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FA/Arch/Box 97 (Jenny Mayor Box 1): Contains items 1-31, 69
Periodicals, pamphlets and books. Topics include women's liberation newsletters, pamphlets on colonialism, Africa, South Africa, 1960s-1980s
FA/Arch/Box 98 (Jenny Mayor Box 2): Contains items 32-68, 70-75
Periodicals, pamphlets and books. Topics include women's liberation newsletters, pamphlets on colonialism, Africa, South Africa, 1960s-1980s

FA/Arch/Box 97
Robin Morgan, ed.; Sisterhood is Powerful: An anthology of writings from the women's liberation movement; Vintage Books, New York; 1970.
Walter Rodney; How Europe Underdeveloped Africa; published simultaneously by Bogle L'Ouverture Publications, London, and Tanzania Publishing House, Dar es Salaam; 1972.

The Black Dwarf; Vol. 13; No 9; 10th January, 1969.
The front page has the words “Year of the militant woman?” and the issue features articles on this topic.
Women: a journal of liberation; Vol.3; No.2; 1972.
Review of Radical Political Economics; special issue “The political economy of women"; Vol.4; No.3; July, 1972.
Women's Liberation Review; No.1; Oct, 1972.
Women's Liberation Review; No.2; Oct, 1973.
Monthly Review: an independent socialist magazine; March 1973 Volume 24; Number 10;
The Black Liberator: theoretical and discussion journal for black liberation; Vol.2, No.1, July/Sept, 1973.
The second wave: a magazine of the new feminism; Volume 3; Number 2; spring, 1974.
Goddess Shrew; Spring 77; published by Matriarchy Study Group, London.

Guinea-Bissau: toward final victory!: selected speeches and documents from PAIGC (Partido Africano da Independencia da Guine e Cabo Verde); LSM [Liberation Support Movement] Press; 1974.
Day-care abortion and the NHS; published by the Birth Control Trust; Jan, 1980.
David Birmingham; The Portuguese conquest of Angola; Institute of Race Relations, London; Oxford University Press; 1965.
Valentino A. Jones; We are our own educators! Josina Machel: from supplementary to black complementary school; Karia Press in association with the Josina Machel Supplementary School; 1986.
Coloured Immigrants in Britain: a select bibliography; compiled by A. Sivanandan; Institute of Race Relations/Special Series; third edition 1969.
War on three fronts: the fight against Portuguese colonialism; published by Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola & Guiné and the Africa Research Group; The Partisan Press Ltd; Nottingham. n.d.
Bernard Coard; How the West Indian child is made educationally sub-normal in the British school system: the scandal of the black child in schools in Britain; published for the Caribbean Education and Community Workers' Association by New Beacon Books Ltd; London. 1971
Eric Mann; Comrade George: an investigation into the official story of his assassination: his work for the people and their response to his death; Red Prison Movement; Hovey Street Press; Cambridge, Massachusetts; 1972.
G.Fasulo; The powers behind apartheid; Africa Research Group; 3; reprint. n.d.
Errico Malatesta; Anarchy: with a biographical note; Freedom Press; London; eighth edition 1949, reprinted 1958 and 1964. [1964]
Repression in Ethiopia; prepared by the Ethiopian. January 1971
Students Union in North America; Africa Research Group; 5; reprint; January, 1971.
The other side of Nigeria's civil war; Africa Research Group; April, 1970.
The place of English studies in an African university: an inaugural lecture delivered at University College, Ibadan on November 17th, 1954 by Molly Mahood Professor of English; Ibadan University Press, 1955.
Vietnam: a thousand years of struggle; Peoples Press, June 1972 San Francisco, 1969; 4th printing June 1972.
Race to power: the struggle for southern Africa; Africa Research Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts; fall, 1971.
Behind the dole queue: the facts about unemployment; Spokesman Pamphlet No.23; published by The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham. [1971]
Peter Johnson; Palestinians fight a three-faced enemy; Middle East Research and Information Project, Washington DC. [1970]
African studies in America - the extended family: a tribal analysis of U.S. Africanists: who they are; why to fight them; Africa Research Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts. [1970]
Janet Hill ed.; Books for children: the homelands of immigrants in Britain; Institute of Race Relations/Special Series; London, 1971.
Blood in the street; published by Peoples Democracy and Fight On (Lotta Continua); Dublin, London, Rome; February, 1972.
A.Sivanandan; Race and resistance: the IRR story; Race Today Publications, London, 1974.

