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TitlePat V T West Papers
DescriptionPat VT West 1938 -2008
Also known as Pat West, Pat van Twest, PVT West, PV Twest (PVTW)
Abbreviations used: PVTW: Pat VT West; MS: Monica Sjöö; BS: Beverley Skinner.

FA/Arch/Box 91
Loose: 4pp relating to deposit including details of executor & list of contents of deposit

Hinkley Point C
File 1 Photo of PVTW in character
Public inquiry papers & proof of evidence documents 1988-9
Notes for presentation
Correspondence with ministers
Misc correspondence
Press cuttings
Papers regarding St Davids & Chernobyl

File 2 Cuttings
Newsletter (Jan 1985)
RAF Greenham Common Byelaws 1985
‘Briefing in the Event of an Eviction’ (2pp)
3x photos of banner making
Letter from Tony Benn 24.01.1990
Typescript ‘Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. How It All Began’ (8pp)

File 3 Typescript ‘Fifteen Poems by Women Inspired by the Greenham Common Experience’ October 1983 plus rejection letter from PVTW for contributors

- ‘Just Women’ No 4 Spring 1988 (with Hinkley Point C piece)
- ‘From the Flames’ Issue 10 Summer 1993 (with Breaking the Silence/End of Patriarchy, ‘Breaking the Tabu’ by MS) – 2 inserts of colour xeroxes of MS artwork
- ‘From the Flames’ Issue 14 Winter 1994 (with ‘Seed Wars’ by MS)
- ‘Enough’ (Bristol Women’s Liberation Group) 1972 (with MS poem & contribution to piece on abortion, & ‘To Be or Not to Be’ by BS)
- ‘Enough’ 1970s (with PW poems, BS poem & MS on economic freedom)

Bristol Women’s Lib Group
File 4 Newsletter March 1972 & May-June 1973

File 5 Letter from Margaret Beckett 25.06.1994 thanking her for support
A4 Nomination for Pat West, Women Who Make a Difference Award 2001
2 A5 fliers
Feminist Archive minutes 10.04.1991
Feminist Archive flier
Letter to PVTW from Lori Hill (FA), 17.11.1990 re helping at Feminist Archive

FA/Arch/Box 92

Monica Sjöö (MS)
File 1 Book, New Age and Armageddon. London: The Women’s Press, 1992; inscribed to PVTW
Book, The Ancient Religion of the Great Cosmic Mother of All by MS & Barbara Mor. Trondheim: The Rainbow Press, 1981, including letter from MS to PVTW 14/04/1982
Typescript (with cover, as in MS archive FA/Arch/85 File 5), ‘The Ancient Religion of the Great Cosmic Mother of All’ inscribed to Beverly Skinner from MS 1976. Contains xerox of letter from Barbara Mor to MS 29.08.1976 & flier ‘Women & Spirituality… for the banished children of Eve’ nd
Printed newssheet, ‘Women are the Real Left’ by MS, May 1979; half of the publication ‘Wider We. Towards an Anarchist Politics’ by Keith (Paton) Motherson. Marked ‘This Copy belongs to Beverly Skinner’
Catalogue, ‘Through Space and Time the Ancient Sisterhood Spoke to Me’ MS Retrospective Bath 2004, including press release and postcard from MS to PW 07.01.2004
2x private view cards for same 31.01.2004
Catalogue, ‘Windows to Other Worlds’ exhibition by MS & others, Russia/UK
Exchange art exhibition, Bristol & Cambridge, 31.03-21.4 & 4.08-12.09.2004. Bad water damage
Private view card for same 02.04.2004
Postcard from MS to PW 06.09 nd re slideshow
Copy of The Guardian (complete) 23.09.2005 including PVW’s obituary of MS, & xerox of it
2pp email to PVW from Robert White (The Guardian) 04.10.2005 re same
2x xerox of obituary of MS in ‘Northern Earth’ plus covering note from ‘Angela’
Journal Goddess Alive Issue 8 Autumn/Winter 2005 with ‘Remembering Monica Sjöö’
Folder of notes/versions of eulogy for MS by PVTW, plus copy of funeral programme
Eulogy by PVTW (3pp)
2x Feminist Archive newsletter Nov 2005 containing MS obituary by PVTW
Letter to PVTW from Jane Hargreaves (FA) 10.10.2005 re MS’s death
1p typed comment (by PVTW) on FA Newsletter and its overemphasis on MS
4pp MS typed notes on diet & help needs while suffering from cancer
3x article by MS on ‘St Non’s Well, Pembrokeshire’ 1985
A4 print of Avebury Stone Avenue by MS 1992
Programme for The Divine Ancestress (gathering) 25-31.10.2004 Bath (featuring MS)
Envelope from Goddessing newssheet (Florida) containing letter to PVTW 28.09.2004, 1 x Goddessing Issue 18 2003 containing MS images, article & prayers, 2x Goddessing Issue 19 Winter/Spring 2004-5 containing MS articles/prayers

