Ref NoDM2123/1/Archive Boxes 146
TitleOral histories on Mini Disk
DescriptionA box arrived in Special Collections on 24 October 2019.
It contained a letter from Ilona Singer,explaining that she had been one of the researchers on the Oral History Project in 2000. Mentions containing photographs and oral histories, and thanking the Feminist Archive South for welcoming her and giving her experience of time qualitative research.
Box contains:
1 one use Sainsburys film camera. (This was developed in December 2019, and the photographs returned to Ilona Singer, as they were personal).
1 Olympus DM-20 digital voice recorder
2 sets of headphones

14 minidisks with interviews:
Janet Brewer x 1/2 (also on cassette)
Pen Dalton
Miriam (Mini) David
Jo Eliot
Nicola Harwin
Helen Haste
Sarah Hipperson
Juley Howard
Hilary Land
Marilyn Porter (telephone interview)
Pat Roberts
Jill Rozer x2 (crossed out)
Fiona Williams

3 minidisks (possibly unused as not labelled)

The rest of these minidisks are held in Archive Box 79/Box 2, and these materials have been placed there too.
Work needs to be carried out on transferring these to a different format.
Hannah Lowery, January 2020
Extent17 minidisks, 1 digital voice recorder, 2 sets of headphones
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