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TitleWIMPS (Women in Moving Pictures) films
DescriptionWIMPS (Women in Moving Pictures) films.
WIMPS worked in Bristol, and their address is given as Unit 3a, Central Trading Estate, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH (1985)

Viewing copies of 'In our own time' and 'State your destination' are available in this box.
'In our own time', Blu-Ray and DVD
'State your destination', MP4 access copy on a DVD
[HL Jan 2017]

'In our own time', print (16mm film in canister)
In our own time', mag master (16mm film in canister)
In our own time', Scott UCA (VHS)
Wimps make music, (16mm film in canister)

'State your destination', Women in Moving Pictures Production, 55 minutes, stereo, colour, 1985 (sound recorded Ch1 + Ch2), Sony video cassette KCA60BR, U-matic

'In our own time', Sony Video Cassette KCA30, U-matic, Cinema of Women, 27 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AT (mono, colour, designed for still picture reproduction) (shelfmark? M104)

'State your destination', sound on one channel only, 'BB+VITC', 7 April 1985, Fantasy Factory Video Ltd, London, video cassette KCA60BR, U-matic

'In our own time', a film about women and music in Bristol, WIMPS, 1981, 21 minutes, colour, Scotch UCA 60min umatic video cassette. (a digital version of 'Women in Moving Pictures' is available for consultation, made May 2012)

'Six of one/State your destination', Fantasy Factory, Sony KCA60R, U-matic, 55 minutes, Mistress copy (presume this means Master copy), Women in Moving Pictures, c/o 11a Campbell Street, St Pauls, Bristol 2. Time base corrected, audio tracks 1 and 2, colour [digital copy made March 2014]

Orange folder labelled 'WIMPs Archive', containing
-'Women make music/Women make movies: a personal record of Women in Moving Pictures', no author, started in September 1979 in Bristol, with mention of the Bristol women's Music Collective, list of activities completed, 11 typescript sheets, March 1981 [given by Sue Peggs]
-'Bristol Women's Music Collective', spiral bound report, 'Our Herstory and where we are going', with photographs, list of members, started in November 1978. Includes information on grant applications, activities, gigs, and biographies of members, (2 copies)
-'Film project: Women and Music, an aspect of women's culture', details of a tape/slide project, with projected film and grant application, and list of activities, with additional note saying 'Penny Delmon, Bristol Polytechnic, September 1979-May 1980'
-WIMPS publicity posters for events, held at the Watershed, Bristol and other Bristol venues. Film broadcasts, lecture by Barbara Hammer, 11 colour A4 fliers, no years given (day and month only)
[all given by Sue Peggs]

Received from Sue Peggs and Pauline Battson
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