Ref NoDM2123/1/Archive Boxes 106-111
TitleWell Woman Information: Boxes 106-111
DescriptionDeposited 17 November 2010. Initially catalogued by Jane Hargreaves. Well Women Information was based at 24 St Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JL, established in 1983, and closed in September 2010. The papers have been briefly listed but each file has not been catalogued in great detail. The file of Monica Sjoo’s art work has been stored in the white plan chest with the other Monica Sjoo posters. Box 110 and 111 contain materials relating to the Asian Women’s Health Project, also known as Sehatmand Aurat, and based in Totterdown. Please be aware that there may be material of a sensitive nature, three day books in Box 106 are closed until 2030.

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 106
Well Woman Information Box 1:
Ring Files:
Blue: Counselling Groups Network: minutes, letters, papers,1999-2002
Green: Long term Counselling Services and Group, 1996-2003
White: Short term counselling services, 1997-2006
Blue: Community work monitoring, 1996-2010
Red: West Street Drop Ins monitoring users, 1995-2005
Wallet Folders:
Orange: Counselling subgroup, 1996, n.d.
Buff: Miscellaneous monitoring, 2002-2003, 2009-2010 (may contain sensitive materials, though some anonomization has taken place
Green: Reports to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), 2001-2009
Dark Green: Monitoring, Christine and P.A.S., 1992-1997
Black hard back notebook: Funding minutes from 22 September 1989-April 1997. Also minutes of worker’s meetings (4 way) November 1989-May
Red hard back notebook: Short term appointments monitoring January 1998-October 2002 and Long term appointments monitoring January 1998-December 2000 (in reverse)
Red hard back notebook: Development minutes of meetings 1997-1999 and Funding minutes of meetings 1997-2001 (in reverse)
Red plastic bag containing embargoed materials (closed until 2030):
Day book: dark blue: 29 October 1996-29 July 1998 (closed until 2030)
Day book: red: 30 July 1998-20 December 2000 (closed until 2030)
Day book: red: 2 January 2001-14 November 2002 (closed until 2030)
Day book: yellow: 19 November 2002-29 July 2003

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 107
Well Woman Information Box 2:
Mainly books and printed materials
Red lever arch binder: health leaflets for information: copies of leaflets on women’s health
Red file: Assessed coursework for post graduate diploma in Health Education, Bristol Polytechnic, submitted by Fiona McCloskey, 1986, entitled ‘Fertility awareness: a positive interaction between women’s biology and women’s lives’
Anti-Apartheid Women’s Newsletter, No. 32 May/June 1987
Transparent plastic wallet containing: Community group profile: Newham Asian Women’s Project profile; Asian mental health forum minutes 21 February 2002; Asian mental health forum minutes, 2002; Asian mental health forum minutes; and Newham Asian Women’s Project, Counselling Services Report, Sakina Ashraf.
Trish Harding, Health of women in Greater Bristol, UWE, 1997
A light at the end of the tunnel: a self help guide for Asian women who have been victims of crime, Awaz Utaoh, n.d.
Silai for skills: Annual Report, 2001-2002
Shaheen Chaudry, Child protection in the Asian Community, Bristol, October 1996
Suzie Harley, Summary of the needs of young South Asian Women in Bristol, December 2002
Attitudes to equality of access and opportunity within the directorate of medicine, Directorate of Medicine Working Group Report, UBHT, January 1996
Lawrence Weston Women’s Survey, Bristol City Council Women’s Committee, 1987
It’s not who you are: it’s what you do: a guide to answering women’s questions on HIV and Aids, 1992
Barbara Ehrehreich, Witches, midwives and nurses: a history of women healers, 1974
Trouble with tranquilisers, Release publications, 1982
Self Insemination, Feminist Self Insemination Group, 1980
Lorraine Trenchard, Talking about young lesbians, London Gay Teenage Group, 1984
Happy healthy you!, Woman and Health Education Authority, 1991
Women’s Health Bibliography from a Community Resource Centre, [1982]
Ripujit Lynham, Avon and Bristol Asian Women’s Network, Research document, 1993
Shaheen Chandry, Avon and Bristol Asian Women’s Network Health Survey of 1993
Bristol Partnership Equalities Toolkit, September 2004
Shaping our future women’s priorities in the South West, February 2000
Funding our own solutions: mental health
Bristol Crisis Service for Women: Lois Arnold, Understanding self injury, 1994
Mary Pipes, Understanding abortion, 1986
Edited Helen Roberts, Women, health and reproduction, 1981
Diane Mariechild, Mother wit: a feminist guide to psychic development, 1981
Sophie Laws, Seeing red: the politics of pre menstrual tension, 1985
Anne Hooper, The body electric: a unique account of sex therapy for women, 1980
Mind, Finding our own solutions: women’s experience of mental health care, 1986
Cuca Hepburn, Alive and well: a lesbian health guide, 1988
Nym Hughes, Stepping out of line: a workbook on lesbianism and feminism, 1984
Suzann Gage, When birth control fails, 1979
A new view of a women’s body: a fully illustrated guide by the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centres, 1981
How to stay out of the Gynaecologist’s Office, by the Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centres, 1981
Ginny Cassidy-Brinn, Women centred pregnancy and birth, 1984
What we need is….: women health and the health service in Newcastle upon Tyne, Primary Health Care Project, 1981-1983
Side Effects: shared experiences of women’s health care, 1985
Directory of Women’s organisations and groups in Bristol, Bristol City Council: Equalities and Social Inclusion Team, 2002

