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TitleBanners and T-shirts
DescriptionBanners, t-shirts, and art works relating to the Women's Liberation Movement from the 1970s-1990s.
Mainly consists of textiles.

SB2001: Purple sash with 'A woman's right to choose' printed on a white patch of fabric in purple ink. (Reminiscent of early Suffrage sashes). 144cm long x 9.5cm wide, n.d.

Green sash with 'A woman's right to choose', printed on a white patch of fabric in purple ink, (Reminiscent of early Suffrage sashes), 144cm x 9.5cm, dated 1975, label reads 'Sashes part of the Bristol Women's Anti-James White Bill Campaign, 1975. Made by Linda Ward, Sarah Braun, Ellen Malos and others'.

White t-shirt with 'Women and Manual trades' printed in black ink. Letters is designed to look like tools used in these trades, n.d.

SB2014: Orange banner with 'Women Strike Sept 20"-30"' sewn on in block capitals. (top line 'Women Strike' in green; bottom line 'Sept 20-30' in blue, background colour orange), 103cm x 105cm, n.d.

Green banner with 'Feminist Archive' partially written on it; many of the letters have fallen off but glue remains, letters are red, and there are also purple dots', 300cm x 130cm, n.d.

Green sash/banner with woman/peace symbol on one end, on the other end a badge is sewn on reading 'Wrexham to Greenham Star March 1983', with a tree symbol. Comes with a handwritten note on blue card (from Pat Aston, received Apri 1984), banner is 103cm x 13cm, [March 1983].

Golden banner with red hand and woman symbol, hemmed around the edge, 87cm x 62cm, n.d.

Turquoise/blue banner with sparkly pink woman's symbol sewn on it, also a golden circle shape, with a quote from 'Chief Seathl', 118cm x 83cm, n.d. (label in the hand of Jane Hargreaves records 'Banner donated by Jay Green, no history known except that it has been to Greenham Common').

Green and yellow knitted cushion (possibly machine knit) with female liberation movement knitted into it, and repeats of the woman's symbol on the other side, 43cm x 37 cm, n.d. (one side shows large woman power symbols and small woman symbols, the other shows small woman symbols) (possibly donated by Bristol Women's Centre)

Red banner reading 'Bristol Women's Centre' (in purple felt/gold glittery textile/light green) with woman symbols sewn on in purple furry material, 165cm x 109cm, n.d.

Red banner reading 'Bristol's Women Liberation' in white lettering, 240cm x 76cm, n.d.

'Body Shop' cloth bags x 2, printed with '1 in 5 women suffer domestic violence', 'Would you tolerate domestic violence? By not joining our campaign you just have'. Lettering in black/purple in various sizes, with Body Shop logo, n.d.

Purple banner with 'Anti-Rape Group Bristol' stuck on in white tape, and holes cut out. Labelled Feminist Archive, c/o University of Bath, 224.5cm x 85cm, n.d.

Blue t-shirt with 'female strength' sign on it in a faded darker blue, n.d.

Colourful banner reading 'March 8th International Women's Day' around woman sign, embellished with sequins, 150cm x 173.5cm, n.d. (Attached label reads 'Made for Intenational Women's Day, 8 March 1984. Bath Women's Peace Group, Karen, Rowan, Vanessa, Janette, Dawn, Eileen, Maggie, Maylin')
[loaned to British Library Exhibition, 2020-2021. Restored and mounted on linen. Stored in new box DM2123/1/ArchiveBoxes17a]

Blue t-shirt with a print of some female silhouettes, holding hands around an area reading 'National Women's Centre Conference Bristol, April '87'. On the back it reads 'Bristol Women's Centre, 44 The Grove', 1987

White homemade tunic-style top, which has a picture of the earth painted on it with a tree growing through it; around is a pattern of a red star, which is also painted on, n.d.

White t-shirt reading 'Wimmins International Summer Event 1982', printed in green with the woman symbol, a moon, and some stars, 1982

Pale pink t-shirt reading 'OVA Stroppy Cow records' in blue (Ova), grey (Stroppy cow records), with a cow (in grey), jumping over the 'O' of Ova, n.d.

Yellow t-shirt with a list of high achieving women with 'No Limits for Women' written over the top, all in black lettering, by Valerie Jaworski, 1984

White t-shirt with a purple globe printed on it and the words 'Project 88' written above. Over the top in green writing it reads 'International festival of women past, present and future 5-12 March'. On the back it reads 'International Women's Day 8th March' stencilled on with paint in green, n.d.

Blue t-shirt with a cheering woman embroided on in multicoloured thread, n.d.

White t-shirt with 'LESVOS GREECE' around an island printed in orange. Also shows a boat at the bottom printed in blue, n.d.

White t-shirt with 'Bristol 76' printed on in green wiith a bold purple outline and two woman symbols overlapping, 1976

White t-shirt 'Women hold up the sky' with a logo above it saying 'Wisconsin National Organisation for Women (NOW)', all printed in green, n.d.

Black nylon banner with yellow writing and red woman symbol, 'Reclaim the night', holes cut in letters mean it was probably used on a march, 260cm x 120cm

Cerise nylon hexagon with 'womens art works' in black nylon sewn on', (possibly donated by Bristol Women's Centre),

Aqua fabric banner with message painted on in different colours 'Bristol Women's Peace Action No War Makes Sense' and three black woman symbols stuck on, 252cm x 104cm (possibly donated by Bristol Women's Centre)

White t-shirt with black print 'International Women's Day Chesterfield 1985', and images of church spire and mine pithead structures, 1985, (in bag labelled 'from Jean Freer, women only restriction').

3 t-shirts in 'Silver Moon Women's Bookshop, 64-68 Charing Cross Road, London':
White t-shirt reading 'Wimmins International Summer Event 1982', printed in green with the woman symbol, a moon, and some stars, 1982
Green t-shirt with black print showing women dancing and making up woman symbol, also International Women's Day March 8th 1987', 1987
White t-shirt with pink triangle print and black print reading 'Out and Proud!', copyright: 'c.Sudo-1988.Sue'

Heavy duty white plastic banner with pink lettering stuck on 'Bristol Women's Committee Public Meeting Here Today', (c.2m wide by c.10m long), n.d. [due to the large and heavy nature of this banner, it has not been placed back in the original box]

4 loose ribbons, red, purple, green (possibly letters off banners or ties)

Please note that some items may have been removed from their original bags so origin is perhaps confused.

Catalogued by Emily Cox, Harriet Cox, Hannah Lowery July 2018
FormatArt Work: Original
Extent1 large cardboard box
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