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TitleEllen Malos Archive: History of the Women's Movement
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: History of women's movement

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
Bristol Women's History Group
meetings, grant applications, historical notes 1986-1991, Walks: posters, leaflets, chronologies, map, biographical details 1983-2001, Plaques (campaign to erect plaques for significant Bristol women): proposal grant application, correspondence, biographical details, cuttings 1987-2001, 100 Years of Banners (exhibition and talk): booklet, poster, fliers 1987

Bristol's Other History (Bristol Broadsides 1983)
2 copies of chapter by Ellen Malos 'Bristol Women in Action 1839-1919: the right to vote and the need to earn a living', 2 copies typescript (one annotated), 3 copies launch poster A3 size, meetings and minutes, historical notes including chronology and mock-ups, papers for course run by Ellen Malos 'Bristol's Other History - East Bristol' 1983

Outsize: 3x map and 2x chronology of Women's History Walk

Folder 2
Sash, 'A Woman's Right to Choose' nd
Tablecloth, Bristol Women's History Group made by Sarah Braun 1989

Folder 3
Bristol History:
Barton Hill: oral history, history group,'Leaves from a Barton Hill Notebook: Aiken Street' by W.T. Sanigar 1954, maps, 'Bristol as WE Remember it' (book) 1982, cotton factory notes, cuttings, Easton Women's History Trail opening 1982-2001, newspaper, Easton News October 1981 Issue No 19 with pieces on Women's Liberations and rape with profile and photo of Ellen Malos, community newsletter The Feeder (Barton Hill) November 1983 Issue 13,Programme for seminar Women in East Bristol 18.3.1983
general local history: St Phillips Marsh, Kingswood Chapels, St George West, Bristol Socialist Society, Highbury c.1980-85

Folder 4
Women & Work: research notes, photocopied source material, cuttings 1875-1980

Folder 5
Suffrage: Source Material:
Source Material: photocopies of papers and pamphlets c.1869-1912:
Memories of a Militant by Annie Penney
History of Women's Suffrage by Helen Blackburn
People's Suffrage Federation by Margaret McMillan
Women's Wrongs nd probably 1868
Declaration of Women Householders by Helen Blackburn 1890
Speech of Mrs William S. Clark, Bristol 1876
The Electoral Disabilities of Women: a lecture delivered by Rhoda Garrett, Cheltenham 1872
Address by Mrs Pumphrey, Vice-President NW Durham. WLA 1896 (Bristol)
A Lecture on Women's Suffrage by Prof. F.W. Newman 1869 (Bristol)
An Address to English Men and Women Who Value Representative Government (Bristol)
25 Reasons for Supporting Women's Suffrage (Bristol)
16 Reasons for Women's Suffrage (Bristol)
Women's Suffrage: Notes on the Appeal from Women. 1893 (Bristol)
Women Outlanders - letter by Harriet McIlquham 1899
Local Government Act 1888 in relation to Women Voters
John Stuart Mill to Mary Carpenter on Women's Suffrage [1871]
Women and the New Reform Bill 1882
2pp from Women's Suffrage Journal, nd
1p reprint from Western Daily Press 'Mr Birrell's Reply to Anti-Suffrage Deputation' 26.02.1912

Folder 6
Suffrage: The Suffragette photocopies 07.03.1913-07.05.1915

Folder 7
Suffrage: Votes for Women photocopies Nov 1907-Feb 1910

Folder 8
Suffrage: research notes, sources of early suffrage movement in Bristol, thesis by Kirsten Seltorp 1979: 'The Women's Suffrage Movement in Bristol 1868-1906 , A Level history project on suffragettes by Vicky Nimmo 1984 with related correspondence, Jackdaw education pack 1980s, cutting about Mary Blathwayt and the Pankhursts 1979-2000

Keywords: Cissie Nash, trams, women and industry, housing, working class wives, economics, Annie Kenney, Emily Sturge, Elizabeth Sturge, Eliza Walker Dunbar, Hannah Moore, Emma Paterson, Helena Born, Miriam Daniel, Enid Stacey, Kate Conway, Catherine Winkworth, Mary Estlin, Dorothy Hazard, Elizabeth Blackwell, Mary Clifford, Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Mary Blathwayt, Pankhurst
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