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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Bristol Women's Centre
DescriptionEllen Malos Archive: Bristol Women's Centre

Ellen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Folder 1
Administration c.1970-1983
notes, The Politics and Policies of the Women's Centre 1970s
Report of Meeting about Women's House 11.12.1973
Notes on some Battered Women Who Came to the Women's Centre for Help 1973 x2
Correspondence with Bristol City Council relating to planning and use of 11 Waverley Road as Women's Centre 1974-1975
Sheet, (Bristol) Gay Women's Group aims and objectives 1970s
Sheet, Analysis of Women's Centre Day Book over 6 week period 1977 x3
Sheet, programme of course(?) at Women's Centre July 1981
Bristol Women's Centre Questionnaire and standing order form c.1980
article, History of Women's Centre (for Spare Rib) including notes and correspondence 1980, with photocopy of published article Jan 1981
letter from Ellen Malos to Exeter Women's Centre Campaign re set-up of Bristol Women's Centre 14.4.1983
Contact lists and lists of groups and activities in Bristol Women's Liberation

Correspondence (to Ellen Malos/Women's Centre unless otherwise indicated)
from Val Hart 6.9.1972 re planning meeting and Judi Griffies and Jenny Stokes
from Charles Tomlinson 12.9.1972 re Mrs Fawcett's thesis
from Carole G. 2.10.1972 re conference and Catherine Hall and Selma James
from Diana Cambridge 4.1.1973 re covering National Conference (WLM)
from Angela 11.4.1973 re writing a Review
from Miriam Dixon 13.9.1973 re contacts
from Jill Brown 10.10.1973 re social work , LIFE and Coventry group (2 letters, 1 undated)
from Barbara Ehrenreich 25.10.1973 re Chile demonstration in London. libertarians and UK groups
from Elaine Capissi 29.10.1973 re Liberation & Socialism conferences
from Ellen Malos to Bristol Corporation 16.11.1973 re use of empty council properties for Women's Centre
from Christine Keenan (Dept of Employment) 8.1.1974 re Mothers in Action campaign & Equal Opportunities for Men and Women
from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford 12.2.1974 asking for reference for Helen Taylor for fellowship, with reference and letter from Helen Taylor
from Flick 28.6.1974 re women and education newsletter and women's studies course
from Barbara Twigg, HTV West 21.5.1974 & 29.5.1974 re programme 'Women Only'
from Renée Slater 6.6.1974 re Conference
from T.R. Newton-Brown, Bristol Education Committee Nursery Nurses College 3.8.1974 re Intergrated Studies programme
from Abigail Mozley 24.9.1974 re running WEA class
from Christine Young 7.11.1974 re addresses for maternity grant
from Hilary PcPhee, William Heinemann Australia 29.11.1974 asking for comments on book Media She
from Nicky 22.2.1975 re Women's Day and general personal updates
from Maureen McNaughton 20.5.1975 re loan of books and equality conference
from J. Massey, Gloucestershire College of Education 26.6.1975 re talk
from Robin Cooke MP 16.12.1978 re receipt of letter
photocopies of letter from Bristol Women's Centre to Spare Rib 1976- Nov 1977 re Wages for Housework
from M. Tully (DHSS) 9.1.1979 re review of supplementary benefits scheme
from Barbara Ehrenreich 31.8.1979 re Gail Chester at Pluto Press and trip to Bristol
from Joan Brugel 1980 re Socialist Feminist meeting
correspondence regarding Swansea Women's Centre and rates dispute 1980
form letter from Chris Gay & Pamela Trevithick (Women's Centre) 6.2.1985 giving update and asking for support
from Joy Jackson nd re experience of single parent
from Jo Evans 3.6.(1980s) re Novel Conference and sending donation
from Jo Sutton nd re J.M. Cope. Postcard with picture of Votes for Women
from Norma nd re putting people up in Birmingham for conference. Postcard
form letter Women's Centre nd re rotas
from Angela nd re Brimingham conference (therefore 1973 or 1978?)

