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TitleFeminist Archive Audio Tapes and Mini Disks
DescriptionPlease note that this box is very heavy, and all of the materials may not be available in an easy to access format.
A detailed paper list is available in Special Collections describing this material.

Mini disks:
Interviews with: Dale Wakefield 4 November 2000; Monica Sjoo 6 November 2000 (3 disks); Joan Hammond 6 December 2000; Betty Underwood 5 December 2000 (2 disks); Jackie West 13 November 2000; Harriet Wordsworth 13-14 February 2001; Pat West 21 November 2000; Kay Chapman; Sian Evans; Annie Oliver 30 November 2002
Helen Taylor (telephone interview); Angela Rodaway (telephone interview); Marian Liebmann; Ellen Malos; Sarah Braun; Leslie Campbell; Caroline New; Jill Brown; Sue Cohen
See also 'Personal Histories of the Second Wave of Feminism: summarised from interviews by Viv Honeybourne and Ilona Singer', volumes 1 and 2, which include summaries of the interviews. Copies are available in Special collections.
Annie Oliver, colour photograph
[See entry at bottom of this catalogue entry]

Digital copies of the following files are available, please get in touch with Special Collections if you would be interested:
Dale Wakefield; Monica Sjoo; Joan Hammond; Betty Underwood; Jackie West; Pat VT West; Kay Chapman; Sian Evans; Annie Oliver; Helen Taylor; Harriet Wordsworth; Angela Rodaway; Marian Liebmann; Ellen Malos; Sarah Braun; Leslie Campbell; Caroline New; Jill Brown; Sue Cohen, Liz Bird (digitisation work done by D-M Withers in 2011/2013]

Audio tapes:
Many are divided into plastic racks and catagorised by groups Fiction, Health and Social Relations. Some appear to be complete copies of books, others appear to be recordings of events.

'Friendly young ladies', 7 tapes (appears to be an audio recording of 'The friendly young ladies' by Mary Renault, published by Virago Modern Classics, 1984)
'A piece of the night', 6 tapes (appears to be an audio recording of ''A piece of the night" by Michelle Roberts)
'Union Street', 5 tapes (appears to be an audio recording of ''Union Street" by Pat Barker, published by Virago, 1982)
'Relatively Norma', Anna Olivia, 6 tapes
Public Reading Centerprise, 7 June 1986, 2 tapes
Jewish Lesbian Evening, 24 June 1986, 2 tapes
'Incidents involving warmth for Feminist Archives', 6 tapes
'A dangerous woman', Sue Napolitano, (poetry) 1 tape
Some truth, some change, tape 1, written and ready by Caroline Halliday, Only Woman Press, 1983, 1 tape
Special Event 1 with Fay Weldon and Jackie Gillot, Feminist Archive celebrates first birthday, 1 April 1979 (2 tapes)
Special Event 2 with Angela Carter, short stories, at Salisbury, 26 September 1979, (2 tapes)
Special Event 3 with Maureen Duffy reading from her first novel about Bath, 2 tapes
Feminst Archive Information + bulletin No. 3, January 1985, tape 1
Feminist Archive Bulletin + oral history notes, January 1985, tape 2
Radio Action second programme, talkback 2, broadcast June 1987, and Women's Hour, February 1989
'Women under the influence', Brigid McConville, about alcoholism, 4 tapes
Spare Rib, letter to Spare Rib, Accessibility, social relations
Images of ourselves, Jo Campling, 2 tapes
A open space: older women.
WTO/Women's Tape Over: anthology of the Women's Press, 1983-1984, 17 tapes
'Battered women' by Women's airwaves and North Kensington Women's Aid, 1 tape
National Women's Liberation Anti-Rape Conference, Bristol, n.d., 2 tapes
HTV West's 'Women Only' programme slot on rape and rape crisis centres, 16 March 1978, 1 tape
Sylvia Pankhurst talk by Sylvia Ayling, May 1985
Wilmette Brown, Across the divide of race nation and poverty, women organisng for peace, St Werburghs, 28 January 1984 [digital copy available]
Piecing it together: feminism and non violence, 2 tapes
'Three ply yarn' by Caeia March, 6 tapes
'Why children?' published by Women's Press, 1980, read by Fem. Audio Books, 6 tapes
'The eleventh hour: pictures of women: sexuality', produced by Channel 4, 23 January 1984
'Abortion, mixed feelings', produced by Channel 4, 27 January 1984
'No turning back', on the Women's Liberation Movement, 1975, with braille labels, 7 tapes. Paper notes record which materials were read (feminist issues including politics, abortion, legal and financial independence, marxism and feminism)
Marion Prince, 1968, 1970 Ruskin etc. Marion Prince talking about 1968, and the Ruskin Conference of 1970, possibly interviewed 21 October 1979, 1 tape
Women's Liberation Movement (Bristol) Day Conference, held at the Folk House, Park Street, Bristol, 1978, 1 tape [unable to listen to this audio tape, March 2014, sent for repair, May 2014]
'Equality for some' study pack, 1984, 1 tape
'A certain confederacy- Women and language/Women's airwaves, 1984, 1 tape
Women and music/Women's airwaves, 1984, 1 tape
Motherhood/Women's airwaves, 1 tape
Fem FM: Britain's First Women's Radio Station, March 1992, 1 tape [listened to March 2014]. The archive is held at Bristol Record Office
OU: Non Sexist Child Rearing, 1 tape
Womens Artists Conference, Glasgow, 1983, 1 tape
Women and work by Women's Airwaves, 1 tape
Bringing the invisible into the light: Quaker Womens' Group, 22 February 1989, 1 tape
Bristol Women's Directory, Bristol Women's Centre, 1995-1996, 1 tape
Sequel (Lesbian newsletter, editions 28-33), c.1983, 6 tapes
Gemma (Lesbian newsletter, 1985 and 1986), 2 tapes
Letterbox Library: Catalogue 6 + Newsletter

