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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Women's Liberation Movement
DescriptionEllen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Ellen Malos Archive: Women's Liberation Movement

Folder 1
General information papers, Bristol & national 1971-1977:
Aims & History of Bristol Group x2
Outline of organisation of Bristol Group 1971 x3
Women's Liberation: An Introduction 1977 x2

Structure/policy and overview 1971-1979:
The Four Demands c.1971
Organisation and Demands of the Women's Liberation Movement 1970s x3, with notes by Ellen Malos
Bristol Women's Liberation Group: A Proposal for the Reorganisation of the Group 1970s
Some Reflections on the New Regional WL Organisation for Discussion 1972?
untitled paper on the movement and its organisation c.1972
Women's Liberation and Publicity 1973
Welcome to the Edinburgh Women's Liberation Group 1970s
Why There is a Need for a Separate but not an Autonomous Women's Movement 1973
Socialism and the Liberation of Women, and the Hypocrisy of the Sham Socialists 1973
The Four Demands - Where Do We Go Now? 1973
Manchester Women's Liberation Groups: Structure and Organisation 1974
An Independent Women's Movement - What Do We Want it For? c.1975 with notes
Women's Movement Now. Some Brilliant Thoughts? by Ellen Malos April 1975 x2
Explanatory Notes on Conference Structure 1978?
Academic Women in the Women's Liberation Movement 1979?
Spare Rib Magazine - Relationship to the Women's Movement nd x2
Together We Stand: The Missing Link (the thoeretical basis for autonomy) nd 1970s
Summary: Together we Stand (notes towards a theory of the basis of sexism) 1970s
Autonomy of the Women's Movement nd 1970s
Selling at the National Women's Liberation Conference nd

Papers relating to issues for Women c.1971-1975:
Letter from Hackney Women's Group nd re People's News Service
Living Through the Crisis: Women in Northern Ireland and Britain. The Power of Women Collective 1974
SPUC: We Must Take it Seriously 1970s
Case for Homes and Sanctuaries for Battered Women and Children 1970s
Sex Discrimination Act Campaign. The Nature of the Campaign 1970s
Fertility: Economics and Ideology by Babs, Peri and Jane 1970s
Some Notes on 'Women and the Subversion of the Community' by Mariarosa Dalla Costa, by Suzie Fleming 1970s
Do It Yourself Versus The Them and Us Syndrome by Kety Jennison 1972
Orientation of the Women's Liberation Movement. The Two Trends: Bourgeois Feminist and Proletarian Revolutionary 1973
Consciousness-Raising and Campaigning by Betty Underwood 1970s x2
The Anti-Discrimination Act Campaign by Pat Howe and Caryl Eldridge 1970s x3
'Article by Germaine in London Ox No 26. Leaving out the words we know but I hope don't use' 1970s
Journal of the Women's National Coordinating Committee Vol 3 No 3 including Women in Socialist Viet Nam and Reforms, Reformism and Women's Emancipation - the Family Allowance Campaign and the Anti-Discrimination Bill. 1973

Work and pay issues 1971-1977:
March 6th national demonstration flier & papers 1971 see also folder 5
Women and the Wage System c.1973
Women's Family Allowance Campaign 1973
Women and the Conditions of Unemployment (Big Flame Women) c.1976-1977
Women and Unemployment - a discussion paper for London Women's Liberation and Socialism by Maureen Mackintosh, Sue Himmelweit & Barbara Taylor. 1977
Some Fundamental Problems with the Woking Women's Charter Campaign/Towards a Feminist-Socialist Movement by Sue Oppenheimer, Margaret Page & Celia Shalom 1977
Bill for Equal Pay - the Great Con! & Women's Liberation - People's Liberation (Merseyside Women's Liberation Movement) 1970s
Women's Liberation Movement: Scotland re wages 1970s
Wages for Housework and the Struggle of the Nurses 1970s
Wages for Housework - What is it Based Upon, and What are its Implications? by Ann Foreman & Linda Simon
The Women's Liberation Movement and the Present Crisis of British Capitalism: a Proposal for Action by Hilary Wainwright 1970s
Wages for Housework group of writings produced by women in the Power of Women Collective
Power of Women Collective 'Women's Liberation Means the End of Women's Work' 1970s
excerpt from a newsletter about Trico Strike (Brentford) 1976

Folder 2
Conferences: 1971-1973 including cuttings, programmes, reports:
Leeds April 1971
WNCC London October 1971
Skegness October 1971
Manchester March 1972
London November 1972
Birmingham March 1973 (Women's Liberation & Socialism I)
Bristol July 1973

Folder 3
Conferences & Workshops 1973-2008 including cuttings, programmes, reports:
London September 1973 (Women's Liberations & Socialism II)
Oxford March 1974 (Women & Socialism)
Edinburgh July 1974
Bristol July 1974 (Women in the Media)
Manchester Sept 1974 (Women and Education)
London March 1975 (Women & Socialism)
Bristol 1976
Newcastle 1976
Birmingham 1978
Oxford March 2000
Regional Conferences

Folder 4
Ellen Malos' WLM papers 1971-1978 including:
'The Oppression of Women in the 1970s' in International Marxist Review No 2 Dec 1971
'The Women's Liberation Movement in Bristol' in International Marxist Review No 3 April 1972 x2
'Housework and the Politics of Women's Liberation' typescript published copy Bristol Women's Liberation Group Discussion Bulletin 1978

History of Women's Liberation Movement c.1970-2000 including interview transcript

National Newsletters 1971-1976

Folder 5
Address & Contact lists 1970s-1980s

Women's Liberation Review No1 October 1972, No2 October 1973 (x2)
WIRES request for subscriptions 1970s (after 1975)
Letter to Ellen Malos from Gail Chester about publication of women's liberation papers by Women's Press c.1975
Article, The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Joreen [Jo Freeman?] c.1970
1p about workshops nd
Press cuttings including wages demo 1971 see also folder 1
Miss World Trial 1971 synopsis x3
NI Women's Liberation 1970s-1980
Letter and information about Women's Action Day (Nov. 27 1980) organised by Fawcett Society
Notes on Women's Week 1980?
Women and Science Collective Questionnaire c.1980
photocopies of covers of Enough x2
Conference notes (which conference?) nd
Poster for Women Against Rape 16.7.1977
1p by Pat lady Stardust (Pat van Twest) about revolution nd 1970s
2x WLM flier, 7 demands. c.1970s
London Socialist Woman Group. The WNCC - its Function and Future. A Discussion Document, early 1970s
Booklist for Women's Liberation produced by London Socialist Woman Group 1970
Pamphlet, Children's Community Centre Dartmouth Hill 1972 (printed to be available at Conference, London November 1972)
Booklet, Women and the Law c.1975

Keywords: abuse, pregnancy, meetings, minutes, activism, Sarah Braun
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