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TitleGay and Lesbian periodicals given by Lori Streich
DescriptionPeriodicals given by Lori Streich (and transferred via Bristol Archives, who have the Freedom Youth Collection, Bristol Record Office Reference 45795]
Some have the Feminist Archive Stamp

'Body Politic: a magazine for gay liberation', Canada based, nos. 5, 49-134, (with gaps, not complete) July-August 1972, July/August 1977, February 1978, Sept 1978, December 1979-January 1987
'Extra: Body Politic's guide to gay life in Toronto', nos. 31-35, July-August 1985

'CHE: Bristol Group' Newsletter, no. 29, March 1982 (Campaign for Homosexual Equality)

'Gay International News', nos. 2-3 (4 copies), March-June 1972
'Gay Left: a socialist journal produced by gay people', nos. 2-10, Spring 1976-June 1980 (11 copies)
'Gay Noise', no. 6, 23 October 1980, (London based)
'Gay Scotland', volumes 102-106, March-July 1996
'Gayellow Pages: the Renaisance House Classified Directory', no. 5, Nov. 1974, edited by Frances Green, USA (2 copies)

'Glib: a magazine by and for gay people', no. 1, n.d. [late 1970s?]
'Graft: Gay liberation', February 1976

'Les Talk: the magazine for empowering lesbians/womyn', vol. 5, no. 3, September 1995
'Lunch', nos 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19-21, 24, (plus 2 unnumbered volumes), May 1972-November 1973, (an independent monthly magazine associated with the Campaign for Homosexual Equality; later subtitle 'The magazine for the new homosexual man and woman') (13 volumes)

'Outcome: a magazine of sexual politics produced by lesbians and gay men', nos. 5-9, Winter 1977-Jan/March 1980 (7 copies)
'Outrage!: for Lesbians and Gays', no. 1, July/August 1983''

'San Francisco Bay Times', vol. 12, no. 10, July 1991
'The Gay Journal: a new quarterly of culture and liberation produced by gay women and men', nos. 1 and 2, (3 copies,), Autumn 1978, Spring 1979

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