Folder containing paper list of tapes in the Feminist Archive, October 1984; also instructions by Feminist Audio Books for volunteers wanting to record audio books for the blind and partially sighted women; instructions for recording oral histories; and a guide by the Alternative Talking Newspaper Collective as to how to record books, 1984

See also the following materials which arrived in October 2019, have been given the reference DM2123/1/Archive Boxes 146, and are stored with this material:
A box arrived in Special Collections on 24 October 2019.
It contained a letter from Ilona Singer, explaining that she had been one of the researchers on the Oral History Project in 2000. Mentions containing photographs and oral histories, and thanking the Feminist Archive South for welcoming her and giveing her experience of time qualitative research.
Box contains:
1 one use Sainsburys film camera. (This was developed in December 2019, and the photographs returned to Ilona Singer, as they were personal).
1 Olympus DM-20 digital voice recorder
2 sets of headphones

14 minidisks with interviews:
Janet Brewer x 1/2 (also on cassette)
Pen Dalton
Miriam (Mini) David
Jo Eliot
Nicola Harwin
Helen Haste
Sarah Hipperson
Juley Howard
Hilary Land
Marilyn Porter (telephone interview)
Pat Roberts
Jill Rozer x2 (crossed out)
Fiona Williams

3 minidisks (possibly unused as not labelled)

Digital copies of films, probably from D-M Withers [transferred from Archive Box 153 into Archive Box 79 (Box 1) on 15/11/2021]:
'Carry Greenham Home', access copy
'Calling the shots', film about SPAN
'State your Destination', Women in Moving Pictures, access copy, MP4
'State your Destination', Women in Moving Pictures, mov. file
[these are to be transferred onto a hard drive. Original films probably in Archive Boxes 79]

The rest of these minidisks are held in Archive Box 79/Box 2, and these materials have been placed there too.
Work needs to be carried out on transferring these to a different format.
Hannah Lowery, January 2020
FormatAudio Tape
Extent2 bankers boxes = 111 audio tapes, 23 mini disks, 1 photograph, 1 folder of notes
Access ConditionsThis material is held in an Outstore and advanced notice is needed to access materials
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