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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Publications by Ellen Malos
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: Publications by Ellen Malos

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Group at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
Half the Sky (1979) by Ellen Malos, Helen Taylor, Linda Ward, Jackie West, Susan Skevington and Miriam David:
Publication papers: Memorandum of Agreement, Author's Questionnaire, Permissions and correspondence re reprints, remainders & biographical details 1977-1983
Publicity information: Publication information, poster for launch party, notes on publicity meetings 1979
Meetings: notes and minutes 1978
Correspondence 18.07.1977-30.09.1979
Notes and comments 1977-1979
Reviews 1979
7 Photos of 20th anniversary of publication, 1999

Folder 2
Half the Sky (1979) Source Naterial:
Sex Roles in Reading Schemes by Glenys Lobban from Forum Vol 16 No2 Spring 1974
The Social Position of Women in England 1850-1914: a Bibliography by O.R. McGregor. British Journal of Sociology, 1955
Peanuts cartoon about marriage. Charles Schulz [1950s?]
1p. from Diary of Anne Frank [1994]
1p., The Fundamental Pulse by Marie Stopes nd
The Big Lie (excerpt) from From Reverence to Rape by Molly Haskin 1973
At Odds With the Image by Margaret Walters re cinema nd, no source
From Each According to Her Ability (excerpt) by Diana Baumrind, from School Review Feb 1972
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (excerpt) by Simone de Beauvoir nd
The Education of the Samoan Child from Coming of Age in Samoa nd.
The Adolescent Girl from Growing up in New Guinea by 'Mead' nd
The Girl in the Community from Coming of Age in Samoa by Mead nd
Early Education from Growing Up in New Guinea
Social Status: Upbringing from Women in a Pastoral Society by Margaret Dupire, nd
Women of Burundi: A Study of Social Values (excerpt) by Ethel M. Albert nd
Excerpt about Matabele children by Edgar Mayo nd
The Anatomy of Society and Etiquette (excerpt) by Davidoff nd

rest of this folder marked 'Helen's articles'
unidentified excerpt, 'history' quoting Thomas Hardy nd
photocopies of misc historical articles with no provenance/dates
A Room of One's Own (excerpt) by Virginia Woolf
The Golden Notebook (excerpt) by Doris Lessing
John Cowper Powys (excerpt) by Dorothy M. Richardson
Poems, The Prologue & Childhood by Anne Bradstreet
Women are Uncharted Territory by Pam Gems & Michelene Wandor about theatre from Spare Rib nd
Poem, The Applicant by Sylvia Plath
Marrying Absurd from Joan Didion, Slouching Towards Bethlehem nd
The Word for Embroidery was Work from Spare Rib nd
A Tale of Old and New (women's arts) by Griselda Pollock from Spare Rib nd
Portrait of the Artist as Housewife from Spare Rib
A Woman's Composing is Like a Dog's Walking on his Hindlegs.... (about composing) by Marion Lees. Spare Rib nd
Penny Slinger by Peter Fuller (about art)
Why Have There Been no Great Women Artists? by Linda Nochlin from Woman in Sexist Society (1971)

Folder 3
Housework and the Politics of Women's Liberation (article, 1977):
Marked copy printed by Revolutionary Self-Management and 2 copies of draft 1977 [The original article appeared in Socialist Review No 37 Jan-Feb 1978, San Francisco]
Correspondence re requests for printing and translation 1977-1978

The Politics of Housework (1980): contributors Ellen Malos, Catherine Hall, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Margaret G. Bondfield, Margery Spring Rice, Pat Mainardi, Suzanne Gail, Jan Williams, Hazel Twort, Ann Bachelli, Margaret Benston, Peggy Morton, Shulamith Firestone, Caroline Freeman, Ros Delmar, Margaret Coulsin, Branka Magas, Hilary Wainwright, Jean Gardiner, Susan Himmelweit, Maureen Mackintosh, Sylvia Federici & Joan Landes:
Publication papers: Memorandum of Agreement October 1979 x2
Publicity information: book cover x3, A&B advance news x3, New Clarion Press publication release (2nd edition) x2, lists of reviewers/publicity, New Clarion Press book catalogues 1980-1995
Annotated copy of introduction
Correspondence: permissions 1978-1982

Folder 4
The Politics of Housework (1980):
Correspondence (general): 1976-1985. Includes essay by Kathleen Jones 'Housework' for 1977 Amsterdam conference of Socialist Feminist Women
Notes and comments c.1977-1980. Includes bibliographies & 'The Housework Question' , typed essay 1970s
Reviews 1980
Cuttings 1974-1982

Folder 5
The Politics of Housework (1980) Source material:
Lee Rainwater, Working Men's Wives Ch II Day In Day Out. Marked 'very weak'
The Earthly Family by Lise Vogel in Radical America July, October 1973
Warrior & Leghorn, Houseworkers Handbook 1974 (Mass), Women's Work. Marked 'cut altogether'
1p Reasons for Houseworkers to Unite
Loom, Broom and Womb: Producers, Maintainers and Reproducers by Women's Work Study Group, from Radical America Vol 10 No 2 Mar, April 1976

