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TitleFeminist Archive South: Topic Boxes
DescriptionTopic boxes
157 box files labelled TB on the spine containing press cuttings, leaflets and the like in classified order using the European Women's Thesaurus Categories, ie. Education and Training, and then the numerical sequence. For instance a box on teachers would be Topic Box Education and Training 3. A detailed paper list is available for consultation. Gradually extra information is being added on boxes as they are checked, and this can be found in this catalogue.
Each box is approximately 24.5cm x 37cm x 8cm in size.

These box files contain materials relating to specific Women’s Thesaurus topics. To order use the code: DM2123/2/E7 or DM2123/2/Economics 7

Anthropology 1: Miscellaneous

Built Environment 1: Housing and Transport

Economics 1: Trade Unions (additional list available)
Economics 2: Trade Unions (additional list available)
Economics 3: Technology/IT
Economics 4: Science, engineering, safety at work, Women and Work Hazard Group
Economics 5: Manual trades, WHAM: Fit Work for Women, women in manual trades, women in male-dominated occupations
Economics 6: Management, glass ceiling jobs
Economics 7: Right to work, employment rights, lesbian employment + training initiatives, cooperatives, Centre For a Working World, Women Working Project, Miscellaneous press cuttings
Economics 8: Poverty, unemployment, low pay, homeworkers, part-timers, jobshare, strikes, unremunerated work, housework

Education/Training 1: Teachers, gender in teacher education, Gender work in progress
Education/Training 2: Sexism in schools, research, equal opportunities, EOC colleges, FE, HE
Education/Training 3: Teachers
Education/Training 4: Curriculum, anti-sexism, teaching materials, Unit for School Girl mothers
Education/Training 5: Courses, miscellaneous
Education/Training 6: Genderwatch (2 folders), teachers, Professional Development for Women Teachers materials

Health/Medicine 1: Violence against women, female genital mutilation, clitoridectomy
Health/Medicine 2: Menstruation, menopause, HRT
Health/Medicine 3: Contraception, Depro-Provero/Depo Provera, abortion, birth control
Health/Medicine 4: Pregnancy, birth campaign groups
Health/Medicine 5: Pregnancy, gynaecology after birth
Health/Medicine 6: Reproductive technology
Health/Medicine 7: Counselling, therapy, self-help, mental
Health/Medicine 8: Health and welfare groups, Well Women
Health/Medicine 9: Vaginal infections, HIV, AIDS, anorexia, bulimia, alcohol abuse, drugs, smoking, disability (catalogued in more detail)
Health/Medicine 10: Work, health housing and poverty, developing countries, healthcare and politics, toxic shock syndrome
Health/Medicine 11: Cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer
Health/Medicine 12: Booklists, catalogues, pamphlets

History 1: Women’s lives, Herstory
History 2: Pankhurst Society, suffrage, first wave feminism, commentary on first wave (additional list available)
History 3: Women’s History Network, WHAM conferences/courses

Law 1: Statutory rights, Social Security, children’s rights, custody rights, equal representation in parliament
Law 2: Divorce, Rights of Women Conference: Beyond Marriage
Law 3: Law, crime, punishment, women in prison, women and the police, Northern Ireland (summary list available)
Law 4: Equal Pay Act 1970, Sex Discrimination Act 1975 amendments 1983, press cuttings: 1979-1990, USA: ERA 1977-1979
Law 5: Sexual behaviour, LESPOP, Clause 28

Life/Parenthood 1: Mothering and childcare, Mothers in action, civil rights for women and children of broken families, 1968-1969
Life/Parenthood 2: Mothering and childcare, mother-daughter relationship, lesbian mothers
Life/Parenthood 3: Mothering anc childcare, National Childbirth Trust
Life/Parenthood 4: Partnership, marriage, divorce

Literature/Linguistics 1: Poetry, poets
Literature/Linguistics 2: Writers, articles, reviews, publisher's blurbs (including Virago) (catalogued in more detail)
Literature/Linguistics 3: Booklists, bookfairs, festivals, event, conferences, courses, readings
Literature/Linguistics 4: Language usage, sexism in language, androcentrism, letter writers (catalogued in more detail)

Media 1: Images of women, fat women, Princess Diana
Media 2: Archives, libraries, information services, Fawcett Society, IIAV Amsterdam
Media 3: Resource centres, bookstores, cafes, bars, WIP publishing, [Women in Publishing]
Media 4: Publishing periodicals
Media 5: Publishing book jackets, Women's Press (dating from the 1980s)
Media 6: Publishing book jackets, Women's Press
Media 7: Publishing book catalogues
Media 8: Publishing book catalogues
Media 9: Radio, FEM FM, Feminist audiobooks, tv, video
Media 10: Film, publicity, catalogues, festivals
Media 11: Film, conferences, workships, articles, film makers
Media 12: Archives, libraries
Media 13: Archives, libraries, Feminist Library, Lesbian Archive, Fawcett Library, Women's Library
Media 14: Radio, FEM FM, audio cassettes

