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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Research and Teaching: University of Bristol
DescriptionEllen Malos: Research and Teaching, University of Bristol : Research Papers and Lecture Notes

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
Research papers by Ellen Malos 1984-1993:
Research outline, The Participation of Working Class Women in the Provision and Management of Health and Welfare Services in Britain: 1880-1950, with letter. 1984
Relatives: a Neglected Group of Carers by Emma Bullard and Ellen Malos. Dept of Health Yearbook 1990
Summary of Multi-Agency report early 1990s
Multi-Service First Draft of Final Report, comments. Heavily annotated. 1990s
He Thinks He's the King: Life with a Violent Father. 1990s
You've Got no Life. Homelessness and the Use of Bed and Breakfast Hotels. A Review of Literature, Policy and Practice 1993 x2
Domestic Violence and Housing: Local Authority Responses to Women and Children escaping violence in the Home by Ellen Malos and Gill Hague 1993

Folder 2
Research papers by Ellen Malos 1994-2000:
Children, Domestic Violence and Housing: the Impact of Homelessness by Gill Hague and Ellen Malos. 1994, annotated for inclusion in Children Living with Domestic Violence: Putting Men's Abuse of Women on the Child Care Agenda by A Mullender & R Morley (eds)
Domestic Violence, Social Policy and Housing. Article for Critical Social Policy 1994
Women, Housing, Homelessness and Domestic Violence 1995. 2 copies, abstract, correspondence and 1997 copy, Women's Studies International Forum Vol 20 No 3. See also conferences, Box 121, Reading 1995
The Politics of Household Labour in the 1990s: Old Debates, new Contexts from The Politics of Housework 1995
The Child and the Birth Family: Contact in Adoption Proceedings by Lynne Milson and Ellen Malos, 1996
Inter-agency Approaches to Domestic Violence and the Role of Social Services by Gill Hague and Ellen Malos. 1997
Housing: Participation and Exclusion, ed. David Cowan 1998: Facing Both Ways at Once? by Ellen Malos and Gill Hague
Supping with the Devil?: multi-agency initiatives on Domestic Violence, in Women, Violence and Strategies for Action ed. Jill Radford, Melissa Friedberg and Lynne Harne 2000

Folder 3
Related Research Papers and Reports 1984-1994:
Curricular Innovations in Women's Adult Education 1865-1900 by Liz Bird c.1984
Financing the Nursing Homes: the Australian Experience by R.A. Parker (University of Bristol) 1984
Gender, Class and the Welfare State: the Case of Income Security [in Australia], no author. 1988
The Relationship Between the Welfare State and the Family: Selective Theoretical Perspectives with Particular Reference to Greece by Koula Lambropoulou (for MSc in Gender and Social Policy, UoB) 1990
Who Holds the Hose?: Domestic Labour in the Work of Bellamy, Gilman and Morris by Ruth Levitas, June 1994 (University of Bristol)
Dominant and Minority Families: Ideals, Values and Reality in Transition by Jackie West c. 1994
Asian Migrant Women, Domestic Economy and Employment Observations on Difference from a Survey in Bristol by Jackie West and Sophie Pilgrim c.1994 (University of Bristol)

Folder 4
Related Research Papers and Reports 1995-2005:
Law, Patriarchy and the Feminist Movements in Bombay 1975-1993 by Geetanjali Gangoli, chapters 1 & 6. PhD thesis, c.1995
Council of Europe Final Report of Activities of the EG-S-VL (Group of Specialists for Combating Violence Against Women) including a Plan of Action for Combating Violence Against Women 25.6.1997 (Strasbourg)
Wishful Thinking and Harmful Tinkering? Sociological Reflections on Family Policy by Carol Smart from Journal of Social Policy, CUP, Vol 26 Part 3 July 1997
Making an Impact: Children and Domestic Violence. A reader by Marianne Hester, Chris Pearson and Nicola Harwin c.1998
Fatherhood, Children and Violence: Placing the UK in an International Context by Marianne Hester & Lynne Harne in Engendering Social Policy, ed. Sophie Watson and Lesley Doyal, OUP 1999
Women Surviving Domestic Violence: Australian and Mongolian Women's Stories compiled by Marion Oke (Victoria) 2001
Cedaw Thematic Shadow Report 2003: Violence Against Women in the UK by Purna Sen, Cathy Humphrey and Liz Kelly with WOMANKIND Worldwide
Progress Report: Multi-Service Package Crime Reduction Programme Violence Against Women March 2003
Domestic Violence and the Politics of Trauma by Cathy Humphreys and Stephen Joseph. Women's Studies International Forum 27 (2004)
Sheltering the 'Victims' - Blaming the 'Sheltered': Re-examining Inter-Personal Violence. No author. 2005

Folder 5
Lecture Notes
Domestic Violence Activism, Research and Policy into Practice November 2001 lecture notes
Presentation: Domestic Violence Activism, Research and Policy into Practice overheads
Domestic Violence Policy: Challenges, Opportunities and Pitfalls 2003 lecture notes, and more in various versions
Family and Social Policy 2000-1 lecture 12 x2
Family and Social Policy [2001] final lecture
3rd year seminar: Women and Social Policy class notes/programme, research notes & draft chronology 1839-1884: 1) Victorian Ladies as Philanthropists and Social Reformers; 2) Mary Carpenter; 3) Florence Nightingale - reading; 4) Women's Right to Earn a Living: is 'protection' discrimination? 5)Housing for the Working Classes: Women as managers (Octavia Hill); 6)blank; 7) Working Class Housewives & Social Policy II: Women's Labour League & LP; 8) Sex, Morals and Police: I Movement for Repeal of CD Acts; 9) Sex, Morals and Police: II from Law Breaker to Law Enforcer: Suffragists and Suffragettes as Women Police
3rd year policy seminar (Women and social policy) reading lists and essay topics; class topics; class outline
Family Violence and Domestic Violence lecture 12: Violence in Families 1; The Law and Domestic Violence
Violence within families historically: lecture notes

Folder 6
Lecture notes:
Gender/Family and Social Policy 1986-7 reading list
Uses and Abuses of history. History, Gender and Social Policy 1989
Domestic Violence and the State: Mainstreaming and Activism by Ellen Malos and Gill Hague 2002 (faculty seminar) lecture notes
Violence Against Women 2001-2 lecture 1 lecture notes
What is Domestic Violence? Discussion notes and reading lists
Domestic Violence: explanations. Lecture notes
Feminist Methodology
Research in Practice. Feminist Approaches and Issues of Power 2001 lecture notes
Political Economy II Course outlines: notes for Feminist Critiques and Perspectives 1994
Critical Perspectives: feminism lecture notes by Simon Pemberton c.2000 with some politics of housework notes and cuttings (handouts) 1970s
State Socialist Societies 1995 final lecture: Socialism, Privatisation, Plain and Market lecture notes
The Multi-Service Projects Package lecture notes by Ellen Malos & Ravi K. Thiara
Miscellaneous papers on domestic violence and housing including: rape and fighting back; Local Authority responses to applications for Rehousing by women and children escaping from domestic violence by Gill Hague and Ellen Malos 1993 conference notes; cutting Guardian 21.1.1994: Homelessness shake-up tougher than expected; cutting Guardian 25.9.1993: EC urged to act as number of homeless reaches 2.5m; Paper, Law moves to protect children from domestic violence 2002 by Margaret Moran; draft amended definition of domestic violence by 'Liz Kelly and Linda' nd
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