Ref NoDM2123/1/Archive Boxes 130
TitleZines collected and donated by D.M. Withers
Description1 box of international zines and event programmes collected by D.M. Withers and donated 25 June 2013. They are primarily feminist/gay with some explicit sexual language. Various formats, containing comic strips, photographs, articles, poetry

Red cloth with Fuck Off Patriarchy printed on it
Queeruption 16-23 Feb 2005(Sydney)
The Return to Heterosexuality nd
Adventures in Menstruating Issue 1 August 2005, 2 April 2006, 5 December 2009
Chart Your Cycle! Five Years On [2010]
Lady Melanie Does Soho nd
Sailor Tongue c.2007
Lady Garden 3 2010 (Cambridge)
Reassess Your Weapons 2004, Issue 7, 8 nd, 10 March 2009 including a piece by D.M. Withers
Lock Up Your Daughters. Issue 1 Autumn 2008 (Glasgow)
Chronicles of a Cheating Heart. Issue 5 April 2007
Gender Fascist nd
Clit Rocket. Issue 6 2008. Includes writing by D.M. Withers
Ricochet Ricochet. Issues 3 2006, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 c.2010
The Roaming Heart by Gina Siciliano. No 8 2009
Gender Fuck Me by Jess Dugan. 2003
Pussy Rock. Issue 2 c.2005
Superheroes Night 28.08.2007 (Manchester) flyer
Get Bent. A Celebration of Queer Diversity. 2007 (Manchester)
no title 2008 (a diary)
Drawing Moustaches in Magazines Monthly Magazine (Bi-Monthly). Issue 4 2007
Queer Union Zine. November 2008
Catch a White Feather c.2000
The Queef (Queer Feminist Thought and Theory). Vol. 1. No.1. November 2007
no title (images only) c.2003
Third Wave Feminism: Tools and Explorations for Collective Transformations c.2007
Way Down Low 14-19. The Demon of Lesbos. In 6 parts (complete)
French it Up! No. 3 2006 (USA) commemorating a show
Xtra Tuf No 5 2005. The Strike Issue. Free to Commercial Fishing Women (USA)
The Audiences were Sometimes Small, But our Archive is Huge: DIY Queer and Feminist Organising, Cardiff 2004-2008 x2
QI Zine: Your Stag, My Wolf. 2011 (Bristol)
Saying What We Want. Women's Demands in the Feminist Seventies and Now by Zoe Fairbanks et al. Raw Nerve Books, 2002
The Wedding Conspiracy
no title, queer music c.2002
Feminist Health Gathering Leeds 2007
Mini Classic Zine Christmas Special c.2007
Evening Queer c.2010 (Bristol)
The Dynamite Diaries. Issue 1 November 2004
6th Annual London Zine Symposium 2010 Programme
No History No Self 2009
Poly by Charlotte Cooper nd
Sex Zine Version 1.2. 1993
No More Need for Words c.2003
Trouble X. Gender Fuck Me. 01.09.2007
The Tyranny of the Patriarchy in the Fight Against the Patriarchal Economy c.2000
Here. In My Head Number 6: The Alphabet Issue! September 2010
Her Kind. Issue 1. October 20120
Taking Cultural Production Into Our Own Hands c.2010

N.B. This box also houses DM2123/1/Archive Box 129 envelope of material
Extent1 archive box
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