Ref NoDM2123/1
TitleFeminist Archive South: Archive Boxes
DescriptionArchive boxes containing archives relating to the women's movement as collected by the Feminist Archive South. Please note that these are catalogued in different amounts of detail, and contact should be made with Special Collections to discuss the collection.

Boxes can be archive box sized or records management box sized.

DM2123/FA/Arch/1-16 Dora Russell Caravan of Peace, see more detailed list.
DM2123/FA/Arch/17 Banner and T shirts, outsized box, see more detailed list
DM2123/FA/Arch/18 and 18a 1980 International Women's Day Banner International Women's Day 'Hexagons' 1996 (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/19 Calendars

DM2123/FA/Arch/20 Ephemera: Calendars/diaries/stickers/programmes/photographs/matchboxes etc (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/21 Photographs of International Women's Day and postcards etc.
DM2123/FA/Arch/22 Wendy Lutley and Sigrid Hayer Collections relating to the Peace Movement at Greenham Common 1983-1993, Camp newsletters, flyers and papers, including mention of Yellow Gate, and zapping. Also papers relating to Wages for Housework, and a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific, 1985-1997 (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/23 From Lin Simenon, relating to the peace campaign and Greenham Common 1980-1984. With photographs by Caroline Wyndham and Jay Green of Greenham Common, St Mawgan's, Faslan etc; Women's Pendragon Action 1980; Women and life on earth; pieces of wire from the fence at Greenham, and 'the cobweb' crotched/knitted object. (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/24 Greenham Common Peace movement, Peace Collection Books, photographs, Holger Terp Collection, songs from Greenham. (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/25 Michelle Walmsley: Girls and Young Women Holiday Activities Scheme (Manchester) (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/26 Michelle Walmsley: Girls and Young Women Youth (Manchester); stress management; assertiveness training; sexism awareness; training for youth workers: work with boys; black awareness; gay and lesbian issues (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/27 Michelle Walmsley: Girls and Young Women: Girls Work Project Manchester
DM2123/FA/Arch/28 Michelle Walmsley: Girls and Young Women: Youth Work Project Manchester: miscellaneous reports, conference papers including NOW, NACYS, RSYU, Getting Started (Strathclyde)
DM2123/FA/Arch/29 Bristol Women's Centre, unsorted (see more detailed list, April 2013)

DM2123/FA/Arch/30 Eve Levin. Avon County Council Education Department Equal Opportunities Unit; Equal Opportunities Gender Unit; Professional Development for Women Teachers; PDWT 1990 (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/31 From Jennifer Sabine: WHAM (Women Heritage and Museums), conference papers, correspondence, committee papers
DM2123/FA/Arch/32 From Marilyn Porter: Soc. Fem. Conference 1979; Manchester 1972; Birmingham Women's Liberation Movement 1977, 1978; Bristol Women's House 1970-1971; Women and Society 1974, 1975; Bristol Women's Liberation Movement, 1972; Acton 1972 (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/33 From Catherine Hoskyns, 1979-1982, conference papers, European Union Equalities
DM2123/FA/Arch/34 Pen Dalton: letters, receipts, Community artists, AIR, Cuntry Matters
DM2123/FA/Arch/35 From Sue Peggs and Pauline Battson: WIMPS (Women in Moving Pictures) 16mm films
DM2123/FA/Arch/36 From Elana Ehrlich, the Annie Sidford Collection, Abortion Campaign NAC, mostly 1975-1977
DM2123/FA/Arch/37-40 Bristol Women's Centre (/40 Day Books 1987-1998, Closed until January 2030) (/37, 38 39 A more detailed list is available) Note all of these boxes may contain more sensitive material and may be closed as deemed necessary

DM2123/FA/Arch/41 Jean Freer, c.1972-1997 (see more detailed list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/42 Northampton Women's Group 1970s-1980s; Lesbian Conference 1981; WAVAW; NAC Conference 1980; East Anglian Women's Liberation Movement Conference Rights of Women 1983; Antipornography; WRRC Conference 1979; Reclaim the Night; Consciousness Raising; miscellaneous cuttings
DM2123/FA/Arch/43 From Helen Taylor. Media Communication and the Arts, Bristol Women's Studies; 'Half the Sky' proof copy and corespondence, Women's Liberation Movement tape/slides 1973-1974 (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/44 Helen Taylor, 1971-1976: women's legal and social position 1971-1973; US and UK articles 1972-1976; Abortion contraception sexuality; assorted articles on Women's Liberation Movement
DM2123/FA/Arch/45 Theses and occasional papers
DM2123/FA/Arch/46 Media Communications and the Arts: 'Stepping stones to a rainbow' by Lenore Chalenor; 'The ancient religion of the great cosmic mother of all' by Monica Sjoo; 'Grandmother Moon' by Zuzsanna E. Budapest; 'The Butcher's boy' by Fay Weldon; 'Praxis' by Fay Weldon; 'New age or armageddon?' by Monica Sjoo.
DM2123/FA/Arch/47 From Jan Ringwood, Steph Birk, S.K. Henry and Rosemary Davies. National Abortion Campaign, Wagesfor Housework; Right to Work
DM2123/FA/Arch/48 Bristol Women's Aid, 1970s-1993 (A more detailed list is available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/49 Bristol Women's Aid 1990-2000, Domestic Violence Collection (A more detailed list is available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/50 Women's Aid Stapleton Road Bristol; Abortion Campaign NAC (A more detailed list is available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/51 Bristol Women's Aid: Minute Books, AGMs, policies, constitution (A more detailed list is available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/52-56: Spare Rib Letters, and Boston Women's Health Collective Materials. Recatalogued in 2019, see DM213/9 for an updated list.
[see also DM2123/1/Box 52a for the unredacted materials]

