Ref NoDM130/231-244
TitlePhotographs of Indigenous People from South West Australia
DescriptionPhotographs of Indigenous People from South West Australia.
/231: Woman and Male, with name of Adelaide photographer on back, T. Duryea, 6cm x 10cm
/232: Male, 6cm x 10.5cm
/233: Woman, 6cm x 10cm
/234: Male, 6cm x 10cm
/235: Male, 6cm x 10cm
/236: Woman and baby, 6cm x 10cm
/237: Male, 6.8cm x 102cm, card probably cut down
/238: Male (framed photograph, with glass in frame in front of image, 11.4cm x 13.8cm) (ambrotype)
Unknown photographer, subject probably Samuel Conwillan, date c.1855 [restored November 2014]
/239: Male (framed photograph, 11.8cm x 13.4cm) (ambrotype), see also copy at DM106/243
Unknown photographer, subject unknown Indigenous man of Poonindie, date c.1855 [restored November 2014]
/240: Male, 14.5cm x 17.5cm
/241: Male with flute, badly damaged, 15.6cm, x 18cm
/242: Male, 15cm x 18.2cm
/243: Male, 16cm x 18.2cm (please note that this is a copy of DM106/239)
/244: Male, 16cm x 18.4cm
These photographs have been re-photographed, and work is in progress on identifying some of the individuals concerned. September 2012
Please note the dimensions are of the card mounts.
Datelate nineteenth century
Extent14 photographs (2 framed)
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