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TitleBristol Women's Centre Tapes
DescriptionBristol Women's Centre Tapes: 1 box file:
Label on box reads 'Bristol City Council (+Avon CC), Braille Tapes, Bristol Women's Centre Tapes

'Women's Directory', Royal National Institute: Braille Tapes, 8 compact tapes and one master tape (equivalent of C60s). Note that the only information written on them is 'Women's Directory' and similar in braille

'Bristol and Avon', Royal National Institute: Braille Tapes, 7 compact tapes and one master tape (equivalent of C60s). Note that the only information written on them is 'Bristol and Avon' and similar in braille

'Bristol Women's Centre Leaflet A', 4 compact tapes (equivalent of C60s). Produced by H.A.R.T., Unit 22, Letchworth Business Centre West, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 2HB

Bristol Women's Centre Newsletter, issue 16, on TDK D90 compact tape. Written comment, poor quality. With handwritten list of contents

Child Maintenance Bonus, CMB 20, Issued by Department of Social Security, January 1997. 2 compact tapes
24 audio tapes

1 box file: 'Bristol Women's Centre Music Tapes'
All compact tapes, unless otherwise stated (equivalent of C60s)

Flamin' Nerve, Here we go for the women of the working class, n.d., recorded at Common Ground, The Wicker, Sheffield, UK, with thanks to W.A.P.C. for their financial support and help

The Bright girls, n.d., Home Products, H.P.003

The Lorraine Bowen Experience: Demo Tape 3, songs Julie Christie, Wow!, Modern way of living, n.d., UK

Faith Nolan, Freedom to love, Aural Tradition Records, distributed by Redwood Records, USA, 1989

Maria Tolly, Up to here, Red Hot Records 55, n.d., UK

Frankie Armstrong, Singing Voice Workshop, 6/2135, non professionally recorded exercises from a vocal workshop, n.d.

The Fabulous Dirt Sisters, c/o 6 Coville St, Nottingham, n.d., UK

The Fabulous Dirt Sisters, Spinround Records, 1986, UK

Judy Small, Snapshot, Craft Maid Music, 1990, Redwood Records, USA

Holly Near, Don't hold back, 1987/1988, Redwood Records, USA

Holly Near, Sky dances, n.d., Redwood Records, USA

Cris Williamson, Teresa Trull, Country blessed, 1989, Second Wave Records, USA

Teresa Trull, Barbara Higbie, Unexpected, 1983, Second Wave Records, USA

Ova, Possibilities, 1984, Stroppy Cow Records, UK

Ova, Out of bounds, 1975-1980, Stroppy Cow Records, UK

Ova, 1977-1979, Stroppy Cow Records, UK

June Millington, Heart song, 1981, Olivia Records, USA

Tret Fure, Edges of the heart, 1986, Olivia Records, USA

Moonlighters Music, Don't you know you're part of the show?, 1985, UK

Ferron, Phantom center, 1990, Chameleon Records, USA

Ronnie Gilbert, The Spirit is free, 1985; and Malvina Reynolds, Mama Lion, 1980 (non-professionally recorded, on one tape)

Dianne Davidson, Breaking all the rules, 1988, Olivia Records, USA (made in Canada)

Cris Williamson, Wolf Moon, 1987, Olivia Records, USA

Meg/Cris at Carnegie Hall, A double album, 1983, Olivia Records, USA (no inner liner with information)

Julia Haines, Odyssey (An exploration of Afro-Celtic-Harp fusion), 1988, A. Howl Records, USA (case broken)

Jo-Jo Hale, Out the other side, 1990, Acorn Records, UK?

Chris Williamson, Blue Rider, 1982; and Ova, Possibilities, 1984, (non-professionally recorded, on one tape)

Many of the American bands are distributed by W.R.P.M, Birmingham, UK, 27 cassettes, Donated by Bristol Women's Centre
Daten.d. [1980s-1990s]
FormatAudio Tape
Extent24 audio tapes + 27 audio tapes (2 box files)
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