FA/Arch/Box 98
Police against black people: evidence submitted to the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure by The Institute of Race Relations; Race & Class pamphlet no.6; The Institute of Race Relations; 1979.
B.Cockram; Problems of Southern Africa; The South African Institute of International Affairs; 1963.
Frank Allaun MP; Questions and answers about nuclear bombs; A CND publication; Russell Press Ltc, Nottingham; 1981.
Building freedom: Mozambique's FRELIMO [Liberation Front of Mozambique]; Africa Research Group, Cambridge, Massachusetts; fall, 1971.
The Tupamaros; NACLA [North American Congress on Latin America]; fall, 1971.
Rhodesia: proposals for a sell-out; published by the Southern African Research Office, London; February, 1972.
The war and its roots: Vietnam and American imperialism; written by Dan Gilbarg and Miles Rapoport for the November Action Coalition; ?Movement Labor (sic); New England Free Press. n.d.
Black Americans stay out of South Africa: a statement by Black Concern; reprinted by Africa Information Service; published by Africa Information Service; New York; January, 1973
E.P.Thompson; Protest and survive; published for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation; Spokesman Pamphlet no.71; Russell Press Ltd, Nottingham; 1980.
Samir Amin; The class struggle in Africa; reprint 2; Africa Research Group; Cambridge, Massachusetts; ?Movement Labor [sic], New England Free Press. n.d.
Malik Miah; The U.S. role in Southern Africa; a Young Socialist pamphlet; Pathfinder Press, Inc, New York; September, 1973.
Haim Hanegbi, Moshe Machover, Akiva Orr; The class nature of Israeli society; first published in New Left Review 1971; Pluto Press Ltc, London. n.d.
Who killed Stephen McCarthy?; McCarthy Committee, London. n.d.
David Edgar; Racism fascism and the politics of the National Front; Race & Class pamphlet no.4; The Institute of Race Relations London 1977
Rosalynde Ainslie; Masters and serfs: farm labour in | 1973 South Africa; printed by The Russell Press Ltd, Nottingham; International Defence and Aid Fund, London; 1973.
Mozambique and The Mozambique Institute; The Mozambique Institute, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. n.d.
Arthur Newton; Years of Change: autobiography of a Hackney shoemaker; published by Hackney Workers' Educational Association and Centerprise Publications, London; 1974.
The politics of sexuality in capitalism; Red Collective n.d. pamphlet; London; printed by the Russell Press Ltd, Nottingham. n.d.
The politics of sexuality in capitalism: part two; Red Collective, London. n.d.
Women in Italy: published by Europe America Communication Service. n.d.
Birth control handbook: 12th edition (revised); Medicine For The People; Montréal Health Press, Inc.; November, 1974.
Our bodies, ourselves: a book by and for women by The Boston Women's Health Book Collective; Simon and Schuster, New York; 1973.
Anne Kent Rush; Getting clear: body work for women; Wildwood House Ltd., London; 1974.
Women's liberation: a beginning; Women's Liberation Workshop, London. n.d.
Feminist revolution; Redstockings, Inc.; 1975.
Journal of a Walden Two commune: the collected leaves of Twin Oaks; Vol.1; issues 1-5; Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, Virginia; 1972.
Sheila Rowbotham; Alexandra Kollontai: Women's Liberation and Revolutionary Love. n.d.
2 copies, one with cover, one without.
Here we go!: women's memories of the 1984/85 miners strike; compiled and edited by Chrys Salt and Jim Layzell; research by Chrys Salt; published by the London Political Committee Co-operative Retail Service Ltd. n.d.
Jennie Kitteringham; Country girls in 19th century England; History Workshop Pamphlets; number eleven; [1973]
Diana Souhami; A women's place: the changing picture of women in Britain; Penguin Books Ltd., 1986.
Lee Comer; The myth of motherhood; Spokesman pamphlet number 21; published by The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. n.d.
Jo Freeman; The tyranny of structurelessness; Leeds Women. [1970]
Boston women's poetry anthology; a bread and roses publication; published by New England Free Press, Boston, Massachusetts. 1970
Marge Piercy; The grand coolie damn; Movement Labor [sic]; New England Free Press; 1969.
Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright; Beyond the fragments: feminism and the making of socialism; published by Newcastle Socialist Centre and Islington Community Press; 1979.
Equality for some: a tape-study pack for women; compiled by Jane Thompson; published by The National Extension College, Cambridge; May, 1980.
Harold Rosen; Language and class: a critical look at the theories of Basil Bernstein; published by the Falling Wall Press; October, 1972.
Sheila Rowbotham; Women's liberation and the new politics; Mayday Manifesto; pamphlet 4. n.d.
Edgar moyo; Big mother and little mother in Matabeleland; History Workshop Pamphlets number twelve; 1973.
Menstrual taboos; Matriarchy Study Group, London. N.d.
Sheila Rowbotham; Women's liberation and revolution: a bibliography; Falling Wall Press; March, 1972,
Juliet Mitchell; Women: the longest revolution; [1966]
Jo O'Brien; Womens' liberation in labour history: a case study from Nottingham; Spokesman Pamphlet no.24; published by The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Nottingham. N.d.
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