DM2123/FA/Arch/57 Esther Hodge Collection 1969-1983: poetry, letters, Women's Liberation Movement, education, conferences, speech, family structure (A more detailed list is available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/58 Esther Hodge Collection 1969-1983 (and Barbara Dodds Collection 1945-1968) (A more detailed list is available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/59 Bristol City Council Women's Unit 1: 1986-1987, 1987-1988, 1988, press cuttings (more detailed list available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/60 Bristol City Council Women's Unit 2: 1988-1989, press cuttings (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/61 Bristol City Council Women's Unit 3: 1990-1993, press cuttings (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/62 From Liz Bird: Interviews and tapes, SWIMM, WOW, Women Returners Network, WEA Courses, Women Management (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/63 From Rowan McOnegal 1982-1988, Art preparation work, WHAM, WEA Women's Bruanch, Women and Caring exhibition; Community Photography Project; miscellaneous photocopies of women artists etc; Feminists and Lesbian Feminists Artists groups
DM2123/FA/Arch/64 From Jill Brown, Arlyn Castilla, Jackie West; Women Against the Cuts, Lesbian Left, Woman Chile (all Jill Brown); Women's National Coordination Community Conference 1971 from A Castilla; Bristol Women's House Project, Women's Charter Conferences 1976 (from Jackie West) (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/65 From Kay Stirling, Susan O'Brien. Women's Report 1973-1978; conference papers 1977-1983 (including Women's Liberation and Social Feminism; Anti-Nuclear Campaigns WONT Conference 1982; Liberation essays and articles (from Kay Stirling). (more detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/66 Jayne Nelson, Women in manual trades (Mary Shiel); trade unions 1979-1980, minutes and notes NALGO Equal Opportunities Representative. (See additional list)

Boxes 67-75 contain Feminist Archive South archive, and include working papers relating to the establishment of the Collection.
DM2123/FA/Arch/67 Feminist Archive Book Box containing books related to women's issues, 1894-1983 (see additional list)
DM2123/FA/Arch/68 Feminist Archive 1: Early Days and Bath (more detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/69: Feminist Archive 2: mostly 1980s up to Bristol move (more detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/70: Feminist Archive 3: Bulletins and newsletters 1979-1985; finances/grants/fundraising 1981-1993; research correspondence 1986-1995; links with Bradford (FAN) 1980s-1990s (more detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/71 Feminist Archive 4: Trinity Road unsorted (more detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/72 Feminist Archive records: acquisition books, day books etc (detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/73 Feminist Archive publications: Greenham, Dora Russell, Personal Histories, cards (more detailed list available, FAS publications)
DM2123/FA/Arch/74 Feminist Archive records: Trustees and Working Group AGMs and meetings; newsletters and guide, working manual to Feminist Archive (detailed list available, FAS archive)
DM2123/FA/Arch/75 Feminist Archive Classification Scheme (out of date); Catalogue information etc and correspondence (periodicals) (detailed list available, FAS archive)

DM2123/FA/Arch/76 Bristol Women's Centre music tapes; Bristol City Council and Avon County Council braille tapes; Bristol Women's Centre tapes (detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/77 Vinyl records
DM2123/FA/Arch/78 Elaine Inker box (oversized, heavy, fragile)
DM2123/FA/Arch/79 Audio tapes and mini disks (heavy) (now 2 boxes, also contains Archive Box 146)

DM2123/FA/Arch/80 Feminist Archive Folders: Greenham booklet, European Women's Thesaurus; assorted papers from 2006-2008; three theses about Womens Liberation Movement and Greenham

DM2123/FA/Arch/81-88 Monica Sjoo Papers (detailed list available, catalogued by Sarah Cuthill, c.2009)

DM2123/FA/Arch/89 Elaine Inker (Artist in Residence): Artwork: 1 large box, 1 small sculpture
DM2123/FA/Arch/90 2 files of badges relating to the Women's movement. Digital copies are available in Special Collections (detailed list available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/91-95 + 1 roll Pat V T West (detailed catalogue available catalogued by Sarah Cuthill, c.September 2009)

DM2123/FA/Arch/96: Number not used
DM2123/FA/Arch/97-98 Jenny Mayor materials (detailed list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/99-100 Lori Streich materials (detailed paper list available)
DM2123/FA/Arch/101-104 Judi Hodgkin materials (detailed paper list available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/105 Bristol Lesbian Line cloth banner, dating from the late 1980s to mid 1990s; also a Readicut Rugs catalogue, 1975
DM2123/FA/Arch/106-111 Well Women Information, based in Bristol 1983-September 2010 (detailed list available)

DM2123/FA/Arch/112-128: Ellen Malos Papers (detailed list available, catalogued by Sarah Cuthill following an HLF grant, April-September 2013) (also catalogued as Series 8, see there for more detail)

DM2123/FA/Arch/129: Jocelyne Wood materials relating to Greenham Common
DM2123/FA/Arch/130-131: Zines collected and donated by D-M Withers
DM2123/FA/Arch/132-134: Printed materials and books donated by Mary Stonehouse-Hill
DM2123/FA/Arch/135: Exercise and self defence in London, early 1980s; and Polish Women's movement in London, 1986, donated by Maria Jastrzebska,
DM2123/FA/Arch/136: Memoirs of time at Greenham Common by Martha Street

DM2123/FA/Arch/137-139: Bristol Women's Aid Papers, deposited by Dale Wakefield. Restricked access due to sensitive nature.
See also DM2164: Additional Jackie West Papers, November 2013
Extentc.128 boxes
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