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TitleFalling Wall Press
DescriptionThis was given to the Feminist Archive South by Rachel Fleming-Mulford in October 2017 from the estate of the late Jeremy Mulford
The interview between Suzie Fleming and Rachel Fleming-Mulford was given to the Feminist Archive Estate in February 2021.

2 boxes of Falling Wall Press publications, and other publications, 1972-1988
1 digital inteview, with brief transcript, 30 August 2019

DM2123/1/Archive Boxes 140-141
Digital copy of interview between Suzie Fleming and Rachel Fleming-Mulford, dated 30 August 2019. This 53.56 minute conversation relates to the work of Falling Wall Press, set up by Jeremy Mulford and Suzie Fleming. Also talks about activities in the Women's movement, Wages for Housework Campaign, and the publishing industry. A summary written by D-M Withers is available. Copyright remains with Suzie Fleming, and access should be sought via Special Collections.

Box 140:
Falling Wall Press publications
'All work and no pay: women, housework and wages due', edited by Wendy Edmond and Suzie Fleming, 1975
Paperback published by Power of Women Collective and Falling Wall Press

'Counter-planning from the Kitchen: Wages for Housework: a perspective on capital and the left', by Nicole Cox and Silvia Federici, 1975, (this is the 1976 second edition)
Falling Wall Press pamphlet

'Wages against Housework', by Silvia Federici, April 1975
Pamphlet published jointly by the Power of Women Collective and Falling Wall Press, ISBN: 0950270296

'Black Women and the peace movement', by Wilmette Brown, foreward by Janice Owens, introduction by Juliet Yelverton, June 1984
Expanded edition of th e1983 original, Falling Wall Press, paperback

'Prostitutes : our life', edited by Claude Jaget.
Bristol : Falling Wall Press, 1980. Translated from the French. Originally published: 1975 (France).
Translated by Anna Furse, Suzie Fleming and Ruth Hall. Introduction by Margaret Valentino and Mavis Johnson of the English Collective of Prostitutes, hardback

'Motherhood, lesbianism, and child custody', Francie Wyland, July 1977
Pamphlet jointly published by Wages Due Lesbians Toronto and Falling Wall Press, ISBN: 090504605

'The disinherited family', by Eleanor Rathbone, with an introductory essay by Suzie Fleming, 1986
Falling Wall Press, hardback, original 1924/1927

'Educating Grandma', by Winnie Bridges, June 1988
Falling Wall Press, hardback
Autobiography of a former factory worker who returned to education

'The Ladies and the Mammies: Jane Austen and Jean Rhys', by Selma James, 1983
Falling Wall Press, hardback

'Strangers and Sisters: Women, Race and Immigration: Voices from the conference 'Black and Immigrant Women Speak Out and Claim Our Rights', London, England, 13 November 1982', edited and with an introduction by Selma James, October 1985
Falling Wall Press, paperback

'The power of women and the subversion of the community', by Mariarosa Dalla Costa and Selma James, third edition September 1975
Falling Wall Press, paperback

'The Rapist who pays the rent: evidence submitted by Women Against Rape, Britain, to the Criminal Law Revision Committee, December 1981', by Ruth Hall, Selma James, and Judit Kertesz, December 1981
Falling Wall Press, pamphlet

'Black Women: bringing it all back home', by Margaret Prescod-Roberts and Norma Steele, March 1980
Falling Wall Press, pamphlet

'Ask any woman: a London Inquiry into Rape and Sexual Assault', by Ruth E. Hall, January 1985
Report of the Women's Safety Survey conducted by Women against Rape
Falling Wall Press, paperback

'The Family Allowance under attack', by Suzie Fleming, 2nd edition September 1973
Falling Wall Press and the Power of Women Collective, pamphlet

'Women workers struggle for their rights', by Alexandra Kollantai, translated by Celia Britton, 3rd edition, March 1973
With an introduction and notes by Sheila Rowbotham and Suzie Fleming,

'Women, the unions and work: or What is not to be done and the perspective of winning', by Selma James, 1976
Falling Wall Press pamphlet

'Falling Wall Book Review' no. 3-4, 1975
Double issue, edited by Suzie Fleming and Jeremy Mulford
Falling Wall Press,

'Women's Liberation and revolution: a bibliography', compiled by Sheila Rowbotham, May 1973, 2nd edition
Falling Wall Press pamphlet

Box 141: Series 2: Publications which are not from the Falling Wall Press,
'Women in top financial jobs', Susanne A. Griffin.
Oxford : H.E. Griffin, [1973?]

'Communism & the family' Alexandra Kolontay.
Reprint. Originally published: Sydney: Andrade’s Bookshop, 1921.

Women in struggle. Italy now. No. 3, Wages for housework.
Toronto : Toronto Wages for Housework Committee, [1975?]

Irish women speak.
New York : Printed at the Williamsburg Print Shop, c1973.

Women in rebellion – 1900 : two views on class, socialism and liberation : Working women and the Suffrage / by Mrs Wibaut ; Woman’s freedom / by Lily Gair Wilkinson.
Leeds : Independent Labour Party, c1973.

Women’s liberation & the new politics / Sheila Rowbotham.
Nottingham : The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation for The Spokesman, [1971?]
'Spokesman Pamphlet No. 17'

Women and the struggle for workers’ control / Audrey Wise.
Nottingham : The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, [197-?]
'Spokesman Pamphlet No. 23'

The housewife and her labour under capitalism / Wally Seccombe. 2nd ed.
London : IMG Publications, [197-?]. Reprint. Originally published: 1974.

Women workers in Britain : a handbook / Leonora Lloyd.
London : Socialist Woman Publications, [197-?]

The unequal breadwinner : a new perspective on women and social security / Ruth Lister and Leo Wilson.
London : National Council for Civil Liberties, c1976.

Marriage, divorce & the family : an introduction to Scots Family Law / David Ian Nichols.
Edinburgh : Published in collaboration with Edinburgh Women’s Group, 1974.

Womens’ liberation in labour history : a case study from Nottingham / by Jo O’Brien.
Nottingham : The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation for The Spokesman, [197-?]
'Spokesman Pamphlet no. 24'

Photocopy of: A bill to make, as respects England and Wales, provision for penalising in certain circumstances the soliciting of women for sexual purposes by men … 1985

Photocopy of article: Forbidden fruit / Donald McRae. Originally published in City Limits, Mar. 14-21., n.d.

'Free Thomas Wansley: a letter to white Southern women from Anne Braden', SSCEF, Louisville, Ky, USA, n.d..

Campaign Against Kerb Crawling Legislation. Typescript, n.d. [1983 onwards]

'The tyranny of structurelessness', by Jo Freeman, Anarchist Workers Association (Kingston) publication, December 1972

'The activist: a student journal of politics and opinion', vol. 15, nos. 1,2, 1975, (Oberlin College, Ohio, USA)

'Women's rights: the national council for civil liberties: comments on the Government's proposals for an Anti-Discrimination law', NCCL, London, Nov. 1973

'Wages for housework notebooks no. 2', USA, [produced by the Wages for Housework Collective in the USA, 1975]

'Women, the unions and work, or what is not to be done, Selma James', North American introduction by Silvia Federici, Know inc,, PO Box 86031, Pittsburgh, Penn. 15221, USA, 1974

'Gender and expertise', edited by Maureen McNeil, Free Association Books, London, 1987

'Women, the unions, and work. Or...what is not to be done', Notting Hill Women's Liberation Workshop group, April 1972 (printed by Crest Press, presented at the National Conference of Women at Manchester, 25-26 March 1972).
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