Ref NoDM2123/1/Archive Boxes 81-88
TitleMonica Sjoo Papers
DescriptionMonica Sjöö 1938-2005
FA/Arch/81 Monica Sjöö: Personal & Misc. and Books
Diaries 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003
File 1 Correspondence (personal)
File 2 Manuscript: ‘Spiral Journey’ (unpub) 1984
File 3 Manuscript (annot. xerox) ‘The Norse Goddess’ 1998
File 4 Autobiographical notes; Rebirthing papers (re Sean); ‘The Body Politic’ papers; Annot. Copies of Feminist Archive South ‘Personal Histories of the Second Wave of Feminism’ (vols I & II)
File 5 Misc: Festival posters; Pictures & cartoons; Creative writing (not Monica’s); Various publications & papers
File 6 Misc: Journals & cuttings including Mama Bears & Lesbian Uprisings

The Girl by Meridel Le Sueur 1978 with inserts
Astrological Moon Calendar 1983
Sejd – en vägledning i nordlig shamanism 1985
Catharina av Siena (Kvinnen I Kyrkan 4) 1987
A Herstory of Prostitution in Western Europe by Jess Wells 1982 annot.
Efter tusen år av tystnad… by Birgitta Onsell 1994
Jordens Moder i Norden by Birgitta Onsell 1990
Norrlands Forntid – ett historiskt perspektiv by Evert Baudon 1995
Källan till Vattnet by Anders Hult 1991
Alvor Vättar och Andra Väsen by Ebbe Schön 1986
Moder jord och andra mödrar by Kerstin Erdlitz Kuoljok 1999
Gråt inte – Forska! by Karin Westman Berg 1979
Mänsklighetens Problem by Alice A. Bailey 1992
Pornografi – Verklighet eller Fantasi? 1991
Woman in Islam by B. Aisha Lemu & Fatima Heeren 2000
The Rights and Duties of Women in Islam by Abdul Ghaffar Hasan 1999
Islam: The Empowering of Women by Aisha Bewley 1999
The Muslim Woman’s Dress comp. Jamal A Badawi 1999
The Return of Inanna: a Myth for Our Time by Juliet Wimhurst 1994

FA/Arch/82 Monica Sjöö: Feminism/Feminist Politics
File 1 Lesbian & Gay Rights
CHE (Campaign for Homosexual Equality)
File 2 Wages for Housework
File 3 Violence Against Women
Women & Prison
Women & Crime
File 4 Bristol WLM
Women’s Centre Bristol
Women’s House
File 5 Equal Rights & Pay
Employment Rights
Industrial Relations
Claimants’ Union
File 6 Mothers in Action
File 7 Media, Literature – Feminist Publishers & Book Covers (incl. ‘Cosmic Mother’)
File 8 Pornography
Paedophilia & Child Abuse
File 9 ‘From the Flames’ (journal) issues 1, 7, 9 (xerox x2), 10, 13, 16 (1991-96)
File 10 International Women’s Days, Festival & Year
File 11 Woman’s Abortion & Contraception Campaign (started by Monica in Bristol 1971)
Abortion Laws Reform
File 12 WLM various London 1970s
International misc WLM/Women’s Liberation papers
File 13 Reproduction & Childbirth
Female Circumcision & Surgery
File 14 Sexism incl. Miss World
File 15 Breaking the Silence/ The End of Patriarchy (1993)
Women Speak Out (2001) including issues of ‘Bellow’
File 16 Social Security
Family Allowance
One-Parent Families incl. SPAN
Nurseries & Education

FA/Arch/83 Monica Sjöö: Feminism/Feminist Politics (1-4) General Politics (5-11)
File 1 Anarchist-Feminism
File 2 Feminism & Socialism
Feminism & Religion
Feminism & Language
File 3 Feminist Journals: Kvinnbulletinen 1/81 (11), 1/83 (13), 5/84 (14)
Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift 2-1980, 4-1980, 3-1981, 2-1982, 3-1983
Feminist Archive Newsletter Oct 92, Mar 93, Mar 96, Sept 98, May 01, Nov 01, Mar 02
File 4 Women’s Research/Resource Centres incl. Fawcett Library
Misc papers (listed separately below)
File 5 Freedom issues 11.02.95, 25.02.95, 25.04.95, and annot. excerpt 28.01.95
Anarchy (journals & fliers)
Misc: Factsheet on Miners’ Strike; Flier, Coalition Against the Criminal Justice Bill; Cutting (Guardian 25.03.91) ‘The Weak Shall Inherit Nothing’; Cutting (Caduceus Issue 45) ‘Y2K: A Systems View’; British Reclaiming Newsletter issues 5-7 (2001-2)
File 6 Racism & Fascism including Suppressed Histories
File 7 Politics – Poverty, Human Rights:
Africa including Bristol ACTSA
Asia: Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq (Middles East generally), India
File 8 Politics – Poverty, Human Rights & Ethnic Minorities:
North, Central & South America
File 9 Politics – Poverty, Human Rights & Ethnic Minorities:
Alnesa Issues 1-2; Survival Newsletters 1996-1998

