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TitleMaterials received from Lori Streich from the Archive of Judi Hodgkin in September 2008
DescriptionBooks, pamphlets and periodicals relating to the Women's Liberation Movement dating from the 1960s-1980s.
Including copies of Spare Rib.

Box 99 (archive box): books, 1970-1985
Box 100 (archive box): books, 1974-1979; pamphlets 1966-1978
Box 101 (archive box): Periodicals (not complete runs) Msprint; Women's Report; Scarlet Women; Case Con; Red Rag; Spare Rib; 1973-1978
Box 102 (archive box): Periodicals (not complete runs) Spare Rib1977-1981
Box 103 (archive box): Periodicals (not complete runs) Spare Rib 1981-1986
Box 104 (archive box): Periodicals (not complete runs) Feminist Review, Marxism Today, Our History Journal, Scottish Women's Liberation Journal, Palestine Solidarity, El Salvador News Bulletin, 1977-1986. Also pamphlets n.d., 1967-1982; conference papers 1974-1986; miscellaneous articles and posters, 1965-19843

FA/Arch/Box 99

Sidney Abbott and Barbara Love; Sappho was a right-on woman: a liberated view of Lesbianism; Stein and Day; New York; 1972.
Nancy Friday; Forbidden Flowers: more women's sexual fantasies; Pocket Books; New York; 1975.
Winnie Mandela; Part of my soul: the moving personal story of courage and dignity, and a powerful indictment of apartheid; Penguin Books; Harmondsworth, England; 1985.
Kim Chernin; Womansize: the tyranny of slenderness; The Women's Press Limited; London; 1983.
Shulamith Firestone; The dialectic of sex: the case for Feminist revolution; Paladin; London; 1972.
Sue Sharp; “Just like a girl': how girls learn to be women; Penguin Books Ltd.; Harmondsworth, England; 1976.
Marie Corbin (ed.); The couple; Penguin Books Ltd.; Harmondsworth, England; 1978.
Helen Cusack; 'I'm not a Feminist..But..':cartoons by Helen Cusack; Arrow Books Ltd., London; 1985.
Andrea Dworkin; Pornography: men possessing women; The Women's Press Limited; 1981.
Michèle Barrett; Women's oppression today: problems in Marxist Feminist analysis; Verso Editions and NLB; London; 1980.
Val Binney, Gina Harkell, Judy Nixon; Leaving violent men: a study of refuges and housing for battered women; Women's Aid Federation England; 1981.
Esther Breitenbach; Women workers in Scotland: a study of women's employment and trade unionism; Glasgow Women's Centre; 1982.
Christine Roche; ‘I'm not a Feminist but...'; Virago Press Limited; 1985.
Lois W. Banner and Mary Hartman ed.s; Clio's consciousness raised: new perspectives on the history of women; Feminist Studies Inc., 1974.
Michèle Barrett & Mary McIntosh; The anti-social family; Verso; London, 1982.
Robin Morgan (ed.); Sisterhood is powerful: an anthology of writings from the Women's Liberation Movement; Vintage Books; New York; 1970.
Susie Orbach; Fat is a Feminist issue 2; Arrow Books 1982 Limited; London; 1982.

FA|Arch/Box 100
Shere Hite; The Hite Report: a nationwide study of female sexuality; Dell Publishing Co,, Inc,; New York; 1976.
Nancy Friday; My mother/my self: the daughter's search for identity; Fontana; 1979.
Marilyn French; The women's room; Sphere Books Limited; London; 1978.
Anna Coote and Tess Gill; Women's rights: a practical guide; Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth; 1974.
Anna Coote and Tess Gill; Women's rights: a practical guide; 2nd edition; Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth; 1977.
Albie Sachs & Joan Hoff Wilson; Sexism and the law: a study of male beliefs and judicial bias in Britain and the United States; Martin Robertson and Company Ltd; Oxford; 1978.

Mrs Wibaut and Lily Gair Wilkinson; Women in rebellion, 1900: two views on class, Socialism and liberation; Square One Pamphlet No.6; Independent Labour Party; 1973.
February 1966
Peter Mittler; The mental health services; Fabian Research Series 252; February, 1966.
Abortion: where we stand; National Abortion Campaign Pamphlet; March, 1976.
Report from the Select Committee on Violence in Marriage together with the proceedings of the committee: Session 1974-75; Vol.1 Report; Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed 30th July, 1975.
David Ian Nichols; Marriage, divorce & the family: an introduction to Scots family law; Edinburgh, 1974.
Information booklets for battered women: 1) the law; produced by the legal sub-group of The Women's Aid Federation England. n.d. [2 copies]
Jan Pahl; A refuge for battered women: a study of the 1978 role of a women's centre; Department of Health and Social Security; London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1978.
Domestic Proceedings and Magistrates' Courts Act 1978: Chapter 22; London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1978.