Ephemera & Cuttings
flier, Women's Centre 10th Birthday Celebrations (1986?)
leaflet, Rape Crisis 1970s
leaflet, Rape and Fighting Back 1970s
leaflet, Bristol Women's Centre 1980s
flier, Women They're After Your Benefit! re Social Security reviews c.1980
Newsletter Gay Women's Group No 2 October 1974
Bristol Voice c. 1975 including Women's House and Women and Unemployment articles and article by Pat Van Twest
Bristol Voice Dec/Jan 1978-79, Issue 40 listing Women's Centre Day Conference at the Folk House 2.12.1978
classified ad for free pregnancy testing at the Women's Centre nd
Morning Star 15.11.1972 'Labour group urges action to outlaw sex discrimination'

including 'The Need for a Women's House' Nov 1973 x2, 'Bristol Women's Centre Needs Support' 1970s, Bristol Women's House Poject Background & needs 1970s, information sheet on Women's Report, Agitprop Directory of Organisations, bank statements, paper, The Kingsgate Place Women's Centre: First get your centre... 15.6.1973, Article from 'Camden Tenant' 1973 re Women's Centre Closure (Maiden Lane Community Site), songs, and blank Women's Centre compliments slips

Folder 2
WACC (Women's Abortion and Contraception Campaign) & ALRA (Abortion Law Reform Association) etc. 1970-1979:
WACC newsletters: Vol 2 No 1 (Feb/Mar 1973), Vol 2 No 2 (Apri/May 1973), Vol 3 No 1 (Oct 1973), Vol 3 No 2 (Jan 1974), Vol 3 No 3 (June 1974)
True Life Romance comic strip leaflet: WACC re contraception 1970. x3 plus 2x large format of comic only (no text)
1p Women's Voice: Written in the interest of safe abortion in NHS hospitals. Careless treatment of women must stop. c.1971
1p Take Control of Your Own Bodies - printed by Enough 1971
Transcript of Recorded Interview with Dr Harvey Karman on Out-Patient Abortion Technique Using the Karman Cannula. April 1971
Transcript of Recorded Interview with Professor Peter Huntingford Commenting on the Interview with Dr Harvey Karman on Out-Patient Abortion Technique Using the Karman Cannula [1971]
Contraception and Abortion: Women's Liberation Teach-In Bristol Nos 20, 1971
WACC report, update 1972
Letter regarding Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) literature and threatened legal proceedings against Connie Harris 1972-1973
Report, Moralistic and Punitive Attitudes to Abortion and Contrception. First National WACC Conference, Merseyside Jan. 1973
Ilford Group Report Jan. 1973: Pregnancy Testing
London WACC group report 1973
Birth Control Campaign papers on Free Contraception: NHS Reorganisation Bill Feb 1973 x2
WACC announcements 1973
Photocopy, New Scientist 8.11.1973: 'Five Years After the Abortion Act'
ALRA form letter to members 16.11.1973 re Anti-Abortion Parliamentary Lobby x2
Copy letter to R.G. Cooke [from WACC/Women's Centre] 20.11.1973 re Abortion legislation
ALRA newsletter: 'Abortion Now. Some figures and comments on the working of the Abortion Act' No 2 Edition 2 Winter 1973
Cutting, 1973 'Why Juries can halt Abortion Act abuse'
flier, Abortion - some facts c. 1973
1p Women's Centre Pregnancy Testing. WACC, Bristol c. 1973
1p Women's Centre The Change of Life. WACC, Bristol c.1973
1p Women's Centre Free Pregnancy Testing Service. Bristol c.1973
Lane Committee. Selections from the Report of the Committee on the Working of the Abortion Act. Compiled by Birth Control Campaign 1974
The Abortion Act Inquiry report (extracts from the Lane report) 1974
form letter from ALRA to membership June 1974 re Lane Report
ALRA urgent request for members to write to Barbara Castle MP re 1967 Abortion Act. May 1974
ALRA request for donations c.1974
Free Pregnancy Testing Service sheet 13.9.1974: analysis of data (Bristol)
WACC conference programme Nottingham March 1975
form letter from WACC 26.3.1975 re meeting about James White' Abortion (Amendment) Bill reading
2pp Fight the White Bill. Bristol 20.5.1975
Cutting, Evening Post 13.6.1975 'The Woman Nobody Wanted to Know'
Bristol WACC meeting of pregnancy testers report, August 1975
Labour Abortion Rights Campaign (LARC) meeting adenda 8.2.1977
LARC bulletin No 1 1977. Stop Benyon's Bill
Notes from pregnancy testers' meeting 10.10.[1978?]
Breaking Chains (ALRA newspaper) No 14 Sept/Oct 1979
Call for support of Dr Morgantaler (Montreal doctor). WACC, London 22.9.[1979?]
2x programme Abortion Now conference 4.10.[?] Bristol Abortion Campaign
Stop Press typed note about SPUC demonstration nd [1970s]
Incomplete typed form letter from LIFE/SPUC/Lamp Society re pressure campaigning nd [1970s]
Typed paper, Maternity and Abortion 1970s
WACC etc address lists x4 (2 the same)
1p Power to the People: to control the number of children we want to have - which means that we must demand free contraception & abortion on demand! 1970s
handwritten notes on fertility