the rest of this folder under 'Not Used':
Gwendolyn Salisbury Hughes, Mothers in Industry (NY 1925). Foreword
Alice Clark, Working Life of Women in the 17th Century. Chapter 1
Cotton-Mill Morality, Ch.6 the Married Operative as a Home-Maker
Essay Wages for Housework - what is it based upon, and what are its implications? nd by Anne Foreman & Linda Simon
The Myth of Wages for Housework from Vashti (Melbourne, Summer 1976/7)
The Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone (Morrow, October 1970). 'The Ultimate Revolution'
The Housewife and her Labour under Capitalism - a Critique by Margaret Coulson, Branka Magas & Hilary Wainwright nd
Married Women Working by Pearl Jephcott, Nancy Selas, John Smith. 1962
Ministry of Labour & National Service: Women in Industry: Women in Industry During the War nd.
Women Unite. Canadian Women's Educational Press, Toronto 1972: Women's Work is Never Done... or the Production, Maintenance and Reproduction of Labour Power by Peggy Morton (1970)
CSE Pamphlet No2: The Political Economy of Women, London 1976. Women's Domestic Labour
The Housewife (no details)
Wages Against Housework by Silvia Federici 1974
The Politics of Housework by Pat Mainardi. Mass, 1970s
Michelene Wandor (ed) The Body Politic. Women's Liberation in Britain 1969-1972. London 1972: Section 1: Women Speaking
Monthly Review Sept 1969: The Political Economy of Women's Liberation by Margaret Benston
Radical America July/October 1975: Domestic Work and Capitalism by Ira Gerstein
Domestic Labour and Capital by Susan Himmelweit and Simon Mohun. Cambridge Journal of Economics 1977(1)
Science and Society Vol XLI No4, Winter 1977-8: Women, Labor and Family Life: A Theoretical Perspective by Joan B. Landes
August Bebel: Women Under Socialism (1883/1971) Introduction
Charlotte M. Yonge (1876): Womankind
Frederick Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and State, preface to First Edition 1884
Karl Marx: Capital (1889). Ch. VI The Buying and Selling of Labour-Power, with notes

Folder 6
The Politics of Housework (1980) Source material cont.:
marked 'Not Used'
The English Country Woman by G.E. & K.R. Fussell, London 1953 x2 (not complete)
The Englishwoman in History by DM Stenton (excerpts) 1957
Working Class Wives: Their Health and Conditions by Margery Spring Rice. Pelican 1939
The Home: Its Work and Influence by Charlotte Perkins Gillman (excerpts) 1903
Women as Domestic Workers by Margaret G.Bondfield from Women and the Labour Party ed. Marion Phillips 1918 (excerpts)
Adam Bede by George Eliot (excerpts)
Lark Rise by Flora Thompson (excerpts)
Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution by Ivy Pinchbeck 1930, 1969 (excerpts)
Mary Barton/North & South by Mrs Gaskill (excerpts)
Women and the Welfare State (excerpt) by E. Dilson 1977
Socialist Woman Sept-Oct 1969: The Monumental Nature of Equal Pay by Jo O'Brien
Young Fabian Pamphlet No11, Woman Power Jan 1966 'The Popularity of Marriage'
DoE 'Women's Needs' (work hours) c.1973
Women Under Attack CIS Special Report No 15, c.1975: Part Timers
-Capital and Class. Some Notes on Female Wage Labour in Capitalist Production (excerpt) (1970s)
Equal Pay in Bristol: a Short Survey of some Problems from Bristol Resource and Rights Steering Group 1977
The Factory Slaves by Jackie West in New Society Feb 1977 (No 24)
Hilary Land: Women: Supporters or Supported? c.1977
Audrey Hunt: Part-Time Workers 1975
Women and the Family by Jan Williams, Hazel Twort and Ann Bachelli, from Body Politic by Michelene Wandor 1970
Crisis: Women Under Attack 1970s
The Married Operative as a Home-Maker from Wives and Mothers in Victorian Industry by M. Hewitt nd
Women in Industry and Trade (excerpt) by Ivy Pinchbeck Women Workers and the Industrial Revolution
The Feminine Mystique by Germaine Greer: Ch. 9 The Sexual Shell
Women's Liberation 1970: Equal Pay Law-Lawyers' Paradise Says Observer by Hugo Young
Superwoman excerpts
The Number of Wives involved from Wives and Women in Victorian Industry by M. Hewitt

Folder 7
Domestic Violence: Action for Change by Gill Hague and Ellen Malos (1993):
Published books: 1st edition 1993, 2nd edition 1998
Publication information: 2 copies Publishing Agreement 27.07.1992; Author's Promotion Form & notes
Publicity information including photographs of window display 1993
Associated Material:
Domestic Violence and Research Ethics by Domestic Violence Group, University of Bristol 2004 (proof)
Inter-Agency Approaches to Domestic Violence and the Role of Social Services by Gill Hague and Ellen Malos. British Journal of Social Work 1998 Vol. 28
Making it Through the Criminal Justice System: Attrition and Domestic Violence by Marianne Hestor. Social Policy and Society 5:1 c. 2005
Book review by Janet Williams of 'Researching Gender Violence: Feminist Methodology in Action' ed. Tina Skinner, Marianne Hestor and Ellen Malos (2005)
Book review by Ellen Malos of 'Home Truths: Gender, Domestic Objects and Everyday Life' by Sarah Pink (2004)

Folder 8
The Family: Past, Present & Future (not published):
Synopsis etc & Draft 1974
Correspondence with Virago 1974
Reading lists/references 1974
Source material:
Marriage: Taken-for Granted Assumptions and Reality Shocks by E.G. Wittrich (MA Thesis) LaTrobe University, Melbourne Feb. 1974
Engels: Origins of Family, Private Property and State excerpts x3

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