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TitleT-shirt and audio tapes donated by D-M Withers, September 2014
DescriptionT-shirt: white with applied graphic/text: 'The Fabulous Dirt Sisters: Five Strong Swimmers, Spin Round Records'

Cassette tapes of band records x 26:
Adeola: Crystal Visions, ShANGO Music, 1994
The Beach, 1992
Blow the fuse: one night stands, 1994
Fairies Fortune: Snowfish, 1994
Jo Freya and Kathryn Locke: Lush, 1993
Jo Freya: Perjuring little whore,
Guardabarranco: Dias de Amar, 1991
The Guest Stars
Jo-Jo Hale: Out the other side, 1990
Emma Junaro: Mi corazon en la ciudad, 1992
Sandra Kerr: Bringing in the Summer,
Leonarda: An historical sampling of women composers and their music: Middle Age to the present, vol. 2 (unopened)
The Lorraine Bowen Experience: Mini Album 3, c.Sequin Skirt, 1992
Ova: Ova, c.1979
Ova: Out of bounds, c. 1981
Jana Runnalls and Bron Bradshow: Tree Magic, 1989
Hilary Rushmer: Skylark (traditional music on wire strung harp), Swallow Studios, Sandbach, 1988
Janet Russell: Gathering the fragments, 1988
Janet Russell: Bright Shining Morning?, 1993
Rosemary Schonfeld: Drumatrix: a different approach to drumming, 1995
Secret Flame: Dawn of Union, 1994
Something Shady: Out now,
Savourna Stevenson: Tickled Pink (with Aly Bain and Frank Usher, celtic harp), 1985
Token Women: The Rhythm Method, 1992
Velvet Fist: The gloves are off, c.Velvet Fist, 1994
Janet Wood: They won't stop my singing, 1997

4 cassettes with home recorded materials, (may be copies of commercially available music?)

12 DVDs: including copies of tiffs and jpegs from DM2123/Sistershow materials (taken from the Feminist Archive South)

Bubles: Siren Theatre Company, duration 59'55''
Mama's gone a hunting: Siren Theatre Company, duration 28'16"
Pulp @ Battersea Arts Centre, June 1986: Siren Theatre Company, duration 59'00"
From the Diven: Siren Theatre Company, duration 02'34"
[all produced by Vet Facilities]
FormatAudio Tape
Extent1 archive box
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