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TitleEllen Malos Archive: History of the Women's Movement
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: History of the Women's Movement

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
Cooperative Women's Guilds:
Research notes & cuttings 1981-1983
Source material: Photocopies of minute books, pamphlets etc Bristol & nationally c.1892-1897

Folder 2
Cooperative Women's Guilds:
Source material: Photocopy of The Woman With the Basket by Catherine Webb (1927)

Folder 3
Women & Politics:
'The Need for a Women's Organisation in the Labour Party' by Ellen Malos, summary and 2 copies typed notes;
Letter, programme from Labour Party regional conference Women, Sexuality and Socialism at which Ellen gave above talk 1986;
Research notes, 'The Working Woman's House' photocopy from 'Women and the Labour Party' ed. Marian Phillips 1919;
Photocopied excerpts from 'Women in Protest' 1800-1850 by Malcolm I. Thomas and Jennifer Grummett 1982;
Typed chronology 'Part I: from Autocracy to Democracy'

Women's Movements:
'Connections Between Women's Movements and Women in Labour and Socialist Movements in the Past in England: and Some Thoughts on Lessons for Today' by Ellen Malos: fair copy and mock-up
'Bristol Women's Movements and Organisations 1839-1937' by Ellen Malos. 2 copies outline of proposed research & 3 copies synopsis and bibliography
'Women's Political Activity in Bristol from the 1840s' by Ellen Malos: synopsis
'Women' by Cyril-? nd notes: women's movements in Bristol, bibliography for 'Women and Chartism', letter regarding Sturge family

History Conferences & Workshops:
History workshops London 1984?, Women and History London May 1988, SW Women's History Network Annual Conference Bristol (UWE) June 1999, West of England and SW Women's History Network Study Day Bristol (UWE) Feb 2001, Women's History Network 10th Anniversary Conference London Sept 2001, misc leaflets

Folder 4
Papers and photocopied source material and notes:
The Bristol Female Penitentiary by Janet Brewer
The History of the Housewife by Catherine Hall
Searching for the Past by Hilda Kean 1994
Mary Clifford by Gwen Mary Williams 1920
Octavia Hill: Life of Octavia Hill as Told in her Letters ed. C. Edmund Maurice 1913, Octavia Hill's Letters on Housing 1864 to 1911 ed. Elinor Southwood Ouvry, Playgrounds and Old House Property
Mary Carpenter misc
Helena Born: Whitman's Ideal Democracy ed. Helen Tufts 1902

Folder 5
Source material:
'Our Enid': the life and work of Enid Stacy, 1868-1903 by Angela Tuckett, typescript with manuscript corrections and associated correspondence, [1977].
Enid Stacy attended Redland High School, Bristol, receiving Honours in the Senior Cambridge Examination at age 16, becoming a student teacher to finance her further studies. She gained a scholarship to study at University College Bristol from 1887-1890 and an exhibition to study at University College Cardiff. She was awarded a University of London BA in 1890. For her subsequent career see her Dictionary of National Biography entry and 'An Account of Labour and Socialist Movement in Bristol', recorded by Samuel Bryher (listed below in Folder 6), Part II, pp. 22-23. A version of Angela Tuckett's typescript was edited and published as 'Our Enid': the life and work of Enid Stacy, 1868-1903 by the Working Class Movement Library in Salford in 2016 (a copy is available in Special Collections)

Folder 6
Source material:
Florence Nightingale: excerpts from biography by C. Woodham Smith (ed) 1950, Cassandra 1979, papers from Florence Nightingale Museum, and misc.
Hannah Mitchell: The Hard Way Up ed. Geoffrey Mitchell nd
Josephine Butler misc
Photocopy of pamphlet, 'An Account of Labour and Socialist Movement in Bristol', recorded by Samuel Bryher Parts I & II 1931 (Samuel Bryer was the pseudonym of Samuel Bale). This is held as a book including Parts I, II, & III in the Arts & Social Sciences Library at HD8400.B7 BRY

Folder 7
Miscellaneous: correspondence, notes, cuttings, articles, 1981-2000
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