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TitleMaterials from Liz Bird relating to women and training, including women's studies
DescriptionFrom Liz Bird: Interviews and tapes, SWIMM, WOW, Women Returners Network, WEA Courses, Women Management

The majority of this box dates from c.1976 to 1991 and mainly relates to training opportunities for women. The majority of material was collected by Liz Bird, who was in the Extra Mural Department of the University of Bristol. The materials give a brief insight into this issue rather than detailed information.

8 computer discs containing interviews with named individuals, mainly late 1990s, also 1970s.

Paper transcripts or summaries of interviews between Liz Bird and named individuals, dating from 1998-1999. They appear to be discussions over women's studies and how it became an academic study in British Universities.
Barbara Littlewood, Marilyn Price (interview date 14 January 1999), Victoria Robinson 9 December 1998, Beverley Skeggs University of Lancaster 13 January 1999, Halem Afshar, Oonagh Hartnett Cardiff 5 November 1998, Stevi Jackson University of York 1 December 1998, Professor Maggie Humm University of East London 14 December 1998, Diana Leonard 25 January 1999, Liz Stanley Lancaster University, 14 January 1999, Mary Maynard University of York 1 December 1998, Mairead Owen Liverpool John Moores University 14 January 1999, Felly Simmonds 26 March 1999, Mary Evans University of Kent 11 November 1998, Sue Lees, Sara Delamont Cardiff 11 January 1999, Lesley Doyal North London Poly 10 November 1998, Diana Woodward Sheffield Hallam 27 November 1998, Elinor Kelly Manchester, Sylvia Walby

43 audio cassettes, (Sony EF supers) with name of an individual on them, names on spines: Jackie Stacey, Sylvia Walby, Gill Boden, Open University , Ros Brunt, Celia Davies, Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jalna Hanmer, Bev Skggs, Woodward Interview 27 November 1998, Afshar I Haleh, Oonagh Hartnett, Stevi Jackson, Maggie Humm, Diana Leonard, Liz Stanley, Mary Maynard, Simmonds/Fele, Evans 11 November 1998, Lovell/Phizackea, Smythe/Ailbhe, Half the Sky, Victoria Robinson, Sara De la Mont (partial), Barbara Littlewood, Doyal interview 10 November 1998, Marion Price, Brah/Yarah, Margrit Eichler/Sandra Acker, Sue Webb, Rusty Shteir, Frinde Maher, Florence Howe, Penny Summerfield, Sarah B. Pomeroy, Froines Humez, Rose Hilary, Carol Smart, Eilish Rooney, Sue Lees, Marion Shaw, Elinor Kelly, Mairead Owen

Folder: Women's Returner Network, printed materials and minutes of meetings, collected by Liz Bird relating to employment of women in rural areas, 1988-1991

Folder: Bath Women's Training Workshop, 1985. Materials relating to a series of workshops for women based on self development, education, training, and jobs for women, organised by the Women's Nationa Commission Roadshow Project 85/86. Liz Bird provided input in her role in the University of Bristol Department of Extra Mural Studies.

Folder: SWIIM, 1984-1987, SWIIM stands for South West Women into Management. Arrangements for meetings (mainly between academics from Bristol Polytechnic and the University of Bristol, with some mention of the national movement)

Folder: MSC/WOW, 1983. Papers relating to workshops under the Manpower Services Commission on training courses for women, to enter work, training, and education

Folder: WEA Courses, 1976/77-1980. Brochures for University of Bristol Department of Extra Mural Studies Courses on women's issues

Folder: Women mean business conference 1990, NAFTHE Conference on women returners to education, 1990
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