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 108
Well Women Information Box 3:
Green ring folder: Well Women Information Policy Manual, n.d.
Yellow wallet folder: Business and strategic plan 2000-2002; Discussion with Woman Kind; Summary of History of Well Women Information
Information Sheet 3.9: labelled Case Study of a Local Self-Help Group, published © Health Education Authority 1993
Yellow wallet folder: Letters of support, August 1990-January 1991
Red wallet folder: Lobbying, 1993-1994
Blue wallet folder: Recruitment stuff, n.d.
Blue ring folder: Admin guide, c.2004
Buff folder: Previous AGMs and AGM papers, 1994-2005
Lever Arch files:
Black lever arch file: Recruitment file 2001-2008
Black lever arch file: Management Committee Minutes 1997-2004
Well Women Information Annual Reports: 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992/93, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1996/97, 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005
Well Women Information Manager’s Report: April 2000-July 2001

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 109
Well Women Information Box 4:
Red lever arch file: Management Committee Minutes 1989-1997
Black lever arch file: Management Committee Minutes, 2002-2006; Service Minutes, 2002-2005
Black lever arch file: Women’s Health Day 2008, held at Bristol City Council, organised by WellWomen Information
Photographs: 3 folders (green, grey, blue) assorted and mostly unlabelled, showing people at events, and individuals, n.d. 1990s-2000s

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 110
Well Women Information Box 5
Yellow folder: Press cuttings and photographs of Somali Women’s Group, 1980s
Photograph album (blue): includes photographs of the sponsored run in aid of Well Women ‘Bristol Women Run for Fun’Information, workshops, Reminiscence Centre/Age Exchange, n.d.
Photograph album (red): 24 St Thomas Street photographs, 1987, preparing the building of the opening of Well Women Information
Blue wallet containing CDs with artwork for Sehatmand Awat booklet
Ilford Photographic Box: contains photographs of AWHP marked ‘for Baljeet’ (Asian Women’s Health Project), showing Asian women at workshops and gatherings, n.d.
Photographs in topfoto wallet: AGM 20th birthday celebration (12 November 2003)
Photographs in truprint wallet: AWHP Sehatmand Awat (Asian Women’s Health Project), n.d.
Photographs in brown envelope marked Angela Morrison: 3 photographs of black women’s group?, n.d. [1980s?]
2 disks: Well Women photographs, Annual Report 2002 AGM 2002; and Well Woman photos
31 assorted slides of Well Women Information Office and individuals.
1 black box containing 28 diskettes: information systems etc.
1 grey box containing 40 diskettes: back up disks etc.

DM2123/FA/Arch Box 111
Well Women Information Box 6:
Asian Women’s Health Project (AWHP/Sehatmand Aurat/SA)
Black lever arch file: labelled Sehatmand Aurat, Social Services 1998-2009
Blue ring folder: Sehatmand Aurat, Health Talks and Presentation folder, 2004-2010
Blue ring folder: AWHP/SA Drop-In monitoring users, 1998-2005
Blue ring folder: Asian Women’s Counselling Service, Monitoring (2002-2006)
Red hard back notebook: AWHP/SA Daybook 1994-2000 (RESTRICTED) Gives details of cases (no names)
Red hard back notebook: AWHP/SA Daybook 2000-2002 (RESTRICTED) Gives details of cases (some names/addresses)
Blue hardback notebook: Short Term Appointments 2001-2003 Gives details of cases (no names)
Red Wallet folder: SA Health Development Worker, 2003-2004
Blue Wallet folder: AWHP Evaluation and Monitoring, Urban Programme funding (County of Avon Urban Aid 1991-1995)
Blue Wallet folder: Social Services Funding and Application forms for AWHP (1996-1997)
Orange Wallet Folder: Evaluation of AWHP 1994
Orange Wallet Folder: AWHP Meetings with funders, 1992-1993
Green Wallet Folder: AWHP Reports to funders, 1994-2002
Pink Wallet folder: Sehatmand Aurat Background Information, n.d.
Transparent folder: Monitoring Reports, Ounkar Kaur (2001-2002)
Transparent folder: Well Women leaflets in minority ethnic languages
Asian Women’s Health Project: Evaluation Report of the Asian Women’s Health Drop In, November 1995-May 1996
Asian Women’s Counselling Service Report, July 2001-July 2002, July 2002-July 2003, August 2003-August 2004

Well Women Information Folder 7:
Collection of posters by Monica Sjoo
Orange print showing two women playing drums and harp/sitar: ‘Women Musicians Women Music Women Art, Monica Sjoo, 1975’ (8 copies)
Blue/turquoise print showing multiple images of women superimposed on each other, batik technique
Violet print ‘Aspects of the great mother’, with text and image, M. Sjoo 1971 (4 copies)
Orange print ‘Diana ‘The Moon’’, Monica Sjoo, 1976
Cerise print ‘Women’s Mysteries: the crane dance’, Monica Sjoo, 1976 (5 copies)
Black and white print ‘Women’s Mysteries: the crane dance’, Monica Sjoo, 1976
Red print ‘Inspired by Sheela-na-gig the Irish Goddess Image’, Monica Sjoo, 1978 (3 copies)
Blue print ‘Women Cultures of Past Present and Future Goddess Lunar Times’ (4 copies)
Black and white print ‘God giving birth’ showing woman giving birth (2 copies)
Black and white print showing women and pot ‘Woman-Worker Farmer’ (3 copies, one marked with pink pastel or wax crayon)
Brown print ‘Women becoming 1976’
All posters are 38cm x 51cm , 33 posters

Jane Hargreaves, Hannah Lowery
24 November 2010
FormatManuscript volume
Extent5 bankers boxes
Access ConditionsThese materials are held in an Outstore and Advanced Notice is needed to access them
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