Feminist Archive headed A4 paper and compliments slips.

FA/Arch/Box 101

Msprint: a Scottish Feminist publication; No.1; August, 1978. [2 copies]
Msprint: a Scottish Feminist publication; No.4; 1979.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and reviews by women for women; Vol.3; No.3; March- 1975 April, 1975.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and reviews by women for women; Vol.4; No.1; November-December, 1975.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and reviews by women for women; Vol.4; No.3; March April, 1976.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and reviews by women for women; Vol.4; No.4; May June, 1976.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and October reviews by women for women; Vol.5; No.6; October- November November, 1977.
Women's Report: a bi-monthly roundup of news and reviews by women for women; Vol.6; No.5; August September, 1978.
Scarlet Women; 5; ?1977.
Scarlet Women; 6/7; ?1978
Case Con; No.18; January, 1975
Case Con; No.21; January, 1976
Red Rag: a magazine of women's liberation; No.9; June, 1975.
Red Rag: a magazine of women's liberation; No.13; n.d.
Red Rag: a magazine of women's liberation; August, 1980.
Red Rag: a magazine of women's liberation; n.d.
Spare Rib; No.8; February, 1973.
Spare Rib; No.20; 1973.
Spare Rib; No.23; ?1973.
Spare Rib; No.26; ?1974
Spare Rib; No.27; ?1974
Spare Rib; No.34; April, 1975.
Spare Rib; No.40; October, 1975.
Spare Rib; No.41; November, 1975
Spare Rib; No,42; December, 1975.
Spare Rib; No.44; March, 1976.
Spare Rib; No.45; April, 1976.
Spare Rib; No.47; June, 1976. [2 copies]
Spare Rib; No.48; July, 1976.
Spare Rib; No.30; August, 1976. [2 copies]
Spare Rib; No.51; October, 1976.
Spare Rib; No.52; November, 1976.
November 1976 January 1971
Spare Rib; No.54; January, 1977. [2 copies]
Spare Rib; No.56; March, 1977. [containing interview with Simone de Beauvoir]
Spare Rib; No.58; May, 1977.
Spare Rib; No.59; June, 1977.
Spare Rib; No.60; July, 1977.

FA/Arch/Box 102
Spare Rib; No.64; November, 1977.
Spare Rib; No.65; December, 1977.
Spare Rib; No.67; February, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.68; March, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.69; April, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.70; May, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.72; July, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.74; September, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.75; October, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.77; December, 1978.
Spare Rib; No.78; January, 1979.
Spare Rib; No.80; March, 1979.
Spare Rib; No.81; April, 1979
Spare Rib; No.85; August, 1979. [2 copies]
Spare Rib; No.86; September, 1979.
Spare Rib; No.87; October, 1979.
Spare Rib; No.89; December, 1979.
Spare Rib; No.90; January, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.92; March, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.93; April, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.94; May, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.97; August, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.98; September, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.101; December, 1980.
Spare Rib; No.102; January, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.103; February, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.104; March, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.105; April, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.106; May, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.107; June, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.108; July, 1981.

FA/Arch/Box 103
Spare Rib; No.109; August, 1981,
Spare Rib; No.110; September, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.111; October, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.112; November, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.113; December, 1981.
Spare Rib; No.114; January, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.115; February, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.116; March, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.117; April, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.118; May, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.120; July, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.121; August, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.124; October, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.125; December, 1982.
Spare Rib; No.126; January, 1983.
Spare Rib; No.128; March, 1983.
Spare Rib; No. 129; April, 1983.
Spare Rib; No.130; May, 1983.
Spare Rib; No.131; June, 1983.
Spare Rib; No.136; November, 1983.
Spare Rib; No.138; January, 1984.
Spare Rib; No.142; May, 1984.
Spare Rib; No.147; October, 1984.
Spare Rib; No.152; March, 1985.
Spare Rib; No.154; May, 1985
Spare Rib; No.159; October, 1985
Spare Rib; No.165; April, 1986.

FA/Arch/Box 104
Feminist Review; No.23; Summer, 1986.
Marxism Today: theoretical and discussion journal of the Communist Party; October, 1980. Featuring a six-page article by Tricia Davis and Catherine Hall entitled “The forward face of Feminism’, pp14-19.
Our History journal: journal of the History Group of the Communist Party; No.9; March, 1985.
Scottish Women's Liberation Journal; Vol.1; No.1; spring, 1977.
Scottish Women's Liberation Journal ;?Vol.1; ?No.2; ?1977.
Scottish Women's Liberation Journal; ?Vol.1; No.4; ?1977.
Palestine Solidarity; No.1; 1982
El Salvador News Bulletin; El Salvador Solidarity Campaign; No.8; May, 1981.