File 10 Politics – Poverty, Human Rights, & Ethnic Minorities:
Pacific & Australasia
Travellers & Caravan Sites Act
Human Rights/Civil Rights
Natural Peoples’ News/Native Peoples’ News
File 11 Black Politics 1960s-70s including issues of ‘The Black Panther’ and Eldridge Cleaver poster & other cuttings & journals

Misc papers FA/Arch/83, File 4. Details:
- 2pp on Women in Portugal c. 1973
- 1p The Great Squat in! Dancing Houses Squatters Group (Nottingham), Sept 1970s
- 2x broadsheet ‘Mother Right: A New Feminist Theory’ by Jane Albert (USA) 1970s
- Article, Spare Rib, ‘Speaking Out on Age’ by Pauline Long nd (1970s)
- Annot. Article ‘Liberties and Celibates: the Peronsalization of Sexuality’ by Rosemary Ruether nd (1970s)
- Xeroxed article ‘4th World’ annot. Nd (1970s)
- Xeroxed article from Women of Power, Winter/Spring 1986 ‘Feminist Theory’ by Asoka Bandarage
- Typed article ‘Women’s Empowerment: the NGO Forum Reaching a Critical Mass’ by Joan Marler & list of audiotapes from NGO 4th World Conference on Women 1995
- Xeroxed paper ‘Sources of the Matrilineal Family System in the Works of Carl J.L. Almqvist’ by Karin Westman Berg (1975)
- Xeroxed chapter ‘Women as Innovators’ by WMS Russell, from Biology and Human Affairs Vol 40 No 1 1974
- Newspaper ‘Hurricane Alice’ Vol 10 No 2 Spring 1994: Native Women Writers
- Newspaper ‘Off Our Backs’ a Women’s News Journal Vol III No 10 Sept 1973 including abortion, erotic art & feminist counselling
- Newspaper ‘Diaspora: Women of Colour Defining Our World’ Issue 1 March 1994
- Magazine ‘EveryWoman’ Feb 1993 including articles on Clinton government, feminism & animal rights, biotechnology & female condom
- Journal, Women’s Voice No 31 Dec 1979 (special edition of Dartington Voice)
- Papers & cuttings relating to Mary Daly (radical feminist philosopher & theologian)
- 2x ‘Oath of the Free Amazons’ with different text on reverse
- Papers (typed – annot) & illustrations relating to Louise Michel, Pankhursts & various Russian anarchists
- Programme, The power of Women at the Women’s Center (USA) 1974
- Sheet, Women against Racism & Fascism 1978 (Bristol)
- Xeroxed cutting, The Guardian 15.11.1972 ‘The Secondary Sex’
- Flier, ‘Why Be a Wife? Marriage – What’s in it for you?’ nd
- Cuttings: Evening Post 10.01.01 ‘Welcome to Bristol, Prime Minister’ (demonstrations); Guardian 26.01.94 ‘She swoops in to conquer’ (Katie Roiphe); Guardian 13.09.03 ‘You’ve come a long way, baby’ (The Women’s Room); 4x articles on woman caught shoplifitng 1970s; article (Bristol) about woman sleeping rough (1970s)
- Journal, The Unesco Courier Aug-Sept 1975: ‘Turning Point for Women…’
- Papers, ‘Societies in Balance: Gender Equality in Matrilineal Matrifocal Matriarchal Societies.’ World Congress on Matriarchal Studies Sept 5-7 2003

FA/Arch/84 Monica Sjöö: Politics: Green, Anti-War, Anti-Nuclear
File 1 Anti-globalisation: WTO
Anti-globalisation Network
Mulitnationals, Imperialism & Global Culture
Anti-globalisation Action
File 2 Politics – Green: GM Foods
WEN (Women’s Environmental Network)
Genetix/Genetics Newsletters
Other food issues: local, organic, distribution, animal rights
File 3 Politics – Green: Biotechnology
Vandana Shiva biotech articles
File 4 Politics – Green: Journals:
Green Line (1985-97)
Ecologist (copy) Vol 21 No 6 Nov/Dec 1991
Green Egg Vol XXIII No 90 1990
Green Anarchist No 37 Spring 1995
Environment & Health News No 13 No 3 Sept 1998
Green Revolution Issues 2-3 Spring & Autumn 1992
File 5 Politics – Green: Earth First (direct action ) 2001 incl. correspondence
Climate Change
Alternative Technology & CAT [Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales]
Women and the Environment
Greenpeace/Friends of the Earth/Green Party
Misc articles & fliers
File 6 Politics – War: Iraq, Iran, Israel, East Timor, Afghanistan
File 7 Politics – War: Terrorism
File 8 Politics – Anti-nuclear
Test bans
Greenham, Aldermaston, Menwith
File 9 Politics – Anti-nuclear
Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific bulletin 1987-1992