Racism 1978
North London Women Against Racism and Fascism report for Socialist Feminist Conference Jan. 1978
Women Against Racism and Fascism publicity sheet 1970s
Pamphlet, Countering Fascism: towards an alternative approach. Birmingham Counter-Fascism Group. 1978
Paper, Women and the Politics of the National Front. Women and Fascism Study Group, Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, Birmingham, March 1978

Folder 3
Bristol WLM & Women's Centre Newsletters 1971-1978
12.1971-1.1972 2.1972 3.1973
4.1973 5-6.1973 x2 (1 is a spoof) 9.1973
11-12.1973 12.1973-1.1974 x2 1.1974 x2
2.1974 3.1974 x2 4.1974
5.1974 6.1974 7.1974
9.1974 10.1974 11.1974
12.1974 1.1975 3.1975
4.1975 7-8.1975 x2 10.1975 x3
11.1975 12.1975 1.1976 x2
2.1976 9.1976 10.1976
11.1976 12.1976 1.1977
3.1977 4.1977 x2 5.1977
Discussion Bulletin 1 1977? x2 6.1977 x2
7.1977 8.1977 9.1977
10.1977 11.1977 x2 12.1977 x2
2.1978 3.1978 4.1978
5.1978 6.1978 7.1978
8.1978 9.1978 10.1978
11.1978 12.1978

Folder 4
Bristol WLM & Women's Centre Newsletters 1979-1981
3.1979 6.1979 7.1979
8.1979 9.1979 11.1979
12.1979 1.1980 2.1980
3.1980 4.1980 5.1980
6.1980 7.1980 8.1980
9.1980 10.1980 11.1980
12.1980 x2 1.1981 2.1981
3.1981 4.1981 x2 5.1981
6.1981 7.1981 x2 8.1981
9.1981 10-11.1981 11-12.1981

Folder 5
Bristol WLM & Women's Centre Newsletters 1982-1984
1-2.1982 3.1982 4.1982
5.1982 6.1982 7.1982
8.1982 9.1982 11.1982
12.1982 1.1983 2.1983
3-4.1983 4-5.1983 5.1983
6.1983 7.1983 9.1983
10.1983 11.1983 12.1983
1.1984?? 3.1984 4.1984

Folder 6
Bristol WLM & Women's Centre Newsletters 1984-1996
7.1984 9.1984 12.1984
1.1985 2.1985 3.1985
7.1985 10.1985 11-12.1985
1.1986 'No 1' 3-4.1986 'No 2' 5-6.1985 'No 3'
Summer 1986 'No 4' 6-7.1991 (from here on 'Women's Centre Newsletter' not WL newsletter')
10.1991 10.1993 'Issue 17' 11-12.1993 'Issue 18'
3.1994 'Issue 19' Autumn 1994 'Issue 21' Spring 1995 'Issue 23'
Spring 1996 'Issue 26'

Enough 1971-1973
No 1 [1971?] x2, [No 2] 1972, No 3 cover only, No 5 x2 [1973], No 6 summer 1973

Key words: abuse, pregnancy, abortion, meetings, minutes, health
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