Ref NoDM2123/1/Archive Boxes 129
TitleJocelyne Wood material relating to Greenham Common
DescriptionThese materials were collected by Jocelyne Wood, nee Withycombe, and relate to her time as a WAAF at RAF Greenham Common, July-August 1943, and also her time protesting at Greenham Common at the Women's Peace Camp in the 1980s.

6 colour photographs showing the Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp in the late 1980s:
1/1: Banner 'September 20-30', fence, tents
1/2: Women and two children (toddlers) sitting on ground eating, with deck chairs, pushchair, eating equipment, tents
1/3: Woman walking by fence, with rainbow and serpent threaded through the wire
1/4: Fence with rainbow threaded through wire, latrine 'shit pit', small child with umbrella
1/5: Tents, skip, trees, and road
1/6: Large group of women, some children, weaving of symbols into fence using ribbons and fabric, labelled 'Greenham 12/12/82'

2: Piece of fence wire covered in dark green plastic, presumably removed from the perimeter fence of Greenham Common. Labelled 'wire cut from Greenham Common bound area, 1986'

3: Notes by Jocelyne Wood written about her time as a WAAF at RAF Greenham Common, July-August 1943
They were given by Michael and Annette Wood in November 2013

N.B. This material is housed in box DM2123/1/Archive Boxes 130
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