Rosemary Small; Women: the road to equality and socialism; Communist Party Pamphlet; n.d.
Jo O'Brien; Women's Liberation in Labour History: a case study from Nottingham; Spokesman Pamphlet No.24; n.d.
Julian Tudor Hart; The National Health Service in England and Wales: a Marxist perspective; Marxists in Medicine: research and study group of the London Health Students Branch of the Communist Party of Great Britain; n.d.
Eamonn McCann; The British press & Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Socialist Research Centre; n.d.
Limits of the law; CDP; March, 1977.
Palestine; PLO [Palestine Liberation Organisation] London Office, 52 Green Street, London.
|?1982. This is a two page timeline of Palestine until 1982.
Stepney words Number 2: a collection of poetry by September Stepney children and friends; published in September 1971 by REALITY c/o 20 Princelet Street, London.
Ann Dearden, ed.; Arab women; Minority Rights Group; Report No.27; December, 1975.
LSE: what it is: and how we fought it; LSE [London School of Economics] Socialist Society; an Agitator publication, London; April 26th, 1967.
Sheila Rowbotham; Women's liberation & the new politics; Mayday Mantifesto pamphlet series; pamphlet 4; n.d.

Women and social liberation: a document of the Communist Party of Australia; adopted by the 24th Congress of the Communist Party of Australia held in June 1974.
Women, sexuality and the law; Rights of Women Workshops, Sheffield, 1979; 1980.
Women alive: a summer event for women at the South Bank Polytechnic, London, July 5th 6th 1986. Sponsored by Marxism Today.
Papers on patriarchy conference, London 76; Women's Publishing Collective; December, 1976. 15th and 16th ?March or ?May 1976
Edinburgh W.L.M. [Women's Liberation Movement] conference dossier, June 1974: report of conference and organisation in the Women's Movement held at Warwick University, April 20th, 1974. NB: Contains handwritten notes relating to the issues discussed.
Communist Party women's conference, 2-3 October, 1982, 16 St.John Street, London. Topics for discussion; women in campaigns and democratic rights; women, work and unemployment. NB: Contains handwritten notes relating to the issues discussed.
Oxford women & Socialism conference on demands and campaigns (its organisation & implications); Oxford conference planning group, June 1974.
The planning group of the Oxford conference 'Women and Socialism: the 4 demands', 23/24 March, 1974.

Miscellaneous photocopied sheets of articles relating mainly to women and feminism, including:

-The Palestinian Working Women Union in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, Established 1981, Jerusalem, August 1983.
-The Women's Work Committee statement of purpose in the occupied territories' [relating to Palestine).
-article ‘Warning: this government is dangerous to women'; n.d.
- The pseudo-left/lesbian alliance', Feminist Revolution; n.d.
-‘Women, capitalism and sexuality'
-Male sexuality as social control
-'Women, the family and feminist therapy', Luise Eichenbaum, Women's Therapy Centre; n.d.
- 'Introduction: the romantic solution', chapter one of *For Her Own Good', n.d.
- Ethnocentrism and Socialist-Feminist theory' by Michèle Barrett and Mary McIntosh; Feminist Review; No.20; June, 1985.
-articles about menopause, Spare Rib, n.d.
-Coming apart from 'You Can't Keep a Good Women Down' by Alice Walker.
-articles from Feminist Review No.17, July 1984.

Guide to Asakusa Kannon, The Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan.
Home Office: ‘The child, the family and the young offender' presented to parliament by the Secretary of State for the Home Department by Command of Her Majesty, August 1965; London, Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
“Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1974 1974'; Chapter 56: ‘An Act to proscribe organisations concerned in terrorism, and to give power to exclude certain persons from Great Britain or the United Kingdom in order to prevent acts of terrorism, and for connected purposes' 29th November 1974.
Student dissertation by Stephen Geary Turner. 'Men's groups – male liberation or male integration?: an examination of the causes and functions of the 'men against sexism' movement’; being a project presented in part requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) of the CNAA at the Bristol Polytechnic; Academic year of presentation 1982-1983.
-poster produced by Spare Rib: a women's liberation magazine, n.d. Features the following text: 'When I fall in will be for ever...two kids...a boy...a girl...and maybe a small part-time job in an office...join the fight for...equal pay & training opportunities, safe contraception; alternatives to marriage & families...and [says a child] a free day nursery for me!
-poster produced by the Portuguese Liberation Movement, 1974. Features the following text: '19 de Julho de 1936 os trabalhadores de Espanha iniciam a revolução social. 19 de Julho de 1974 o Movimento Libertário Português promove um Comício Comemorativo às 21 horas no Pavilhão dos Desportos, em Lisboa.'
Translation: 19th July 1936 the workers of Spain start a social revolution. 19th July 1974 the Portuguese Liberation Movement holds a commemorative rally at 9 o'clock at the sports centre in Lisbon.'
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