Beverly Skinner (BS)
File 2 Correspondence re BS papers/art/death (including an appreciation by PVTW)
Lists of books, art & exhibitions
Correspondence: letter to MS 02.09.1989, letter from PVTW 14.12.1993, Christmas card to PVTW 1995, post card from Lynda to PVTW 14.01.1999 with poem (for ‘Beverly’)
Article, ‘Cancer and Civilization’ by R.A. Holman (Mother Earth, Jan 1962)
Cutting (Daily - Telegraph, nd) ‘Cancer of the Breast comes in Three Types’
Catalogue, Woman Magic 1985 in Swedish (featuring BS, MS & others)
Typed publication ‘Artists Connected with the Women’s Liberation Movement’ including BS & MS writings 1971
Waterdamaged typescript ‘To Be or Not to Be?’ by BS 07.11.1978 ill.
Envelope of cuttings relating to her manuscript and the Theosophical Society
Autobiographical pages, artwork (original, xeroxed & photos) & poetry (many pages total)

(NB some BS material clearly migrated to other folders e.g. MS printed items & Sistershow papers qv)

FA/Arch/Box 93: Performances
Sistershow 1973
File 1 Envelope of items in bubblewrap marked ‘Items taken from the Sistershow Hat (used in Sistershow poster & Pat/Jackie)’

File 2 Envelope of 8 b/w photos of PVTW & Jackie Thrupp in Sistershow (wearing the hat) Xeroxes (4pp) of programme & review of Sistershow
Notes (11pp)
Correspondence (1p)
Prints of photos (3pp)
Reviews (2pp & 1 typed)
BBC form (1p)
Typescript of ‘Miss Women’s Lib’ (3pp)
‘Addenda’ article re demise of Sistershow
Sistershow badge

Loose:2x reel to reel tapes: 1 marked ‘Van Twest Bassey 24.3.74’, writing on the other faded

A Woman Imprisoned 1991
File 3 Book, Hellens: The Story of a Herefordshire Manor by Malcolm Munthe. Pennington Mellor Charitable Trust, 1991. Inserts: 1 postcard & 2 fliers for the manor
Envelope of 7 colour photos of performance/set
Envelope of 8 colour & 2 b/w photos of same
Letter to PVTW from Ledbury Poetry Festival 12.12.2000 rejecting proposal for festival
2x OHP text
‘Diary’ made for ‘A Woman Imprisoned’
Flier mounted on card for same
This refers to Hetty Walwyn 1670-1721, who was imprisoned in Hellens House from 1686.

Min Ironing 2000
Loose:2 audiotapes, ‘La Bohème’ & ‘Argos’ each C90
VHS 60 min tape showing performance by PVTW as her own mother (as in photos below)

File 4 mockups & fliers for Front Room, First Lower Totterdown Art Trail 9-11.11.2000

File 5 Envelope of 15 colour photos mainly from performance & negs (is this Min Ironing?)
Envelope of 27 colour photos, negs & CD 16.11.2001 Min Ironing
mockups & fliers
notes & cuttings

FA/Arch/Box 94
Loose & Books
- CD, PVT ‘Poems of Hard-Won Womanly Wisdom & Waspish Wit’ 2004
- What She Also Did Was… Poems About Our Mothers ed. Pat V.T. West & Gill Hague. Bristol: Rive Gauche, 2008
- One Foot on the Mountain: an Anthology of British Feminist Poetry 1969-1979 ed. Lilian Mohin (includes PW). London: Onlywomen Press Ltd, 1979
- Women Poets writing and performing in Bristol in the 1990s ed PVT West, S.J. Allen & Gill Hague. Bristol: Rive Gauche, 1997
- Tides and Moons by PVT West, 1996
- The Dinner Lady and Other Women. Bristol Women’s Writers’ Worskhops, nd
- Rumours of Another Sky by Pat VT West, Liz Loxley & Kathleen Jones. Bristol, 1987
- Riff Poets. Dennis Gould, Jeff Cloves & PVT West. Stroud: Ourside, 2003
- Gosh! Aren’t They Good… U3A Poetry Writing Group Selected Poems 2002-2004 ed. Gillian Penrose & Pat VT West. Bristol, 2000

File 1 ‘Poems’ typescripts of poems (118 pp) with 3pp contents c.1996

File 2 Report by Pat West (writer in Residence/Arts Worker (Creative Writing Project 1998) for Women) for South Gloucestershire Women’s Forum November 1998

FA/Arch/Box 95
- Bristol Greenham Women are Here

Poster Roll
- b/w print, God Giving Birth by MS
- pink print, The Goddess at Avebury/Silbury by MS
- red print, In the Beginning There was Darkness There was Darkness There was Darkness and the Sea and the Night and the Sea and the Night Were the Mother. Out of Her Mighty Womb was Created the All… by MS, inscribed ‘To Pat from Monica 1/6/79’
- 2 colour poster, All Women are Reaching Out to Learn to Listen. All the Women of the World. Oxfam, Development Poster No 3
- colour poster, Sisterhood is Power
- b/w poster, Magical Fairy Queen Moon Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth/Immortality. Full Moon July 1985 by MS
- colour poster, A Room of One’s Own ad. Patrick Garland 28.01.1991
- 2x b/w poster from FAN Vol 3 No 2 ‘The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist’ (Guerrilla Girls)
- poster, Women Constitute Half the World’s Population…’ UN Conference on Women Copenhagen Summer 1980. Designed by Sarah Braun
- poster, National Theatre Cottesloe One Woman Plays by Dario Fo & Franca Rame 1982 (b/w image, colour text)

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September 2009
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