Ref NoDM1310/B
TitleSection B: University of Bristol, 1947-1987
DescriptionSection B: University of Bristol, B.1-B.151

This section is chiefly Departmental and University administrative papers and related correspondence. Frank's service with the Colston Research Society is documented as is his contribution to the establishment of the Tyndall Memorial Lectures. The organisation of Frank's research and its funding through the Solid State Physics Fund, and his teaching duties are also represented.

List of Contents:

B.1-B.76 - Physics Department
- B.1-B.41 - Administration
- B.42-B.56 - Research
- B.57-B.76 - Teaching

B.77-B.151 - University
- B.77-B.89 - General correspondence and papers
- B.90-B.117 - Committees
- B.118-B.146 - Societies and Organisations
- B.147-B.151 - Tyndall Memorial Lectures
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