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TitleEllen Malos Archive: Bristol Women's Aid
DescriptionEllen Malos was the founder of Bristol Women's Centre and Bristol Women's Aid and was a key figure in the Women's Liberation Movement. She established the Domestic Violence and Gender Studies Research Groups at the University of Bristol and has written extensively about domestic violence.

Ellen Malos Archive: Bristol Women's Aid

Folder 1
Foundation Documents 1974-1987:
1974 Aims and Proposals
1975 Outline with Aims and Objective about Bristol Women's House Project
Memorandum & Articles of Association - annotated copy 22.11.1985
Notes, Implications of Company Structure for Women's Aid as at 26.2.1986
Notes/Issues arising from Structure Conference 14.2.1987
Suggested Amendments to the Constitution 1986. 2 copies, 1 annotated
Basic Structure of Constitution of Women's Aid chart x3
Basic Rules of the Company x3
Proposed Constitutional Amendments [1986]
BWA Licence Agreement re Solon Southwest x2

Reports and Accounts 1975-2000 not complete
Urban Aid 1983-1988 : Application Forms and Correspondence

Folder 2
Finance: Audit & Response 1997-1998

Folder 3
Finance:Funding and Fundraising 1977-2000:
Form letters, deed of covenant, fundraising information sheets, donations received 1975-78, correspondence, car users' allowance, grants, cuttings, social fund rents

Folder 4
Policy/Administration: Minutes 1978-2000 not complete

Folder 5
Policy/Administration: Admin, Policy, Reports 1977-2000
including printed report 'Heads They Win, Tails You Lose' 1977, Operating Review 1998-99, Notes on handling the media, Guidelines on Policies

Folder 6
Housing: Refuges 1974-2007:
Notes for Labour Women's Council 1974
Practical Arrangements 1974
Emergency Information
Facts & Figures 1977-78
Correspondences with Bristol City Council
Solon South West Housing Association 1978-89 including management agreement
Discussion notes & data
CHAR (Campaign for Single Homeless People) Practical Hints on using the Housing (Homeless Persons) Act 1977 for Single Homeless People 1979, for day conference at the Folk House Bristol 14.12.1979, with programme and list of attendees
Practical notes re second hostel (building works)
Draft clause of tenancy agreement
3x press leaflet 'Bristol Women's Aid Moves to South Bristol as New Large Refuge Opens' 1980
3x information sheets on new refuge
Plea for help at new refuge
Information for police about new refuge
Secretary's report early 1980s, and contacts for Whitchurch
Correspondence re complaints from neighbours of refuge 1987
House Report 1988-89 with childcare statistical report
Letter to Fawzia re Black Women's Refuge June 6 1997, incomplete
Paper, 'A New Initiative in Refuge Provision' with projected costings c.2000
Cutting, Evening Post June 13 2007 'New Safe House for Women Opened' x2
misc papers re St Paul's Playgroups and unsupported Mothers
misc note (nd) re legal aid
email confirming that second stage is empty (nd)

Housing: Housing & Homelessness 1973-1999:
Notice of Shelter Conference June 30 [1973?] 'Housing - the Next Five Years'
Housing (Homeless Persons) Act 1977: Questions and NWAF Guide to the Act & correspondence 1977, plus CHAR notes
3x paper for meeting re Housing Persons Act 'Battered Women and Housing in Avon'
Code of guidance: homelessness (from BCC?) 1977
Kingswood District Council Hosing Policy April 1978
Notes regarding campaign to amend Act c.1978
Letter & flier re Mini HAG Allocation 1981-82 (Housing Association Grants)
Reply to Labour Housing Group's Homelessness Study Group on Homeless Battered Women June/July 1983
Housing Allocation meeting March 18 1985
Notes comprising logs of various refuge workers
Draft questionnaire re building style
Papers re appeals/evictions 1987 &c
Booklet, Missing Link Housing Annual Report 1998-99
Papers re Kingswood Women's Aid evening June 2000 at which Ellen Malos spoke
Cutting, nd about 'Women on the Margins' by Helen Austerberry [1983]

Folder 7
Housing: Domestic Violence 1979-2000:
Cutting Evening Post July 7 1978 'Homeless Plight of Battered Wives' x2
Leaflet 1978 'Battered Women are Still Homeless' for Women's Aid National Week of Action on Housing July 8-15 1978
Letter May 1 1979 to Ellen Malos from Kate Mason re solicitors' seminar
Research list for Violence Against Women, Battered Women c.1981
Minutes of meeting with Jim Woods and Sue Hodkinson about Legal Aid October 14 1981
Letter to Councillor Robertson (BCC) re Housing Act 1980, Feb 23 1981
Cutting Evening Post April 13 1983 'After All the Agony my two Sons and I are Safe' re Bristol Women's Aid
National Council for One-Parent Families Training Course Worksheet (legal advice) 1983
Conference, The Legal Response to Domestic Violence, Bristol June 14 1983: 2x programme
Notes from solicitors' conference 1983
Notes from Women's Aid Day Conference Workshop on Custody July 12 1983
Annotated typescript 'Interview with aggrieved husband (whom we know) who turned up on Social Admin Research Interviews on Divorce' c. 1984
Cutting, Guardian Nov 26 1985 'Open Secret' re domestic violence and refuge in London
Conference, Women's Aid Day Conference, 'Domestic Violence - Prevention and Intervention, Bristol June 27 1986: programme
Points to include in briefing paper c.1987
Photocopy, 'Future Direction? A Discussion' re domestic violence c. 1987
Conference, Domestic Violence, Bristol Polytechnic (UWE) October 29 1987: programme and notes
Cutting, Bristol Journal Jan 27 1989 'Women in Fear' (domestic violence)
Copy of submission to Ministerial Group on Women's Issues sent from WAFE: The Law in Relation to Domestic Violence May 9 1989
Paper, 'Domestic Violence and Social Policy: Perspectives from Women's Aid' by Jackie Barron and Nicola Harwin c.1994
Leaflet, Bristol Women's Aid 1995: Information for women experiencing domestic violence
Note about publication, 'Women, Violence and Resistance: Feminist Activisim, Research, Policy and Practice' Jan 30 1998 (Ellen Malos's 'Supping With the Devil' is in this)
Faxed leaflet 'Women at Risk' c.2000
Cuttings: Independent on Sunday June 4 2000 'Women Deserve to be Hit, say Boys'; Times nd 'Women can be hit, say boys'; Evening Post June 6 2000 'They deserve it'
Book launch invitation 2006 for 'Domestic Violence: Action for Change' by Ellen Malos and Gill Hague, 3rd edition
2x leaflet 'Battered Women - How to Survive' with contacts for Women's Aid groups in the South West nd, c.1980
Notes on Injunctions, Comparison of Injunctions Obtainable nd
A4 poster 'Is the Man You Live With Violent?' (Bristol Women's Aid) nd

Folder 8
Employment: Employees 1983-1990:
Profiles of individuals; grievance procedures; disciplinary matters; Employment Group minutes & correspondence. SENSITIVE MATERIAL-RESTRICT ACCESS

Keywords: abuse, domestic abuse, children, social housing, crisis centres, rape, homelessness
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