Ref NoDM1310/H
TitleSection H: Visits and Conferences, 1939-1987
DescriptionSection H: Visits and Conferences, H.1-H.169

This section presents a chronological sequence, 1939-87, of some of Frank's many engagements, both at home and abroad. He made many trips to the U.S.A, frequently in conjunction with a summer consultancy, and served as Visiting Professor at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, La Jolla, California 1964-65. In 1979-80 he visited India as Raman Research Professor. The presentation is chronological as far as possible. Material relating to invitations either declined or for which there is no evidence of acceptance is placed at the end of the sequence for each year.

List of Contents
H.1 - 1939
H.2-H.4 - 1948-1949
H.5-H.40 - 1950-1958
H.41-H.78 - 1961-1969
H.79-H.130 1970-1979/80
H.131-H.169 - 1980-1987
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