Ref NoDM2123/5
TitleFeminist Archive South: Periodicals
DescriptionStored in open magazine files following a Feminist Archive South system of classification.

Periodicals Categories covered:
P1: Local Newsletters (Britain) 36 boxes
P1a: National Newsletters (Britain) 17 boxes
P2: English journals and reviews, including Spare Rib, 48 boxes + Spare Rib index
Please note that 'Spare Rib' is now available online for access: This page provides context. Hard copies are also available in ASSL.
P3: Scotland 2 boxes
P4: Ireland 1 box
P5: Wales 1 box
P6: Africa 1 box
P7: Asia 1 box
P8. Australia 3 boxes
P9: Canada 9 boxes
P10: Europe 11 boxes, 1 folder
P10a: Belgium (with 10d Denmark and Holland) 1 box
P10b: France 2 boxes
P10c: Germany 1 box
P10d: Denmark and Holland (with 10a Belgium) 1 box
P10e: Italy 3 boxes
P10f: Finland 2 boxes
P10g: Spain 1 box + 1 book
P10h: Russia, Eastern Europe, Poland 1 box
P11: Japan 2 boxes
P12: New Zealand 2 boxes
P13: South and Central America 3 boxes
P14: USA newspapers 18 boxes
P14a: USA journals/reviews 20 boxes
P15: International Women 18 boxes
P16: Lesbian 26 boxes
P17: Women of Colour 2 boxes
P18: Older women 4 boxes
P19: Differently abled women 1 box
P20a-c: Women and Religion: a Jewish, b Christian, c Women against fundamentalism 2 boxes
P21: Spirituality 8 boxes
P22: Peace 6 boxes
P23: Women's health 23 boxes
P24: Women and sport 1 box
P25: Crimes and violence against women 1 box
P26: Law 5 boxes
P27: Political journals/newsletters 10 boxes
P28: Trade unions 1 box
P29: Women and work 8 boxes
P29a: Women and science 1 box
P30: Women and the media 2 boxes
P31: Women and children 1 box
P32: Girls and young women 1 box
P33: Women and education 3 boxes
P34: Women and the arts 5 boxes

P35: Women writing 15 boxes
P36: Women's studies 5 boxes
P37: Research Centres, Libraries etc. 18 boxes
P38: Women in Europe 8 boxes
P39: Women's voice magazines 1 box

Please note that 'Spare Rib' is available on the open shelves in the Arts and Social Sciences Library at Serial HQ 1597.S63. No 5 (Nov 1972)-No. 120 (July 1982), No. 131 (June 1983)
This page provides context:

Alphabetical list of Periodicals:
Please order by Title, Periodical Category, and Date, i.e. Bad Attitude, Periodical 27, 1992-1993

See also Topic Box: Social Relations 24 for Anti-Sexist Men's Newsletters. Additional copies of these are also available elsewhere in the collection, please ask.
Extentc.631 magazine boxes
Access ConditionsThese materials are held in Store and advanced notice is needed to access them
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