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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Women's Aid Foundation for England
DescriptionEllen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Ellen Malos Archive: Women's Aid Foundation for England

Folder 1
Foundation Documents: Rules, Memorandum & Articles of Association, Structural Documents, Business Plan c.1980-1997

Housing and Domestic Violence 1977-1991:
Report and research proposal, The Housing Needs of Battered Women c.1977
Report, The Need for a Campaign 1977
Report, Refuge Provision in England and Wales, with list of refuges which receive no or very little money 1977
Paper, What is Happening to the Homeless Person Bill? 1977
A4 flier, The NWAF Housing Research Project is off the Ground c.1977 and letter to Ellen Malos from Joan (NWAF) 23.2.1978 re same
Letter from Kate, NWAF to Ellen Malos 27.7.1977 regarding Housing (Homeless Person) Bill
Housing Newsletter Nos 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (Sept 1977- June 1978)
Housing group meeting notes 1977 including papers/reports Housing Association Workshop, Domestic Violence and Housing, Usefulness of Injunctions, Half the Sky and Still No Roof, The Monitoring of the Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Court Act 1978
Housing legislation notes, chronology, meetings 1979
Emergency Accommodation and Rehousing handwritten lists 19.6.1980
Protection for Women Against Violence in the Courts 1980
Matrimonial Breakdown - Tenants' Access to Accommodation c.1981
Hammersmith Housing Policy report c.1980
26 types of battering husband typed document by 'J.J. Queerford, MCP, MOT, DHSS Consultant to the Committee for Abused Statistics and Subjectively Biassed Research. Swindon, Wilts' c.1980
Notes, Research on domestic violence
Response to the Law Commission Working Paper 1 No 113: 'Domestic Violence and the Occupation of the Family Home' (HMSO, 1989)
Victim Support Minutes of the Domestic Violence Working Part Meeting 31.1.1991

Folder 2
Legal & Research Group (aka Research Advisory Group):
Meetings 1989-1993:
13.3.1989 with research proposal (J. Barron), 'Women facing domestic violence: assessing the adequacy of legal protection', 24.4.1989, 8.8.1989, 19.10.1990, 7.12.1990, 12.4.1991, 12.6.1991, 3.9.1991 x2, 5.12.1991, 1.2.1992, 1.5.1992 including The UN's Role in Empowering Women Worldwide
Other Papers 1980-1992 including:
The Domestic Violence Act: How it Works in Practice 1980
Where is There to Go? Outline Proposal for a Research Project on Housing Options for Women who have left home due to domestic violence (with suggestions from Legal & Research group) c.1988 & Research Brief, Research Guidelines and Questions for Interview etc. and papers regarding Poonam Bala's work permit extension 1989
Research Proposal: Research into the Issue of Domestic Violence prepared for Cohn and Wolfe by Marplan RI. August 1990
Draft press release, Protection Against Domestic Violence - Not Worth the Paper...? 19.11.1990
Draft Response of the WAFE Legal and Research Group to the Law Commission's Working Paper No116: Rape Within Marriage 18.2.1991
Misuse of Witness Statements in Sexual Offences Cases: A Consultation Paper by the Home Office 1991
Petition regarding Action in support of Sara Thornton 1991 (re reform of law ofprovocation)
Research notes

Folder 3
Conferences 1976-2002: resolutions, reports, minutes, notes:
Oxford 19.6.1976 (Housing)
London 7-8/5/1977
Leicester 5-6/11/1977
Cardiff 5-7/5/1978
London 18.6.1978
Amsterdam 15.4.1978 or 1979
Bristol 23-24/9/1979 (Structure)
Ipswich 10-11/10/1981 (Structure)
Norwich 4-5/7/1987
? 2002

Folder 4
Printed Materials: Pamphlets, posters, leaflets, fliers c.1975-2003, including:
Membership leaflets & resources order form
What is Women's Aid Federation England Ltd?
Unhelpful Myths and Stereotypes about Battered Women
It's Just a Personal Problem? The Myths About Battered Women
Battered Women: Changes in the Law. Domestic Violence and Matrimonial Proceedings Act 1976
WAFE leaflet in English and German
Women! You Don't Have to Put Up With Being Battered! How to Get an Injunction c.1980 x3, 2 versions
Battered Women Need Refuges. Report from the National Women's Aid Federation x 2 c.1975
Battered Women, Refuges, and Women's Aid. A Report from the National Women's Aid Federation 1976
And Still You've Done Nothing. Battered Women are Homeless
Flier, Brute! a serious film about battered women? or a money-making sex movie? (1977)
Network News (WA newsletter) - copies - May 2003, July 2003
Newsletter, 'Well, if I get my natural feminine instincts biologically I'm not have you TELLING me how to be a Woman! 1978 newsletter including songs
Building Blocks. A Women's Aid Guide to running refuges and support services ed. Atuki Turner 1996

Miscellaneous c.1977-1994

Folder 5
Regional Women's Aid Groups 1977-1990
London (including Chiswick, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Crawley)
Southwest (including Bristol, Exeter, Swindon)
North West (including Manchester)
North East (Cleveland)
Northern Ireland
Includes: pamphlet, Clout! The Story Behind the Bruises [Manchester] 1970s; Crawley Women's Aid response to consultation paper 'Re:Access to Local Authority and Housing Association Tenancies' 1.2.1994 and Welsh Women's Aid response to same March 1994

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