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Title'A history of the world with the women put back in' + 'The Cable', Bristol
Description'A history of the world with the women put back in', by Kerstin Lucker and Ute Daenschel, translated by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp and Jessica West.
The History Press, Cheltenham, 2019.
ISBN: 978 0 7509 8909 1
Published with the support of English Pen and the Arts Council England
Original title (German), 'Weltgeschichte fur junge Leserinnen', 2017
With press release and publicity materials

2 copies of 'The Cable' magazine, Bristol.
'DIY press: from conspiracy theories to community coverage', by Stephen E. Hunt. Including discussion of magazines in the Feminist Archive South, (Enough, Hysteria, Harpy)
Spring 2016, Issue 7, p12

'Inside a Bristol warehouse is a vast history of women's fight for rights: present day relevance of the Feminist Archive South', by Lorna Stephenson. including mention of Hatpins to Hashtags, and forty years of FAS.
Jan-March 2019, Issue 18, p26-27, 2 copies
Date2016, 2019
FormatPrinted document
Extent1 book + 3 newspapers
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