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TitlePublications given by Sue Chubb
DescriptionThese were given by Sue Chubb in 2012, who was at that time the University of Bristol Library Education Subject Librarian
Please note that these have been catalogued extremely quickly, and all publication details may not be recorded.

'Socialism and the fight for Women's Rights', Linda Jenness, USA, July 1976
'Women and Aids', The Terence Higgins Trust, 3rd edition, Sept 1987
'Women and the Socialist Revolution', Mary-Alice Waters, USA, Dec. 1976
'Breeders for race and nation: women and fascism in Britain today', [1978]
'Women and the new technology', a TUC discussion document, March 1984
'A women's right to work: the case for positve action: how we can fight to end job segregation and inequality at work', 2nd edition, 'A Socialist Challenge pamphlet', [1980/1981]
'Fighting for women's rights', Socialist Woman pamphlet, 1976
'Abortion, liberation, and revolution', International Marxist Group, London, 1979
'Abortion: a discussion pamphlet', Bristol West Labour Party: the women's section, [post Nov. 1977]
'Women and Europe: a NALGO guide to the EC', National Women's Committee, [1992]
'Equal opportunities: positive action programmes', TUC, March 1982
'Positive action for women workers: equal opportunities for women workers: a NALGO guide to positive action', [1981], 2 copies
'Equal pay for work of equal value: a guide to the amended equal pay act', Equal Opportunities Commission, June 1984
'Women's handbook: policies and action for the Transport and General Workers Union', n.d.
'Make it a woman's world too!: a step by step guide to the Equal Pay Law', Equal Opportunities Commission for Northern Ireland, n.d.
'Working Women: a TUC discussion book for all trade unionists', n.d. (2 copies)
'Women in struggle', produced in London by 'Bread and roses', n.d.
'Breaking the chains: selected writings of James Connolly on women', Northern Area Women's Committee: Communist Party of Ireland, March 1981
'The myth of motherhood', by Lee Comer, Spokesman Pamphlet no. 21, n.d.
'Crisis: Women under Attack', CIS Special Report, (Counter Information Services, an affliate of the Transnational Institute, no. 15), n.d.
'Images of inequality: the portrayal of women in the media and advertising', A TUC report, March 1984
TUC Women's Action Day, 29 October 1983/84

Typewritten papers:
Papers given at the National Women's Liberation Ant Rape Conference, 14-15 October 1978
Sexism in entertainments: discussion paper to NUS Women's Campaign Conference, 18 February 1978, also papers on sexism, and role of women's groups, Sept. 1977
'Back to the kitchen; the effect of the cuts on women', NUS, January 1980
'Women's Liberation: an introduction', 1977
'Sexism in planning: a woman examines a man's perception of planning', by Jane Rachel Kaplan, Sept. 1978
'Green & Common', December news, n.d. [presumably relating to Greenham Common]

'Bargaining Report', Labour Research Department, no. 31, January-February 1984
'Beansaor/Free Woman: Journal of Women against imperialism', no. 4, September 1979
'Catcall: a Feminist Discussion Paper', nos. 9 and 14
'Connexions: an international women's quarterly', nos. 5 and 6, Summer and Fall 1982
'Enough: the journal of Bristol Women's Liberation Group', [n.d., cover shows child's drawings of Mummy and Daddy]
'Everywoman: taking feminism forward', July 1996
'Link: Communist Party Women's Journal', 6 editions, Spring 1974-Autumn 1978
'Msprint: a Scottish Feminist publication', no. 3, n.d.
'NAC: National Abortion Campaign Newsletter', October-September 1985
'Red Rag', no. 13
'Saorbhean/Free Woman: journal of women against imperialism', no. 2, Nov-Dec. n.y.
'Scarlet Women', nos. 9 and 10, January 1979, December 1979
'Socialist Woman: a journal of the International Marxist Group', Spring 1976, and October 1978
'Spare Rib', June 1980 (no 95), March 1981 (no 104), May 1981 (no 106)
'Undercurrents', no. 29, August-September 1978
'Wicca: Wisse Woman Irish Feminist Magazine', no. 6
'Women in Action: a paper for action in the Unions on Women's Rights', Spring 1980, New Year (n.y.), unknown date (3 copies in total)
'Women's action: Belfast Women's Collective', vol. 3, no. 1, n.d.
'Women's Voice', (linked with the Socialist Worker's Party), vols. 5-60, May [n.y]- February 1982 (with gaps)

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