Politics/Policy 1: Women’s Liberation Movement early years 1960s, 1969-1970, including WLNCC 1970-1971 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 2: Women’s Liberation Movement 1971-1973 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 3: Women’s Liberation Movement 1974-1976 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 4: Women’s Liberation Movement 1977-1979 (additional list available)
Politics/Policy 5: Women’s Liberation Movement 1980s
Politics/Policy 6: Post Women’s Liberation Movement feminist theory, late 1980s, 1990s, gender + disability 1990s
Politics/Policy 7: Miscellaneous
Politics/Policy 8: Belgium MLF press cuttings, Shrew correspondence 1970s, miscellaneous
Politics/Policy 9: Socialist feminism 1969-1974 (additional list available)
Politics/Policy 10: Socialist feminism, miscellaneous
Politics/Policy 11: Socialist feminism, 1975-1979 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 12: Socialist feminism, 1980s +
Politics/Policy 13: Radical feminism 1975-1979 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 14: Radical feminism 1980s, ILIS conference
Politics/Policy 15: Radical feminism, miscellaneous (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 16: Revolutionary feminism, 1974-1979 (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 17: Anarcha feminism 1975-1987
Politics/Policy 18: Feminist Party
Politics/Policy 19: Feminist theory 1990s-2000s, ecofeminism,Women, Life on Earth 1980s + (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 20: Abortion law campaigns, Abortion Act 1967, Lane Report 1971, Bristol Campaign post 1967, WACC early 1970s, NAC (more detailed list available)
Politics/Policy 21: Abortion law campaigns, White Bill 1975, press cuttings, NAC Conference October 1975, NAC documents 1975 (additional list available)
Politics/Policy 22: Abortion law campaigns, revolutionary communist group 1975, Benyon Bill 1977, Corrie Bill 1979, Lambeth against Corrie 1979, NAC and ICAR (additional list available)
Politics/Policy 23: Abortion law campaigns, NAC 1980s, Alton Bill, 1987, WRRC Powell Bill 1990s, embryo research
Politics/Policy 24: Abortion law campaigns non-UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, Japan
Politics/Policy 25: Equal opportunities, sex discrimination, Working Women’s Charter 1974, EU European Women’s Lobby, European Policy Action, violence against women, DAPHNEY
Politics/Policy 26: Human Rights, South Africa apartheid India Indira Gandhi collection, international women’s years Beijing 1995
Politics/Policy 27: Claimants’ Unions, Women’s family allowance campaign, WASSG (see additional list)
Politics/Policy 28: Gender policy, Bristol City Council Women’s Forum, 1970-1998
Politics/Policy 29: Bristol City Council Women’s Forum 1999
Politics/Policy 30: Action Groups, Bristol Women’s Centre
Politics/Policy 31: Action Groups, women’s centres other than Bristol
Politics/Policy 32: Action groups, Labour Party women’s groups, CPLD, WAC, National Conference of Labour Women 1982, Women in the Labour Party
Politics/Policy 33: Action Groups, Labour Party, Women’s groups Bristol-based
Politics/Policy 34: Action Groups, Lesbian and Gay rights, gay liberation front, equalities action groups
Politics/Policy 35: Action Groups (UK) minority cultural, ethnic groups, miners’ wives, wives groups, ERICCA, Jewish women’s groups, disabled women, health and NHS action groups, Women and Ireland
Politics/Policy 36: Action Groups (UK) Feminists against Censorship, Feminists for Free Expression, Anti Gillick Campaign, National Women’s Network campaigns against reproductive technology and genetic engineering
Politics/Policy 37: Action Groups (UK) older women, OWL
Politics/Policy 38: Action Groups (UK) older women, Older Feminists’ Network
Politics/Policy 39: Action Groups (Non UK) Sri Lanka, India, Portugal, Central America, South America, North America
Politics/Policy 40: Action Groups (Non UK) Ireland, Iraq, Palestine, Philippines, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia
Politics/Policy 41: Action Groups (UK) YBAWife letters
Politics/Policy 42: Immigration and deportation, asylum refugees
Politics/Policy 43: Armed forces
Politics/Policy 44: Wages for Housework campaign (see additional list)
Politics/Policy 45: Avon County Council Equal Opportunities Policy workplace monitoring
Politics/Policy 46: Peace Movement 1970s-1980s, WILPF NFIP WPA International Women’s Day for Disarmament 1982-1984
Politics/Policy 47: Peace Movement 1980s, Miscellaneous peace groups (not Greenham) undated miscellaneous
Politics/Policy 48: Peace Movement 1990s-2000s, peace groups miscellaneous, CAAT, Menwyth, East Timor, Women in Black
Politics/Policy 49: Peace Movement: Greenham newsletters and publications (summary list available)
Politics/Policy 50: Peace Movement: Greenham miscellaneous, Greenham special care project, Stroud Greenham Women’s Support Group, Manchester Greenham Women’s Support Group, Georgina Smith Holloway prison papers (summary list available)
Politics/Policy 51: Peace Movement: Greenham uncatalogued dated papers (summary list available)
Politics/Policy 52: Peace Movement: Greenham miscellaneous catalogued (summary list available)
Politics/Policy 53: Peace Movement: Greenham Carole Harwood Collection, Greenham Women against Cruise Missiles, USA Court Action (summary list available)
Politics/Policy 54: Peace Movement: Greenham: Carole Harwood Collection miscellaneous
Politics/Policy 52: Peace Movement: Greenham: Carole Harwood Collection Holloway Prison Letters

