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TitleEllen Malos Archive: International Material
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: International Material

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
USA: Subject Files:
Union WAGE: constitution, Mid-Peninsular Wage meetings & minutes, UFW Benefit (United Farm Works), statements & notices of meetings, 1977
Women's Aid USA: La Casa de las Madres (refuge), notes, pre-print Senate Bill no 33 (1976) re Marital Violence (Senator Presley), Senate Bill No 91 (1977) re Marital Violence (Senator Presley), WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment Inc.), address, cuttings re domestic violence 1976-1977
Violence Against Women: conference notes, workshops including Berkeley-Oakland Women's Chorus Song Sheet 1976

Folder 2
USA: :Subject Files
Essex International (Elwood Indiana) re strike UAW 1663 July 1977: cuttings, correspondence, article 'It Might Be Law But it's Not Order' by Ellen Malos, Spare Rib articles 1977-1978
Coalition for Workers' Rights: Health & Safety: newsletters, cuttings, project notes, meetings 1976-1977
Socialist Feminist Study Group: notes, address & strategies, 1977
Chicana: conference notes Stanford May 1976
Stanford Center for Research on Women: course outlines and lecture series 1976-1977

Folder 3
USA: Newspapers 1975-1978:
Union WAGE; The Women's Paper ; Majority Report; The Longest Revolution; Do It Now; San Jose Living; Plexus

Folder 4
USA: Periodicals, Newsletters 1970-1978:
We Choose Personhood: The Female State. Journal of Female Liberation Issue 4 1970
Quest: a Feminist Quarterly Vol II No 3 Winter 1976. Organizations & Strategies
Meeting Ground No 5 October 1978. The Women's Liberation Movement is not Dead!
International Socialist Review March 1974 (incl. Feminism & the Women Worker)
Prime Time Vol 5 No 5 August 1976
Self-Help Clinic Part II (Oakland, Cal.) 1971
WIN Women's International Network Newsletter No 1 Summer 73 (Mass.)
Senior News (San Francisco) Vol 2 No 6 Nov-Dec 1976
Women's Studies Newsletter Vol V Nos 1-2 Winter/Spring 1977
Now News (San Jose) (National Organization for Women) Vol V No 2 Feb 1977

Folder 5
USA: Publications 1974-1977:
Feminist Literary Criticism by Catherine L. Blecki, Barbara C. Gelpi, Suzanne Juhasz & Selma R. Burkem (Diotima Press, Cal., 1974)
Complaints & Disorders: The Sexual Politics of Sickness by Barbara Ehrenreich & Deirdre English, 1974
Working Women & Their Organisations - 150 Years of Struggle by Joyce Maupin (Union WAGE, 1974)
The Politics of Women's Liberation: selections from Socialist Revolution c.1975
Labour Heroines: Ten Women Who Led the Struggle by Joyce Maupin (Union Wage 1975)
Jean Maddox: The Fight for Rank and File Democracy by Pamela Allen (Union Wage 1976)
What Every Woman Should Know About Rape (Mass., 1977)
Struggling into Existence: the Feminism of Sarah and Angelina Grimké by Ellen Dubois, reprinted from the Spring 1970 issue of Women: a Journal of Liberation
Redstockings: Feminist Revolution (1976)
Organize! A Working Woman's Handbook (Union Wage 1975)
You've Seen Your Advisor Six Times and He Still Doesn't Know Your Name... A Guide for Stanford Women c. 1976
Booklet How to Fight Job Discrimination. National Lawyers Guild, Cal. c.1976
Pamphlet, Wifebeating by Betsy Warrior (Mass, 1976)

Folder 6
USA: Source Material 1970-1983:
Photocopied excerpts from: Voices from Women's Liberation ed. Leslie B. Tanner (1970), Marxism & Feminism by Herbert Marcuse (lecture at Stanford, 1974), Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison 1977, Black Women Writers at Work 1983 (Toni Morrison & Maya Angelou)

Cuttings 1976

Misc Articles 1970-1979:
Fourth World Manifesto: an Angry Response to an imperialist venture against the women's liberation movement by Barbara Burris & c. 1970
Equity for Wives Under Social Security (WEAL - Women's Equity Action League), Supplement to Women Today, Vol VI No 16 July 1976
Equal Rights for Whom? by Joyce Maupin, Pacific News Service c. 1976
The Changing Place of Women in Europe by Hilary Land, Daedalus Vol 108 No 2 Spring 1979

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