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Varied materials relating to the Women's Liberation Movement, c.1974-2005

Book trade catalogues: Virago Press [January 1982-August 1986, 7 pamphlets, gaps], and the Women's Press Book Club [October 1980-December 1981, 5 leaflets, gaps]; appeal catalogues fundraising for the Pankhurst Centre, Manchester, n.d.
Women's power symbol blank greetings card, produced by Spare Rib, [annotated note says that it was the first ever British Women's Liberation Card, produced by Spare Rib in 1974, see Spare Rib issue no. 3] [these materials came with the copies of 'Spare Rib' on the open shelves in ASSL, University of Bristol.

Materials from Jane Hargreaves, 2012:
IIAV Jaarsverslag, Annual Report, 2007; 'Changing Lives: the her story of the women's movement in Hull, 1977-2007: a celebration' (with CD Rom); 'Some vignettes from Marian Liebmann, written 7 February 2008; Feminist Library Newsletter no.3, Nov. 2008; article on Pat West by Sheila Yeger, The Guardian 18 July 2008; review of 'What she also did was...' (poems on the mother daughter relationship by Pat VT West, Gill Hauge and others, Spring 2008; 'Women's World', no. 43/2008: Involving women in peace building, human rights and security, [ISIS WICCE]; notes by Anne Harding of Bristol Women's Workshop, 144 Wells Road, B24 2AG, on the work of the project and the possible deposit of extra archive, 2008.
Bev Pike, Hilda Chiswell, and ghosted by Dame Edith Sitwell: 'Swallowing Safety Pins', an artist's book, Canada, 2007.

Margaretta Jolly: 'In love and struggle: letters in contemporary feminism', Columbia University Press, 2008

Given by Stephen Hunt, June 2011:
Copies of the 'Riff Raff Poets', published in 'Peace News', these include the work of Pat Van Twest. [Given having seen the 2011 Sistershow Exhibition curated by D-M Withers in Bristol] The poets were Jeff Cloves, Dennis Gould, and Pat Van Twest.

Feminist Archive: Minutes of Meetings, 1993

Materials received from Rachel Bentham, May 2011, concerning the Rive Gauche Women's Poetry Venue in Bristol. Minute book, correspondence and photographs including Pat V.T. West, and the Women using Words project, 1991-1995

Folder: 'Bristol Women's Group', given by Madge Dresser, in June 2011. Includes materials used at Bristol Polytechnic including publicity posters for events: talk by Jessie Stephens at St Matthias campus Tuesday 27 February n.y., and talk by Margie Hall on 'Third World Women: Ethnocentricity in Women's Studies and the Women's Movement' at Ashley Down campus Tues 6th Feb. n.y. Report of the Women and the media Conference, Bristol Polytechnic, July 1974. Bristol Women's History Group, April 1985. Bristol Women's Liberation Newsletters 1979. 'Wires' newsletter nos. 80, 81. Women's Research and Resources Centre Newsletter, nos. 1, 4, 5, 6, 1979-1980. Setting up a University of Bristol Centre for Women's Studies, January 1985. 1974-1985
Annual Report of Awaz Utaoh, Bristol, 2004/2005.

Jane Clare Jones, with Lisa Mackenzie: 'The Political Erasure of Sex: 1. Sex and the census', Women's Place UK, 2020 (published book)

Printouts of display of Feminist Archive South/Hatpins to Hashtags banners on display in the Botanicial Sciences lobby, University of Bristol, March 2020
People shown include Sue Tate, Ellen Malos, Liz Bird. Photographs taken by Catherine Dack.
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