituary of Antony Rowe, Printer, of Rowe & Pitman, later Western Printing Services, Avonmouth, near Bristol, (1924-2003), 'The Times', 23 December 2003, (printed 20,000 copies of Lady Chatterley)

Correspondence between Derek Aram and Tanya Schmoller concerning the Lady Chatterley trial, 2003, 2008

Correspondence between Anna Herve, Penguin Books, and Monica Schmoller/Tweddell, concerning the 2010 50th anniversary edition of 'Lady Chatterley; which MS/T was involved in as a copy editor for Penguin Classics, October 2010 (with mention of Benadine Wall, a witness at the trial).

'The filthy fifth columnist', Geoffrey Robertson, 'The Guardian', 23 October 2010

2015 review of Jeremy Hutchinson's case histories

Invitation to Tanya Schmoller to a preview screen of ' The Chatterley Affair', March n.y.
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