Psychology 1: See Science

Recreation 1: Sport, leisure
Recreation 2: Holiday centres, travel, restaurants/bars, festivals other than International Women’s Day
Recreation 3: International Women’s Day Bristol City
Recreation 4: International Women’s Day other than Bristol

Religion and World View 1: Goddess, Amamawu, WICCA, witches, healing (summary list available)
Religion and World View 2: Christian feminism, feminist theory, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, priesthood, ordination debate

Science 1: Environment, Women's Environmental Network, Women's Land Trust, gene therapy

Social Relations 1: Violence against women rape former Yugoslavia
Social Relations 2: Violence against women rape personal histories rape + marriage action groups
Social Relations 3: Violence against women Bristol Anti-Rape Group
Social Relations 4: Violence against women rape crisis centres, Reclaim the Night, FAST, WR, WAVAW
Social Relations 5: Violence against women Women’s Aid, refuges, domestic violence, Bristol Women’s Aid, Bristol Women’s Centre, Bristol Women’s House Project 1970s
Social Relations 6: Violence against women Women’s Aid, refuges, domestic violence, 1980s
Social Relations 7: Violence against women Women’s Aid refuges, domestic violence, zero tolerance 1990s
Social Relations 8: Violence against women young women, marriage without consent, rape, adultery, Zina Ordinance ‘honour’ crimes
Social Relations 9: Violence against women children, child sexual abuse
Social Relations 10: Violence against women pornography, visual degradation of women, Miss World (brief list available)
Social Relations 11: Violence against women sexual harassment
Social Relations 12: Sex industry, English Collective of Prostitutes, Wages for Housework
Social Relations 13: Josephine Butler Society
Social Relations 14: Sex Industry miscellaneous
Social Relations 15: Girls, young women, youth work
Social Relations 16: Sexism, anti-sexism, gender socialisation, women’s lives, immigrants, ethnic minority groups, classism, feminist sociology
Social Relations 17: Racism, anti-racism, racial harassment, fascism, anti-fascism, WARF
Social Relations 18: Older women
Social Relations 19: Developing Countries, development, cooperation, democracy
Social Relations 20: Sexuality, Brighton Sexuality Conference 1975, monogamy celibacy romance desire Anna Kordt Nancy Friday therapy, Minorities Research Project (see more detailed list)
Social Relations 21: Sexuality lesbian celebratory events/workshops, research, lesbian writing, writing on lesbianism (see more detailed list)
Social Relations 22: Sexuality lesbian coming-out, lesbian centres, bisexuality (brief list available)
Social Relations 23: Men’s magazines, Changing the Nature of Masculinity (brief list available)
Social Relations 24: Anti-sexist men’s newsletters
Social Relations 25: Violence against women, Violence Abuse and Women’s Citizenship Conference 1996

Visual/Performing Arts 1: Exhibitions and collections
Visual/Performing Arts 2: Women as artist, art discussion, art workshops/courses
Visual/Performing Arts 3: Women artists
Visual/Performing Arts 4: Photography
Visual/Performing Arts 5: Music catalogues, articles, lyrics, concerts, dance
Visual/Performing Arts 6: Theatre cabaret
Visual/Performing Arts 7: Theatre productions press cuttings

Women's Studies 1: Book catalogues
Women's Studies 2: Courses, conferences Bristol
Women's Studies 3: Miscellaneous
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