FA/Arch/85 Monica Sjöö: Spirituality
File 1 Paganism including ‘Pagan Movement’ & ‘Pipes of Peace’
Witchcraft & Satanism
File 2 Glastonbury including Goddess Conference Programmes & Anthony Roberts
File 3 Astrology & Lunar Calendars
File 4 Shaminism
N. American Indians
The Fellowship of Isis
Temple of Sekhmet
Tara Foundation (Tsultrim Allione)
File 5 Monica’s own papers:
Research notes (including transcript of trance)
Fliers, artwork etc relating to exhibitions
Writings: ‘New Age Channelings’ (1998) (orig. MS & 2 printed copies)
‘The Ancient Religion of the Great Cosmic Mother of All’ (1975) (x3)
‘New Age, Same Old Story?’ (Everywoman, Dec 1989)
‘New Age or Armageddon?’ (Woman of Power, 1990?)
‘The Glastonbury Goddess Festival, Radical Feminism and Earth-based Spirituality’ (typescript)
‘The New World Order’ (Trivia 19, 1992)
File 6 Goddess & Goddessing incl. journals Daughters of the Goddess & Goddessing Regenerated
File 7 Sacred Sites & Stones
Jill Smith Papers
File 8 New Age Papers
File 9 Myths, Druids & Religion (broadly)

FA/Arch/86 Monica Sjöö: Spirituality cont.
File 1 Journals: Spinning Spiral 1994-97
Arachne 1986-90
Wood & Water 1988-2003
Odinn 1987
Spirit of the Age 1992
File 2 UFOs; Global Consciousness; Psychic & Unusual Experiences; Crystals; Earth Spirits; Wrekin Trust; The Fountain (Sept 87 & Spring 89); Lectorium Rosicrucianum; Norma Milanovich (Galactic Command/Metaphysics); Aetherius Society; Death & Near-Death Studies; Planetary New Jerusalem (Robert Coon 1990)
File 3 Crop Circles
File 4 Findhorn
The Forum (Werner Erhard & est)
David Icke
Neo-Nazism & Anti-Semitism
File 5 Serena Roney-Dougal (Parapsychology)
Alice Bailey (esoteric, Christian, theosophical, Arcane school)
Alternative Medicine/Healing
File 6 Misc. Correspondence
File 7 Misc. Articles
The Bark Newsletter (The Clan of the Rowan Tree) 13-22
Ancient Ways Newsletter 2000-2003
Ama Mawu (Bristol)
File 8 Misc Papers, Fliers & Publications

FA/Arch/87 Monica Sjöö: Art
File 1 Monica’s Writings incl.:
Womanmagic Catalogue x4
Womenculture and Art x2
Images on Womanpower
Towards a Revolutionary Feminist Art x2
File 2 Papers Relating to Monica’s Art 1
File 3 Papers Relating to Monica’s Art 2
File 4 Women Artists’ Slide Library
File 5 Journals: Paletten (Swedish)
File 6 Journals: Feminist Art Journal
Women Artists News
File 7 Journals: Womansphere
Women in Arts
Women’s Art
(OUTSIZE) The Negro in America’s Art
File 8 Misc. art catalogues, fliers, articles & correspondence 1
File 9 Misc. art catalogues, fliers, articles & correspondence 2
File 10 Misc. art catalogues, fliers, articles & correspondence 3
File 11 Misc. art catalogues, fliers, articles & correspondence 4
File 12 Misc. art catalogues, fliers, articles & correspondence 5

FA/Arch/88 Monica Sjöö: Anthropology/Archaeology
File 1 Primitive/Prehistoric man
File 2 Africa: Kalahari
File 3 Berbers
File 4 Tamana Migration Papers
File 5 (Eur)Asia: Turkey/Hittites
Indus Valley
Silk Road
File 6 Nordic & Celtic
File 7 Neolithic Goddess/Gods & Heroes (Bronze Age Europe)/Palaeolithic Sculpture/Megaliths/Pagan Religions (Britain)
File 8 Ron Williams’s Correspondence & Research on Goddess and Palaeolithic Imagery
File 9 Aegean/Mediterranean: Create/Minoan
Greece incl. goddess & costume
File 10 Palau Islands & Australasia
File 11 N & S America

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