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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Research and Teaching: School Teaching; Diploma; Research Notes; Miscellaneous
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: Research and Teaching: School Teaching; Diploma; Research Notes; Miscellaneous

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
School Teaching 1969-1970:
Upper VI 1969-1970 pupil lists and timetable
-A Tale of the early 50s' x2 by Laura Farrel (Ellen Malos)
literary notes

Diploma Studies 1978-1979:
Social Administration exam essays (and questions) 1979: 1) Social Policy; 2) Sex Discrimination 3) Family household (Patriarchy) with research notes
Social Administration Easter dissertation 1979: 2x 'Pairs of Hands' draft proposal for research project by Lesley Jones and Ellen Malos
Research notes, source material:
Health and the Division of Labour by M Stacy, M Reid, C Heath & R Dingwall (1977): 'The New Managerialism and Professionalism in Nursing' by Michael Carpenter, & 'Women in the Medical Profession: Whose Problem?' by Mary Elston

Folder 2
Research notes c.1978-1991:
Women's Housing, Homelessness and Domestic Violence c.1991
Marcuse & Margaret Benston
Speakers notes 1970s
Notes on Statistics/costs: Government Publications etc & other c. 1988-92
Family/Women/19th Century/Domestic Labour/Sexual Divisions 1970s
Women/Work in and outside the house 1970s

Folder 3
Research notes 1970s-1990s:
Women and History: a Woman's Place; Womb, Broom and Loom; Women and Work 19th Century; Housework and work outside the home 1970s
Adult Education. Feminism in England Now. 1970s
Women and Writing 20th century. I Fantasy and Speculative Fiction; II Growing Up Female 1970s-80s
Misc 1970s-1990s

Folder 4
Misc. 1970-2005:
WEA: Class programme 1974-75, Women's Studies Newsletter 1977, letter to Ellen Malos from John Sullivan re Mums' Club course 18.10.1977, 3x flier (1 annot.) 'Women Now' November 1977 at Baptist Mills, Ellen Malos's notes for 'Women's Work Inside and Outside the Home', course programmes October-December 1977, winter 1977, letter from P. Warn to Ellen Malos re claim form 16.1.1978
College of St Mathias (Bristol Poly/UWE): booklist on women's movement 1974, programme for Female Freedom May 1974, questions and workshops, Women's Consciousness conference nd
Letters to Ellen Malos from Elizabeth Jacka (University of Sydney) with Ellen Malos regarding Women's Studies course 1974, plus Sydney booklet 'Sexism in the University'
Bristol Resource and Rights Centre factsheets 1977: 3) Unemployment in Bristol and Avon, 5) Women in the Local Economy
University of Bristol Dept of Sociology reading lists 1970s
UCL Dept of Anthropology reading lists 1982-3
University of Bristol School for Advanced Urban Studies 1984 update; Women in the Labour Market course outline 1981
University of Bristol Policy Studies newsletter 2003
Synopsis of dissertation 'Fertility Awareness - the positive interaction between women's biology and women's lives' by Fiona McCloskey with covering letter 15.11.1986
Paper, 'Resistance and Drift: Women Entering Politics' by Jacqueline Barron, Gerald Crawley and Tony Wood 1988 (Bristol Polytechnic)
misc book reviews including some by Ellen Malos 1978-2005
Essay by Lee Cataldi on Terry Eagleton's Exiles and Emigres c.1970
Review by Ellen Malos of Sexual Politics by Kate Millett 1971, and comments on the review by 'Gavin' 1972
Article 'Women and Labour' regarding Ellen Malos and the autonomous integration of feminism within the Labour Party, from Socialist Alternatives Vol 3 Dec 1986/Jan 1987
Cutting, Guardian 30.7.1992 'Wages for Housework: who is telling the truth?'
Minutes of meeting regarding Bristol Women's Studies, taken by Helen Weinreich. 24.4.[c.1980?]
2x list of women's studies courses 1980-1981
2x Materials on Women for use at secondary/FE level. 1970s
2x flier 'Having it all?' Women's National Commission Feb 2005. Women in the UK talk about the Beijing Platform for Action, ten years on
2x flier (different sizes) regarding Women's National Commission c.2005
Camelot Foundation Round Table papers: 'Checkmate: Moving Towards the Endgame in Domestic Violence' November 1999
Research aims: Governance, Continuity and Change in the Organised Women's Movement by Jane Grant. UKC 1994-1999
Flier, University of Bristol courses of interest to women [1980s]
University of Bristol School of Education announcement of seminar series Women, Society and Education 1981
Letter to Ellen Malos from Rhona Rapoport, Institute of Family and Environmental Research 4.9.1975 re working conference to develop teaching materials on family and sex roles
Letter to Ellen Malos from Gwent College of Higher Education (Dave Waddington) re talk [1980s]
Flier re Women's Liberation Today meetings (Withywood) 29.9.1977
Flier, Women in Black: Vigil for Peace and Justice. Bristol 2005
misc notes on sexual politics 1982-1983
Form letter from Christine Zmroczet and Claire Duchan 6.5.1988 re European feminist research
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